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The world of eCommerce Pay per Click (PPC) advertising can be a pretty confusing place. If you don’t know all the nuances of Google AdWords, you could end up spending a lot throwing good money after bad keywords. 1Digital knows how to leverage your PPC campaign to maximize ROI and promoting your online brand, products and categories. We do this while keeping you ranked above your competitors while spending less by optimizing your quality score. It’s all part of our genius PPC eCommerce campaign strategy that we’ve been crafting for years based on experience and results!


Our PPC experts have the experience to bespoke a top performing PPC strategy that will make your business stand out and outbid competitors while spending less money in the process. That’s because we take the time to get to know your eCommerce business, your goals, your competitors, and your unique challenges, before we start planning. Then we activity test and track your metrics and data. The homework we do takes the guesswork out of PPC as we’re constantly optimizing your campaign based on data and A/B testing. An effective eCommerce PPC campaign isn’t only about throwing money at a campaign. It’s about strategic planning and optimizing over time.


Keyword selection and continuous optimization is the cornerstone of an effective PPC Campaign. Our keyword strategists use the latest analytical technology to evaluate the strengths of your inventory, as well as the search and purchasing behavior of your customers. Our calculations will let us know which keywords you can be targeting right now, and which ones we can work up to, so that your PPC campaign cuts costs, and delivers higher ROI.

SEARCH ENGINE – GOOGLE / Facebook / Amazon & BING

Every search platform is unique. It’s best to diversify your PPC budget over all the possible channels. Our marketing experts can help you decide how much to put into each place. For Google and Bing PPC, knowing how to place ads requires a deep understanding the behavior of your customer at each stage of the sales funnel. Facebook Advertising is very different, as the users aren’t there to research products, so you have to design a strategy that dissects the behaviors of shoppers, researchers, Facebook users, and your own customers.


Our clients trust us with sensitive information, and we respect that. Through the duration of your eCommerce PPC campaign you will have one dedicated account manager who will get to know your business inside and out, and will provide the security and reliability of an invested and dedicated expert.


PPC is a lot more than those first four ads at the top of a Google search results page. When it comes to deciding whether your ads belong in the search network or the display network, or if you should be placement targeting or topic targeting, a lot of fine tuning needs to get done. The number of impressions a client gets in a particular type of campaign depends on a very large number of factors, and it’s a mix of art, science, and trial and error to get the valuable information that leads to substantial results.


We’ll research your industry and competitor keywords, along with analyzing your keywords to put together a lethal list of potential keywords for your PPC campaign that aim to convert and lower your overall PPC spend.


The AdWords Display Network is the largest digital ad network on Planet Earth. You can try your banner ads out in an nearly endless variety of contexts. However, if you want to place those ads with laser precision, the marketing experts at 1Digital Agency have the tools and the talent to craft a Display Network strategy that’s perfect for your business.


Remarketing is getting smarter and smarter every day, and you have much more control over how you go about reaching past visitors. The trade off is that you’ll also have far more decisions to make, and each one affects the success of your remarketing efforts. After we add the tags, we create the remarketing lists. Who gets selected? For which list? How many lists? What are the best rules to set? Should custom parameters be applied? The answers are crafted from sophisticated technology guided by the hands of experienced strategists.


In marketing, getting to know your customers is crucial. eCommerce analytics can give you a snapshot into how your customers behave when they think no one is looking. However, turning raw analytics data into an actionable strategy isn’t always straightforward. The 1Digital team has the experience to take the clay of your analytics numbers, and mold it into eCommerce marketing that delivers. You’ll also have access to to an analytics dashboard, so you can always monitor the success of your PPC efforts.


Conversion Code is an important metric to measure the performance of a PPC campaign. We extract the conversion tracking script from the PPC account and provide it to the programmer/webmaster to implement the tracking codes on the website.


Sometimes A/B Testing is the most surprising activity in a campaign. It also embodies one of the core principles of marketing – guess and check. The slightest change in the placement of a button or color or alignment has shown us rates up to 50% apart in click through rate! When you stop testing different layouts, placements or other attributes, you stop competing.


We’ll get you access to our dashboard and send you automated weekly emails with status on your campaign so you’re always in the loop.


Our monthly summary reports will let you know the lay of the land and understand the direction your campaign is headed.





eCommerce PPC Services – Why 1Digital?

1Digital strategically works on PPC campaigns targeted for the eCommerce industry. Our PPC experts are best in class and know the difference between a typical business campaign and the nuances that an eCommerce store faces. Our PPC campaigns are always evolving while we data mine, a/b test and slowly optimize your PPC campaign until we reach perfection. And even then we don’t stop as we constantly evolve your PPC game and hone in on more products and categories while we leverage our experience in the ever changing PPC game that Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms bring.

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1Digital’s eCommerce SEO services are best in class and we lead the pack with powerful SEO campaigns that drive results. Each SEO service we offer is bespoke crafted and unique to your business. We start by researching your industry, your competitors, the keyword landscape, along with your websites health and engagement level. We then build around on page optimization and formulated off page content marketing. We help Google and other engines find you as the authority. This in turn helps our eCommerce SEO efforts that turn into rankings that are organic and effective.

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