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eCommerce retailers of vape products in 2017 are in a more interesting, and more difficult position than almost anyone else with a store on the web today. Their industry is volatile. Changing FDA regulations keep everyone on their toes about how these products can be sold, and talked about with marketing. Their industry is profitable. The FDA may have cut down on the gold rush, but there is still plenty of revenue to be captured. Research and Markets reports that it expects the worldwide market of vape products to be worth 32.11 Billion by 2021, and the majority of those transactions will be made online.

With so much at stake, and so much still uncertain, online retailers looking to grow need to stay on their toes. Your marketing will have a lot to do with how much of that increasing market share you’re able to capture. Your marketing also has the ability to badly damage you, if you run afoul of industry watch dogs. When crafting an SEO campaign to compete for those coveted top ten spots in Google’s results, you should rely on a vape SEO company which is already familiar with the nuances of this complex industry, and can hit the ground running.  

As an agency that has achieved impressive results for a wide array of vape clients, 1Digital has learned a thing or two about what makes a successful SEO marketing campaign for vape products, and we’re happy to share some of the ingredients to our secret sauce.

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Industry Specific Content Marketing

Many merchants don’t realize that the majority of good SEO work happens off of their site’s pages. Content marketing builds backlinks. Backlinks anchor the positions that you gain over time, and signal to Google that others consider your site an authority in a variety of vape related topics.

Good content marketing is harder to get for vape related terms than you might think. This is an industry with a lot of terminology, technical and otherwise. For a writer that isn’t knowledgeable about the industry the learning curve can be steep. You don’t want hours of your marketing time spent on teaching a marketing writer the difference between a mechanical mod and a regulated mod.

More importantly, there are certain things vape content can say, and certain things it can’t. 1Digital knows that vape retailers walk a fine line with regulatory agencies, and their is plenty left to write about without discussing sensitive topics. A good vape SEO company will know what to avoid going into, and you won’t have to spend your time checking and double checking their content.



Flexible Keyword Strategy

SEO marketing is, among all the digital marketing activities, the least nimble. An SEO campaign takes time to gain traction, no matter how much time, attention, and budget you’re putting into it. However, just because it takes a big ship a long time to change course, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn out of the way of an iceberg.  

Once your vape SEO company has been working on your campaign for a few months you should have enough data to know which keywords are gaining traction, and which are sticking. A sticky keyword is one that just won’t seem to move up in rank, despite being worked on. If some of your keywords stick, don’t worry, it can happen to even the most well thought out eCommerce campaigns. It’s possible that you don’t have a high enough domain authority to rank for that keyword yet. You can always come back to it later, after building your authority with less trafficked terms. Your SEO firm should have their eye on this situation, and let you know when it’s time to switch out a keyword.

Conversely, let your SEO marketers know if there’s another reason a keyword should be switched out. If you had a product or two that was a big seller when your campaign began, but is now not as important to your monthly revenue, don’t be afraid to ask for that keyword to be replaced with something else. All the SEO hard work you’ve been doing will help you gain ranking faster when you start over with a new keyword.

A good SEO vaping company will have a serious discussion with you, a few months into your campaign, about which keywords are working, and which aren’t. If certain keywords aren’t getting traction, it’s never too late to switch them out and right the ship.

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How Can I Help Market My Vape Store Online?

You may not be a digital marketing genius, but if you have a marketing professional taking care of your SEO marketing, you’re certainly acting like one. That said, you can always be helping your vape digital marketing campaign reach a wider audience.

Update your blog regularly: A good vape content marketing plan will include some optimized content for your blog, but as experienced as our writers are, you and your employees live in this world everyday. Your customers are interested in well reasoned opinions from the experts. And Google will appreciate knowing that you’re a regular publisher of good quality content.

Keep your firm in the loop: Your digital marketing should be only one part of a larger, coordinated marketing effort. As you spread the word about your business using other means, let your marketing team know what you’re doing, and see if it’s possible to sync up marketing efforts.

Stay informed of the industry trends: As vape marketing specialists, we keep our ears close to the ground for news in this industry that can change drastically, pretty quickly. That said, the more hands on deck the better. If you know something may be coming down the pike that will affect they way your customers access your product, don’t assume your firm has already heard. SEO campaigns are powerful, but they’re not nimble. The more lead time, the better.


Marketing a vape shop online is something of an unexplored wilderness at the moment, but 1Digital is excited to be blazing a trail, along with our vape industry partners. If you have an online vape shop, and could use help getting your marketing campaign off the ground, don’t hesitate to give us a call.












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