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Podcasts Can Help ECommerce Companies Enter a New Realm of Digital Marketing

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Podcasts Can Help ECommerce Companies Enter a New Realm of Digital Marketing

Building Customer Engagement Through Digital Marketing

The more time potential customers spend with your brand, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Technology facilitates a huge portion of the time customers spend engaged with your company, through digital marketing efforts and digital experiences. Many eCommerce stores recognize that extensive customer engagement through digital marketing is essential to online sales.

For this reason, eCommerce companies are constantly seeking new ways to engage customers with their digital marketing efforts. Whether you have considered video content on your social media posts, looking into augmented reality, or building an app (as recommended here), there are ever-changing ways to present your eCommerce brand online. However, one of the most overlooked and underrated mediums are podcasts.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Through Podcasts

Podcasts have undoubtedly grabbed the attention of Americans. Over 40% of people over the age of 12 say they have listened to at least one podcast in the past.  Many listeners aren’t simply stopping by. There is a huge number of adults and young people that listen to podcasts on a regular basis, even daily. This provides a substantial platform for your digital marketing.

This rise in podcast popularity has occurred over a number of years. In fact, when the medium first became available, it only interested a small subset of people, but this has steadily changed. The consistent rise in listenership and the ability of a new podcast to become popular indicates to industry experts that podcasts are not only a good digital marketing tool today, but have staying power.

Another major reason to consider a podcast is the sheer power of storytelling. Storytelling is a cornerstone of marketing, including digital marketing. Whether it is the story of a brand’s beginnings or telling a customer’s experience with the brand, storytelling connects with shoppers in a way other marketing efforts do not. Podcasts provide an opportunity to tell interesting stories related to your brand or industry.

Lastly, a podcast provides an opportunity to reach an entirely new audience. Some potential customers simply aren’t connected to your blog posts or other long form content. Therefore, this audience, who are potential customers, miss out on a portion of the content of your brand and digital marketing.

Podcast listeners operate similarly to watchers of TV shows. While they maintain favorites, this audience is always looking to discover something new. The next big thing could be your eCommerce company’s podcast. For those already familiar with your brand, podcasts provide an additional touch point. Touch points are incredibly important for keeping customers engaged and making purchases.

Tips for Starting an ECommerce Company Podcast

First of all, keep your podcast in sync with other digital marketing efforts. Podcasts operate similar to a blog, in that they should be updated regularly and released sequentially. Each episode can be a separate story, or a topic could cross multiple episodes. However, this content can’t be randomly chosen. To be successful, the podcast should have focus and direction that is tied to your other digital marketing theming. A podcast should enhance the content around your company or brand, even if it can stand alone as a creative outlet.

Second, connect your podcast to social media marketingSometimes it feels intrusive to incorporate a call to action or request listeners to connect with you on social media during your podcasts. However, this is actually the perfect place to plug other ways for customers to engage with your company. Don’t forget that the purpose of your podcast is ultimately to increase sales. Therefore, you should take clear steps within this content to promote your company, drive viewers to your website, and push other forms of digital marketing.

Third, keep your podcast creative. There is a decent amount of leeway to mold your podcast and incorporate diverse topics or formats. Whether you want to include interviews, product reviews, background music, or poetry, podcasts can go in a lot of directions. There is nothing wrong with exploring the pathways of different types of podcasts, especially if it keeps your podcast interesting. What matters is whether your target audience finds the format easy to follow and relevant. Luckily, it is easy to track your audience by the number of listeners who download, play, and follow your podcast.

Not Ready to Take the Plunge into Your Own Podcast?

Entrepreneurs who don’t want the time commitment or responsibility of their own podcast can still use podcasts as an awesome mechanism for digital marketing. The podcasts presented by performers, politicians, comedians, and social media personalities need advertisement income to operate, which means most podcasts pepper their episodes with small commercial breaks, similar to radio ads. However, the opportunities with podcasts are very different than on the radio.

Every podcast has a slant and a passion. There is something that drives the episodes, whether it is politics, the news, or the retelling of embarrassing stories. When you use podcasts as a form of digital marketing,  partnerships form between brands that have similar initiatives, values, or industries. For example, if you want to connect your brand to those interested in environmental issues, seek a podcast on climate change or outdoor activities. Similarly, if you want to target digital nomads, look for a podcast that focuses on travel reviews or travel stories.

Your eCommerce company can strongly connect with a particular audience by advertising on podcasts.  You can use data from the podcaster to determine if their content reaches your target audience, and learn about their demographics as you decide on the content for your mini-commercials.

Also, listeners will connect your digital marketing campaign with the podcaster, which gives your brand extra credibility and credence to the listeners. Of course, there is still significant room for creative or unexpected matchups, where your brand could reach an entirely new audience.

Looking for Digital Marketing Advice on Your Podcast?

Starting a podcast isn’t an expensive endeavor for many eCommerce companies (the right sound equipment and technology can be procured for under $400). However, as with all digital marketing endeavors, success is often built on strategy and implementation.

1Digital Agency can help ensure your podcast, and any other eCommerce marketing materials, are handled with professionalism and efficiency. Learn more about our commitment to eCommerce marketing and our experience across platforms and mediums when you contact our Philadelphia office at 888.982.8269 or online.

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