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  • Keyword Research & DevelopmentKeyword Research & Development
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  • Conversions & ROI TrackingConversions & ROI Tracking
  • Unique Ad Creation & A/B TestingUnique Ad Creation & A/B Testing
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Sample PPC by Industry

Businesses that invest money into a PPC strategy as a part of their overarching digital marketing strategy usually have one goal – to get users to click through their ads and convert into paying customers.

That said, the operative word is almost, because not every PPC campaign has the ultimate aim of converting a click into a purchase. In fact, some businesses and other organizations maintain an online presence for purposes of outreach, customer relationship management, or lead generation, and can’t even conduct sales online.

For these organizations, a PPC strategy is not simply about reaching customers and hopefully generationing sales. It’s about using PPC for lead generation.

eCommerce PPC by 1Digital®

PPC for Lead Generation

PPC advertising might be ultimately about generating a mix of display ads, search ads and shopping ads, among others, with the intent of concluding sales. However, not every visitor to a website will convert the first time around, and some conversions will not occur until a business understands how users behave in order to optimize their pages for user engagement and conversions.

Depending on the specifics of your website, how your users interact with it may dictate what steps you need to take in order to encourage conversion so that your visitors will take the desired actions.

A website visitor may someday become a visitor to your brick-and-mortar store, a reader of your newsletter, or a religious user of your online services – provided you’re able to properly track user behavior to furnish them with the resources they’re looking for in the first place.

Types of Lead Capturing Efforts

types of lead capturing efforts

PPC lead gen strategies still hinge on some of the best, proven practices for PPC campaigns overall, like the drafting of attractive, attention-grabbing PPC ad copy, ensuring that your ad groups are well targeted and that your ads display for the best-targeted search queries. However, using PPC for lead generation will bring a few new elements into play.

CallRail and Conversation Intelligence

A PPC campaign does not work alone, and your ads, as well as how visitors interact with them, can provide you with highly valuable insight into consumer behavior. From this data, you can extrapolate valuable information to help you better quality leads, and better target your campaign.


But your ads are not the only component of a PPC campaign, and contain extensions that can help you better understand, and therefore better qualify, your leads. For example, mobile ads are compatible with a special platform known as CallRail, an app that can provide conversation tracking and analysis for calls placed through the call extensions associated with those ads.

It all boils down to more insight into the leads your ads are generating, and a better understanding of consumer behavior and expectations.

CallRail provides what is known as conversation intelligence, a special form of artificial intelligence that observes and then analyzes the calls that pass between your staff and calls that come in from prospective leads.

lead insights

Lead Quality Insights: Keyword Scanning. One aspect of the value of CallRail is that it listens to calls as they come in and scans them for potential keywords that are being used by the caller. This can give you some truly valuable insight into what keywords, and potentially what search terms, are in the minds of your customers, and can bridge the gap between their expectations and what you assume their expectations to be.

Most importantly, aggregating the trends of keywords used by your target audience is almost like having keyword research performed for you. CallRail tracks the keywords and phrases used by your actual leads – so you don’t need to do any guesswork about volume or intent.

Bridging the Gap Between Your Team and Customer Expectations. CallRail doesn’t just listen in on calls for the benefit of distilling valuable items of information from what your potential customers are saying. It also listens carefully to how your staff present information so you can gather some insight into any disparities that may exist.

For example, it could be the case that your sales team is using keywords or jargon that are not well aligned with your customers’ choice of phrasing, or terms that seem to confuse them. This would not be apparent without the insight of a third listener – CallRails’ conversation intelligence.

Identifying Opportunity through Customer Needs. CallRail compiles not only quantitative information but also qualitative information that can help a business fine tune its PPC strategy, but which can also be valuable for all other aspects of its overall marketing strategy.

For example, CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence can identify frequently asked questions, or common trends or problems experienced by your target customers, giving a business the ability to adopt a new positioning strategy to meet them.

Compiling data from customer calls, and then comparing these trends to call history, CallRail can be a vital asset in your arsenal, and one by which you can continuously improve not only the targeting of your ads, but also the approaches taken by your sales staff and the overall positioning employed by your product management team.

