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What you can expect from us

Data migration is a broad description, and we’d like to clarify what our process entails. Typically, your data migration project is laid out in detail within your scope of work. Due to the complex nature of data migration, we also relate some of that information here to avoid problems due to unforeseen events. 1Digital is here to handle the multiple platforms and express which data may not be transferable. Often, manual intervention and transfer of data is required for this process, making it a somewhat longer time frame.

What we need from you

  1. Full access to your store with admin login credentials, database credentials & FTP access. If we’re working with an XML or CSV file, we’ll need that information too. You can add your credentials here in our secure credentials form.
  2. A conversation to determine a freeze date. This date prevents any inconsistencies with the data migration itself. We will also need to discuss when to start and stop migration.
  3. A conversation to determine a post date. During this time you would be responsible to sync any additional updates or changes with the new store. If you would like us to sync any additional updates or changes with the new store, let us know, and we can incorporate that into our scope.
  4. After the migration, we will give you around 2-4 days to check everything out and approve. If there’s something wrong, let us know and we will fix it!

Admin access is mandatory to accurately quote any migrations – We can only migrate data that your new platform can accept. The data structure is not always the same across each system, so complications may arise. We’ll do our best to maintain the integrity of your data once it’s migrated over. If we see any instances where data cannot be transferred during the process, you will be notified. We’ll always try to ensure the best migration, but when dealing with data migration, unknowns can occur. You may need to configure some options, variables, or sizes on the new system once the migration is complete.

What to expect from us:

  1. Depending on your platform and data and the scope of work for your project, we’ll migrate all data and work within the timeline we’ve put into our agreement.
  2. Content pages, such as “about us” or the privacy policy, will also be carried over.
  3. Your organic search ranking will be preserved as much as possible if you selected or hired us to implement 301 redirects!
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