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Can something that works so well be improved? Absolutely.

1Digital® Not Only Uses Podio, We Put a Cape on It

Here at 1Digital® Agency, we manage literally scores of eCommerce projects, engaging in marketing, custom design, development, migration, and support everyday. Each project requires multiple multi-threaded communications, layers of internal and external deliverable complexities, and countless cross-referenced task-tracking and time-tracking. This all comes together on top of connecting the entire office interdepartmental personnel and workflow, maintaining a seamless, well-greased machine.

Unlike most online systems, Podio is 100% customizable. 1Digital® Podio experts can deliver a system specific to your needs, one that moves with your business’s ever-evolving and complex processes.

Inside Out Thinking

Is your software “solution” cramping your style? Does it force you to adjust your business processes around its rigid architecture, to suit how it works? Why put yourself in a box and be restricted by the constraints of a so-called solution? A A solution should adjust to your way of doing things – not the other way around!

Meet the new norm: putting control in your hand. With Podio, 1Digital® can build you a true solution with Podio, customized to fit your business.

Ok I’ll Bite…What Is Podio?

People ask us all the time, what exactly is Podio? Is it a CRM? Is it a Project Management Tool? Is it a Marketing Automation platform? Our answer is: Yes, Yes and Yes – and a whole lot more.

Podio is actually an incredibly powerful set of building tools that we use to create 100% bespoke business systems that can work within any area of your business. Through the power of Podio, we can connect every part of your business together, ensuring you have complete end-toend visibility, productivity and automation.

Podio is also the single best collaboration tool on the market, and brings together your business processes, data and people to create a comprehensive and efficient ecosystem. And even better, it’s backed by the power of Citrix, whose products are used by more than 400,000 organizations and over 100 million users globally.

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What (More) Can Podio Be to Your Business?

  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Client Helpdesk
  • Sales Reporting Tool
  • Client Sign-Off Portal
  • Inbound Marketing Tool
  • Campaign Manager
  • Client Communication Manager
  • Expense Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Staff Vacation Portal
  • Event Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Client Collaboration Space
  • Ordering Management
  • Logistics Manager
  • Task Dashboard
  • Internal Staff Network
  • Community Hub

Fly Higher with Podio

Home… Office… Collaborate anywhere in the world.

Collaboration is the key to the modern workplace, particularly in a world where more and more people are working remotely. Podio is an immersive and collaborative space where you and your team can collaborate to maximum efficiency.

Podio is also an incredibly powerful way of collaborating with your suppliers, partners and clients. We can build secure and private spaces to ensure that they only can see what you want them to see, and you’ll find working in Podio with your external teams to be an incredibly engaging process.

Powerful Workflow Workhorse

Podio is an automation workhorse for your business. We can automate almost any element of your business processes to develop maximum flexibility. Think of how much time your team spends on mundane activities that could be automated if you had the power – document creation, process management…you name it. Podio’s automation is 100% flexible and can be completely customised to your business processes.

Get Your Relationships Working

Business is all about relationships, and a good system will promote an active relationship management process to ensure your team is always at the front of your clients’ (or prospects’) minds.

We can customise all aspects of your relationship system – from simple reminders to complex marketing touch points that occur based on external activities – and ensure that all data is tracked in your system and reportable. By integrating your email, phone systems and message Servcies you don’t have to wonder how your relationships are managed any longer…you can see it in black and white.

Podio Customization in Action

An International Team Unites

Client Example 1 – An International Team Unites

This aggressively expanding company was struggling to help it’s international workforce to collaborate efficiently together. On top of this, they were drowning in the sheer amount of manual administration that was necessary across all of their teams (in each country) and they needed a faster, smarter and more integrated way to work.

By integrating Podio with their phone systems, finance systems and a powerful document generation system, the company was able to significantly reduce the processing time of orders from 45 minutes to 3 minutes. By building a collaborative space to manage projects, they were able to work closer together on unified data, increasing the volume of opportunities they could handle and significantly decreasing time-to-close.

By developing a seamless integration of their phone & finance systems, we increased productivity and transparency, and ensured they were working on accurate numbers at all times.

A Manufacturing Company Manages Their Production

Client Example 2 – A Manufacturing Company Manages Their Production

This $12M turnover manufacturing company needed a good business system to help their production lines gain efficiency, minimise waste and boost profitability.The core challenge we identified when we met them can be summed up in one word: visibility. With a 24-hour production cycle in place across multiple locations and multiple teams, they had no clear way of tracking a job from start to finish.

This caused huge stress amongst the staff, and led to a number of confrontations with clients angry about missed deadlines.

The system we designed integrated into each section of the business to help track a job as it moved around the different processes. Everyone could now see exactly where each job was at all times, and who was currently working on it, which meant that decisions could be made without leaving their desks and wasting 45 minutes chasing around the building.

This also led to a much more efficient queueing system for jobs in each department, and problems could be identified right away and the correct people notified (including actively managing client expectations) and actions taken.

The key result for the company was around capacity. By being smarter and having more visibility they were able to free capacity across their locations which has allowed them to take on more work without having to increase their overheads on production machinery and staff.

Managing a $7B Oil & Gas Project

Client Example 3 – Managing a $7B Oil & Gas Project

Our client is the largest private Oil & Gas company in the world, and they approached us as they were looking for a tool to help them manage the legal and logistical obligations that come with organising a $7B project in Africa.

We developed a robust an dynamic activity management system that was based on the extensive legal processes that had been mapped out by all companies involved. Our system essentially brought the legal processes to life, creating dynamic and interactive task management, calendars, warnings and scenario planning.

The team involved went from wondering when obligations were due to being able to see exactly what tasks and activities were coming up, so they could effectively plan their schedules. Our innovative scenario planner allowed them to simple click on a scenario to activate all processes and tasks associated with it, and point them directly to all the relevant documentation for the specific tasks they needed to work on.

What Do Clients Say about Bringing Podio into Their Business?

“We were constantly having to replicate manual processes across our organisation. As we began to scale our company, this became unsustainable and we needed a way of automating these tasks.”

“Our management team now has a lot of visibility across the organisation and we can make datadriven decisions because of that. 1Digital® has worked with us every step of the way as a strategic partner to our business and we’ve been impressed by their attention to detail and their commitment to our progress.”

“If you run a busy production company, you know exactly how important it is to be efficient. Any loss of time or materials can have a huge financial impact on your company. At £12M in turnover, we were really struggling to develop a rigorous system and process that would allow us to scale to the next level.
We now have complete end-to-end visibility of each stage of our operation, from sale to delivery. Working with 1Digital® has been different than any other consultancy we’ve used – they actually deliver.”

“Before our system, we had information on spreadsheets across multiple computers and locations.
We couldn’t be 100% sure what was where and what was current. We have been incredibly impressed by 1Digital®. They took the time to really understand us and built us a completely bespoke system that really delivers. “

Supercharge Your Off-the-shelf Podio

Unlike most online systems, Podio is 100% customisable to your business and your processes. Our team have years of business analysis experience and understand how to translate business needs into dynamic system performance. When we build you a bespoke system, it’s to your business, your team, your processes and your requirements.

One of the biggest frustrations most of our clients come to us with is the frustration that comes with having to use a different system for different parts of their business (Salesforce for sales, Zendesk for support etc). With a bespoke system built on Podio, we can integrate every area of your business to give you complete visibility across your entire organisation.

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When Out-of-the-Box Constrains You Inside the Box.

Let 1Digital® custom build a solution for your Podio platform that thrives with your business model. Why settle for an off-the-shelf system that limits your company’s robust processes? Contact us to optimize your Podio system, super-charging it to match your workflow.

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