Keying in on Frequently Asked Questions. Another prime benefit of CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence is that it can track, record and analyze your customer’s frequently asked questions. This is one of the application’s most valuable features, enabling your organization to get direct insight into not only what the majority of your customers want.

Getting a better understanding of what your customers don’t know and seek to know will enable your staff to better approach their engagements with prospective leads, furnishing them with the information they will ultimately need to become customers.

Other Forms of Conversions Besides Sales

Using PPC for lead generation can be executed under the pretense that all leads eventually will be converted into sales, but sales are only one form of conversion, and not all PPC campaigns are engineered to drive sales.

Some PPC campaigns have different objectives and are intended to drive different types of conversions, including some of the following.

Form and Contact Information Submissions. Valuable, lasting relationships with customers can be forged without an initial sale. Getting visitors to your website to fill out contact forms can be a highly valuable lead generation strategy. It will help your organization develop a list of potential leads that are, at minimum, interested in your leads and services, and their contact information is the first stage to presenting them with the right services to conclude a sale.

Signing Up for a Newsletter or Other Programs. If a readership powers conversions for your business, then your ultimate goal might be to generate subscribers to a mailing list or a blog. Even if your PPC campaign’s ultimate goal is not to drive sales, you can still use it as a viable resource for encouraging newsletter subscription or readership.

While the campaign itself might not result in conversions in the form of sales, building a mailing list has the potential to allow you to build a lasting customer base and extract more value by forging long term relationships with customers that will convert again and again instead of continuously shopping around.

Content Consumption and Downloads. Businesses that lean heavily on the content they provide their customers might also consider the download of materials like PDFs, guides, white papers and more to be a valuable conversion or a lead generation strategy. This is especially true if visitors trade valuable information like email addresses, phone numbers or other identifiers in exchange for the content or any promotions associated with it.

A PPC campaign can expand your company’s brand awareness while bringing in new viewers and readers, especially if it is positioned well with their expectations. Our ad campaign strategists engage in continuous A/B testing and campaign performance monitoring to ensure that the best performing ads are displayed and that they capture the attention of your target market.

Formal Quote Requests. Some businesses that do not actually conclude sales online rely on their websites to offer quotes and proposals in order to generate leads. For example, if your website only serves as a conduit for providing quotes for services that need to be rendered physically or in person, you still need visitors to get to your site.

A properly optimized and executed PPC campaign can serve as a lead generation tool to encourage users to navigate through your website, even submitting formal requests for proposals or quotes. With analysts tracking visitors’ every move, you can garner valuable insight for the purposes of conversion rate optimization to improve the performance of your campaign and generate new leads.

Appointment Setting. You may notice that some medical offices and car dealerships engage in PPC campaigns, but you can’t complete a doctor’s visit online, and most people still prefer the real life experience of a test ride. Why, then, put the money into PPC instead of some other lead generation strategy?

Simply put, it is overwhelmingly effective when put to the purpose of capturing leads. A PPC campaign can result in higher traffic to a website, some of which feature functionality that enables online appointment setting. This can turn call-shy potential leads into actual customers, and it all starts with a successful PPC campaign.

Google Tag Manager and Tracking User Behavior

While Google Analytics is useful for conducting thorough reporting associated with a specific website, Google Tag Manager enables you to track the performance of various websites and applications and share data across them. In this manner, Google Tag Manager streamlines the management of multiple channels of data and allows you to track user behavior across them.

google tag manager

This is highly valuable for businesses that operate more than one website, especially if those websites are interlinked in some way and users interact with both of them. It can also be highly beneficial for tracking the performance of various social media platforms as well as advertising campaigns associated with them.

Setting up Google Tag Manager can provide you with extremely valuable insight into consumer behavior which you can then apply to your lead generation strategies, including your PPC campaign. Cross functional visibility into the behavior associated with visitors to each of your platforms may show you where their interests and intents lie, enabling you to make adjustments to your site design and digital marketing campaigns to capture the leads and conversions your business needs to thrive.

Industries Served

PPC for lead generation is useful for a wide range of industries, including many traditional channels as well as others that provide services that can only be offered in person. Among the many industries for which PPC lead gen can be a highly valuable aspect of digital marketing are the following.

