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While your project timeline is our best estimate for how long the project should take, 1Digital projects employ maximum project windows in order to ensure that projects are launched on your chosen platform’s latest theme version, with the most updated technology, and that the projects stay within our project schedule, while preserving your resources and project budget. If you’re worried about preserving your timeline, a good rule of thumb to use is 1 day of delay from the client side translates into 3 days of delay from the agency side.

(Maximum timelines for each phase of your project)

Kick-Off Phase – 30 days: Our kick-off phase window is not to exceed (30 Days) and begins on the date that your project is set up in Podio.

  • Included in Kick-Off Phase:
    • Internal Planning
    • Discovery
    • Kick-Off call
    • Podio Walkthrough
    • Questions & Answers

Design Phase – 60 Days: Our design window is not to exceed (60 Days) and begins on the date of your project kick-off meeting and ends when the final custom page is approved.

  • Included in Design Phase
    • Design mockups
    • Any custom graphics
    • Revisions

Development Phase – 90 Days: Our development window is not to exceed (90 Days) and begins as soon as we start development (marked in your project workspace) and ends when our delivery phase is completed and your project moves into the support period.

  • Included in the Development Phase:
    • Desktop & Responsive development
    • Custom Development
    • QA Testing 1
    • QA Testing 2

Delivery Phase – 30 Days: Delivery of the project must occur within 30 days from the development completion phase.

  • Included in Delivery Phase:
    • Go-Live
    • DNS Switch
    • Project Delivery/Transfer
    • 3rd Party Live App Integrations
    • 301 Redirects or Google Search Console Support
    • Free Support Phase: After the development phase is concluded, your free support period begins.

If pauses or delays to the project from the client side cause it to remain in any stage longer than these maximum windows, 1Digital will add an additional charge of 10% of the total project price per (1) month delay. If a project is delayed by more than 3 months, 1Digital has the right to cancel the project and move the balance to collections.

Please note:

  • New Change Orders or new My Estimates that open during a project may delay the project if the project depends on that item in order to move forward. If this is the case, your project manager will advise on the new approximate project timeline and all dates will shift accordingly.
  • 3rd Party Apps & 3rd party vendors: Any delay caused by a 3rd party app or 3rd party vendor is the responsibility of the client and may delay the overall project phases. 1Digital is not responsible for any delays that it cannot control.
  • Migrations: Each migration is unique. A separate migration schedule will be created and provided during the project.

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