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Unheard of Ways to Improve Your Agency’s Digital Rankings via Social Media

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Unheard of Ways to Improve Your Agency’s Digital Rankings via Social Media

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Social Media Updates Are Affecting Your Philly Digital Agency

Whether you’re local to Philly like 1 Digital Agency or you own an eCommerce store anywhere in the world, we should all be harnessing the power of SEO and social media to get ahead! But with all of the moving parts how do you really stay ahead? One way is to not only implement social media strategies to reach new and regular customers but to stay up to date on the latest social improvements. By knowing what’s new you can truly leverage each social media site to digital advantage. Our Philadelphia social media team has rounded up the newest social media updates that your agency absolutely must know and show you how to get the most out of it!



If your digital or non-digital agency for that matter speaks to a younger demographic in a city like Philly or New York, then you must be on Snapchat. In fact, a recent update has made sharing unique snapcodes to your website a cinch. In fact, Forbes has ten suggestions for how your company can take advantage of the new URL capabilities. Start thinking big because the more you’re able to implement these amazing new strategies, the more you reach your target demographic and increase sales. Want some help from 1 Digital Agency?

Voting / Competitions / Surveys / Coupons

Simple mechanic – snap your decision or snap to enter could be a very quick way to get people to give up phone numbers and emails… A timed competition (just refresh the page when there are “winners”) could make people snap multiple times.

App installs

Prime time to get an app installed is when the mobile is in the hand – deep links mean app developers just got another free way to create an install base.

To implement the new snapcodes, which by the way work with link shorteners, Mashable outlines it in an easy-to-read set of visuals, but it boils down to this: select “Settings” then “Snapcodes”, next, choose “Create Snapcode”, and finally enter your URL, and you’re done.

philly digital agency philly digital agency


From snapping to pinning your agency can seriously take advantage of this next fantastic digital update from Pinterest. If you’re working with a digital marketing agency like ours in Philly then you know the importance of SEO and ranking in search results. While Pinterest may not see quite the volume that Google does, there’s some great news!

On Pinterest, search is now responsible for more on-site impressions than any other Pinner action, according to the company’s internal analysis.

…Pinterest sees more than 2 billion searches per month, searching for details on the more than 75 billion Pins created by site visitors saving images. And most of those images are for products and services that people want to buy.

42% [of users] say they use Pinterest instead of a standard search engine like Google or Bing, and 72% of those posting Pins say Pinterest has introduced them to a new brand or service.

“search is now responsible for more on-site impressions than any other Pinner action,” according to the company’s internal analysis.



Being heard and seen on social media is becoming harder as more and more companies and people post all day long. One way to mitigate the noise is by getting rid of the people and accounts that contribute to fake news stories and spam in general. We know it can be tiring for any agency who is committed to improving their digital presence to have a winning strategy amidst the chaos. Twitter announced recently that they are doing everything they can to suspend or remove spammers to improve the social experience for everyone. This means good news for your digital marketing strategy as more people are may have access to reading your posts. That means it’s time to step up your Twitter game! Not sure where to start? Let us help you!

“We’re taking steps to identify people who have been permanently suspended and stop them from creating new accounts,” a statement posted to the company’s blog read.



If part of your digital marketing strategy is to hire, communicate B2B, or become an authority in your industry, then LinkedIn in the place for your agency! Lifehacker does a great job of outlining the most recent update and how it can help boost your account.

philly digital agency

This update is pretty amazing! Like Facebook, you get deeper insight into who likes your content which helps you tailor not only what you write but with whom you share it. You can even build a group based on people who like your content and consistently reach shoppers, potential new hires, or even other businesses who are more likely to do business with you. But while you might understand or even be really interested in leveraging this juicy new update you may not have the time or resources that it takes, the good news is, our Philly digital marketing agency does! Give us a shout if you could use some support and we’ll custom design you a social media outreach strategy!



Ah, and the biggest, baddest social media platform of them all: Facebook. Most agencies have trouble really nailing down how to best use this digital marketing beast. What you need to know is how Facebook identifies interesting or valuable stories and once you understand how that works, you can make the digital monster work for you. It’s pretty simple, the more likes, reactions, shares, and comments your posts receive the most Facebook deems it relevant. So the recent update in their algorithms it’s important to know as they work to eliminate fake news and spam to give way for authentic posts to shine through.

Facebook announced it is adding signals to its News Feed algorithm to identify “authentic” posts from people and pages.

Facebook is also adding real-time signals to its ranking system to help it to spot relevant trends. Now, if a topic or post from a Page is gaining a lot of engagement from users in your network, the News Feed will be able to understand that in real-time and temporarily prioritise it. This could result in major breaking news and events posts being shown higher up in the News Feed due to the amount of chatter relating to them.


The best digital SEO strategies paired with social media marketing always increase performance and customer engagement. In most cases it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on solely SEO advertising and spend no time or money on social media marketing. Likewise, having a large following on social media may help you increase your conversions from Facebook and Pinterest but may not give proper follow up to those shoppers who didn’t purchase anything on those sites. Knowing how to leverage both could be the key to meeting more qualified customers both on social and through searches, keep them longer, and even get them referring you new business. A digital agency like ours has the know-how and the expert team to make it happen! Send us a message or give us a call, 1DigitalAgency.com/contact. Talk to you soon!


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