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Why 1Digital® Stands above the Competition

Due to the highly analytical nature of PPC marketing, thorough, detailed processes and equally detailed monitoring and reporting are vital to the health and success of a campaign. Regardless of your industry – whether it changes by the season or has been steady for 100 years – keen attention to the behavior that makes your customers tick is one of the keys to success. Thought-leaders, lateral-thinkers, analytical masterminds, and specialists are the foundation of 1Digital®’s team. The best and brightest are behind the wheel of your PPC campaign.

Make Your First and Every Impression Count

Make Your First and Every Impression Count

Activities Critical to eCommerce PPC Management

The entire process is crucial to success, but it is the continuous monitoring and improvement of paid search ads that really enables a campaign to respond to, and capitalize on, the most effective techniques.

Our Process Entails but Not Limited to…

Creation of highly relevant ads: It starts with the right keywords, the right ads, and the ideal ad placement. Without these at the start, a campaign will have little room to soar.

Device performance monitoring: Want to know if most of your shoppers are on mobile devices or desktops? So do we, and we track this data. That’s how we know where to place your ads.

Geographic targeting and monitoring: Your shoppers may be online, but where they are physically located is critical information. It affects both search intent and consumer interest. We keep a close watch on geographic data to maximize the efficacy of your ad campaign.

Monitoring and analyzing changes in consumer behavior: What do users do when they see your ad? What do they do after they click your ad? Does one ad appeal to the same user, while another does not? These are all things we track and leverage to the advantage of your campaign.

Custom Reporting

Channels Source Reporting

Insight on which channels are performing the best and driving the most traffic and leads.

PPC Custom Reporting

Heat Mapping ROI Reporting

Quickly and easily track revenue performance that helps build better customer experience and ROAS.

PPC Custom Reporting

Device & Real Time Insights

Access computer, tablet and mobile device for real-time insights anytime, anyplace.

PPC Custom Reporting

Comparison Reporting

Reporting that focuses on MoM/YoY revenue comparisons and trends. Historical performance data & growth from a birds-eye view.

PPC Custom Reporting

We Define Success in PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing, in some ways, is like a game: easy in concept, but difficult to master. Anybody with a domain name and a Gmail address can sign up for Adwords, but it takes years of experience and consistent process improvements to look at product feed or a suite of analytics data and know immediately where changes can and should be made. Fortunately, those are the types of marketers we hire here at 1Digital®. If you’ve played the game of PPC and found it hard to win, maybe it’s time to take a lesson from true PPC management services certified masters.


Keyword selection and continuous optimization is the cornerstone of an effective PPC campaign. Our keyword strategists use the latest analytical techniques to evaluate the strengths of your inventory, as well as the search and purchasing behavior of your customers. Our calculations will let us know which keywords to bid on at what times of day, on which devices, in what physical locations and much more. This aspect of your PPC campaign cuts costs and delivers higher ROI.

Detailed Keyword Research

We don’t just research your industry – we research competitor keywords as well as any keywords you are currently using in order to devise a lethal list of lightning-focused keywords for your PPC campaigns that can lower your overall costs.

Conversion Tracking

Setting up conversion tracking is also critical to the performance and success of a PPC campaign. It’s ultimately all about conversions, but to see where and when they occur, along with which ads resulted in conversions, we implement conversion tracking on your website. This gives us the ability to read the success of your campaign with full transparency.

Search Engine – Google / Facebook / Amazon & Bing

Every search platform is unique. Diversifying your PPC budget over all the possible channels will give you the best insights into best practices. Our ppc management services can help you decide which ads should display where and why. For Google and Bing, knowing how to place ads requires a deep understanding of the behavior of your customer at each stage of the sales funnel. Facebook Advertising is very different, as the users aren’t there to research products, so you have to design a strategy that dissects the behaviors of shoppers, researchers, Facebook users, and your own customers.

Banner/Image Ads

The AdWords Display Network is the largest digital ad network on Earth. You can try your banner ads out in an nearly endless variety of contexts, but it is that flexibility itself that makes the process difficult to refine. To place those ads with laser precision requires insight, tools and experience, all of which 1Digital® Agency brings to the table, along with a history of success proven by results.

Adtext A/B Testing

Despite all the advanced analytics at our disposal, sometimes the best marketing can benefit from good old fashioned guess and check. The slightest change in the placement of a button, color, or alignment has shown us rates up to 50% apart in click-through rate! We run continuous A/B tests to improve the effectiveness of your messaging. This basically ensures you are currently using only the most effective ads, copy, and placement in your campaign.

One Dedicated Project Manager

Our clients trust us with sensitive information, and we respect that. Throughout the duration of your eCommerce PPC campaign, you will have one dedicated account manager who will become familiar with your business and industry – inside and out. One dedicated point of contact will provide you with the security and reliability of an invested and dedicated expert.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Remarketing is the process of readdressing and improving PPC tactics every day. This gives you much more control in reaching and appealing to past visitors. It also requires more decision making that will affect the success of the efforts. After we add the tags, we create the remarketing lists. Who gets selected? For which list? How many lists? What are the best rules to set? Should custom parameters be applied? The complexity of the process cannot be understated, and the answers are crafted from sophisticated technology guided by the hands of our experienced strategists.

Weekly Reporting

Trust and transparency are some of the keys to the wonderful relationships we have with our partners and customers. We’ll get you access to our dashboard and send you automated weekly emails with status on your campaign so you’re always in the loop.

Search Network

PPC is not just those first couple of ads at the top of a Google search result page. When it comes to deciding whether your ads belong in the search network or the display network, or if you should be placement targeting or topic targeting, a lot of fine-tuning and observation need to be done. The number of impressions a client gets in a particular type of campaign depends on a huge number of factors. PPC management services are a mix of art and science along with the trial and error of continuous testing and improvement. Getting that valuable information leads to substantial results.

Analytics and Reporting

Understanding customers is crucial to success in paid search marketing. eCommerce analytics gives you a snapshot of how your customers behave when they think no one is looking. However, turning raw analytics data into an actionable strategy isn’t always straightforward. The 1Digital® team has the experience to mold the clay of your analytics numbers into eCommerce PPC marketing that holds water. That is, we see raw data and know what to do with it. You’ll also have access to an analytics dashboard, so you can see the success of your PPC efforts firsthand.

Monthly Reporting

1Digital® provides you with monthly summary reports to let you know the lay of the land and help you understand where the direction your campaign is headed so you can see the success we have delivered.


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