  • ppc industries
  • ppc industries
  • ppc industries
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  • ppc industries
  • ppc industries

Medical. Doctor’s offices and many other medical, dental and physical therapy practices (among others) run ongoing PPC marketing campaigns, despite the fact that their services and treatment must be offered in person. The reason is simple: brand awareness for the practice equates to a new stream of potential patients to the medical practice.

Real estate. A formal sale of real estate cannot be conducted online, nor can a home visit or an inspection. These require close, physical examination of properties as well as witnesses, legal representation and more. However, real estate agents, like doctors, often run PPC campaigns as a lead generation strategy. The more local leads that know about a real estate practice, the likelier they are to become patrons.

Business to business operations. Business to business, or B2B, operations, often require lengthy proposals and a lot of back and forth communication before a deal can be cut. Still, all customers started out as strangers at one point, and procurement can’t do its job without an idea of where to start. If your business has a strictly B2B focus, you can generate new leads and steal brand reach from your competitors by executing a properly devised PPC marketing campaign.

Law. Law requires research, consultation and trial, some of which can be conducted remotely. Not all of it can, however, which makes the need for face-to-face interactions a resolute imperative. With that said, law offices rely on a steady influx of clients, and for that a local, highly targeted PPC lead gen strategy can reap large rewards.

Retail. Even in 2021, there are still some retail operations that have no legitimate online presence, or any online avenue by which to conduct sales. That said, an overwhelming figure of monthly searches end with the term “near me,” indicating that consumers are not only looking for local, brick and mortar businesses, but that they are willing to patronize them. It also means that a local PPC lead generation strategy can be the key to success in outcompeting your local competitors. If you show up in the search results and they don’t, you are likely to win business.

Food service and restaurants. There is no remote food service, and it is one of the industries that must still render physical services. However, the same factors that make a PPC lead generation strategy valuable for retail operations make them highly valuable for food service providers and restaurants. The inclusion of “near me” in search queries leaves a lot of potential market share for the food service industry to capture.

Miscellaneous services. Whatever services your organization renders, if they cannot be conducted remotely, or if you face a lot of competition in your local corner of the market, a PPC strategy for lead generation can result in more leads and ultimately more conversions. Executed properly, it can also lead to longer lasting relationships and greater customer lifetime value from your clients.

Custom Development and PPC
Lead Generation

Ensuring a quality user experience while using PPC for lead generation is also a must, since prospective leads will bounce before giving a chance to trade information in the event their expectations have not been met.

Years of experience in digital marketing, design and development have lent us the insight necessary to see right through user behavior, analyzing every move in order to develop custom landing pages that attract and engage customers.

Landing page development

One of the most pronounced aspects of PPC for lead gen is ensuring that the landing pages to which your ads send clicks are optimized for the user experience and for expectations. A high bounce rate may indicate that something is off with either the ad copy or the landing page.

Our developers will work hand in hand with our digital marketing team to ensure that your landing pages are expertly aligned with your ad copy and the expectations of your target market, either redesigning and developing them as necessary or even providing brand new pages to attract and hold the attention of visitors.

Form development

Form development is another critical aspect of a successful marketing campaign, specifically with respect to lead generation strategies. Users will often be willing to submit valuable personal information, including contact information, if they feel they can derive value from it.

Whether you’re offering a discount incentive or simply want people to leave their contact information so they can join your newsletter, our team of digital marketers, developers and designers will craft forms that capture attention and encourage user participation and submission.

Active Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is a term that can be applied to a collective of practices that are all geared toward fostering conversions. Whether the conversion is a sale, a form submission, or the download of a white paper or a PDF, active conversion rate optimization is the set of practices that will result in more of them.

conversion rate optimization

It involves but is not limited to landing page and form development, but also copy creation, defining and setting new ad groups, making continuous optimizations to the performance of an ad campaign based on user behavior (both expected and gathered during the course of the campaign) and much more.

Practices such as A/B testing also fall under the purview of conversion rate optimization, as their purpose is to continue to enhance the performance of some digital marketing initiatives. In this space, it specifically refers to encouraging and cultivating new leads.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our analysts develop suggestions and implement solutions regarding CRO, please get in touch with one of our PPC specialists.

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