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Learn How Our Philadelphia SEO Company Benefits From Social Media

We conducted an interview with our Philadelphia social media team after our SEO clients asked our company their questions. Results. Are. Awesome!

How do SEO and Social Media Work Together?

SEO and social media go hand in hand in every company multiple ways whether you’re based in Philadelphia like us, or not. One particular way we dove into in our last blog is called remarketing. Having ads for your products show up not only in google search results but in Facebook’s 3rd party apps as well as the FB sidebar or newsfeed gives you a major advantage. You combine the power of targeted SEO keywords with the far reaching capabilities of Facebook’s targeted demographics to not just reach more people but the right people. Our Philadelphia SEO and social teams actually partner with your company to narrow both of these advertising segments into specifics like age, buying habits, search terms, time of the day, etc. You can even start advertising on Pinterest! Imagine even a small increase in revenue due to customers clicking on your products in Pinterest. Take a look at their advertising standards to get a real sense for the vision behind this social media experience. We particularly love this:


Deliver a world class experience

We care about the ad experience from start to finish—even the URL your ad links to.

  • Use an accurate destination URL  Learn more
  • Be clear if your landing page goes to a hardwall or signup wall  Learn more
  • Don’t send people to low quality landing pages  Learn more
  • Don’t use off-domain redirect links  Learn more

If you haven’t already, you can also connect your eCommerce store to the Facebook marketplace. Give your customers yet another platform from which they can shop. One of our strategic partners, Shopify, connects your products right to Facebook quickly and easily. (1)

Beyond ads and selling products on multiple platforms you can leverage content to drive traffic to your website. Posting your latest blogs, company updates, and sharing about topics relevant to your target audience can encourage clicks back to your site. When your customers know how to reach you, you have more of a chance of them clicking through to your site. Last, social media sites like Google Plus and Twitter can potentially come up in search results. Tie in the keywords your SEO team has researched for you to have your content seen by more people. Seeing how important social media is yet?

philadelphia seo company

What’s the Benefit of Using Social Media?

Well it’s free to use so the first benefit is you get free branding/advertising. Not only is it free to use but tens of millions of people are also using it to search for products, ideas, companies, friends, and the list goes on. Whether your company is in Philadelphia or not, if they can’t find your or stumble upon you through social media then you risk not connecting with your target audience. You can sell your products, boost posts to enhance your potential reach/views by your fans, connect with only those who fit your exact demographic, use graphics/albums/videos to engage more fans, and connect apps including your website and other social media profiles. With Facebook’s recent algorithm change, the more fans who like, react, comment, or share your content the more likely your content is to be served to non-fans and friends of fans. Figuring out what content is the most interesting and engaging to your fans isn’t always as obvious as it seems. We not only understand SEO and social best-practices but as a company, we genuinely love what we do. Bringing you the benefits of digital marketing is something we’d LIKE!

philadelphia seo company

How Often Should I be Posting to Social Media?

We love this question! And the answer isn’t so straight-forward because there’s a lot of moving parts. The key is running tests. If you haven’t noticed, managing social media is a full-time job all by itself. That’s why our Philly social team supports each company with an individual approach to supplement their SEO efforts. Whether you’re local to Philadelphia or PA or you’re anywhere in the US we can run tests on your social media accounts for you to develop a unique timing strategy. In general, remember to test various times per day over the course of 1 – 2 months. Use Facebook’s reporting features to see how many engaged users or viewers you have. Tweak the days or times that aren’t performing well. Use your “insights” area to view the number of fans that are online at any given day and time and let that guide your posting schedule.

philadelphia seo company

What Social Media Sites Should I be Posting to?

ECommerce store owners may see varying results on certain social media platforms. In general, it’s safest to join all of them! You never know when a customer may click a link and buy. Some social sites as we outlined tend to show up more in Google search engine results whereas others tend to do better for driving traffic or sales. Companies that seek to connect with a younger demographic may experience higher levels of success on Instagram or Snapchat. Others may find that Pinterest or Facebook advertising are more viable sources of revenue. If guessing isn’t your preference, hiring a Philly-based team like ours to manage your social and SEO efforts could save you money and a lot of guess-work.

What Does it Cost to Get Started?

We saved the best for last. Most eCommerce companies like yours want to know what it looks like to hire our Philly-based team to manage their social media. Since everyone gets a totally custom package, we can give you some examples of how it works. To sum it up, in a basic package we manage all of the content curation, scheduling and posting. We give you customized graphics to show off your products, link to your blogs/website, curate additional educational or relevant content, we comment or like potential customers of yours to show them that your brand is interactive, and help you get engagement with the use of hashtags. Beyond that, most of our SEO clients choose for us to manage Facebook advertising – if you’re interested in that service, too, let us know.

philadelphia seo company

Send us an email to info@1digitalagency.com if you’re curious or your company is ready to get started tapping into the power of social media!



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