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Use Our Philadelphia Digital Agency Interview Learn How To Become Irresistible To Customers

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Use Our Philadelphia Digital Agency Interview Learn How To Become Irresistible To Customers

Philadelphia’s 1 Digital Agency Goes Behind the Scenes: Interviews With Our Partners

1 Digital Agency’s Philadelphia team goes inside to interview our team and our platform partners to bring you the internet’s “most wanted” info! Wouldn’t you want to hear from a professional Digital Agency what their favorite strategies and tips are for SEO, marketing, web design, etc? Get inside the heads of our Philadelphia team of developers and designers plus hear from our exclusive partners so your business can get ahead.


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  1. When You Go Online Shopping for Yourself, What Do You Look for in a Website?

It’s an easy answer that happens to have a lot of moving parts. Any successful digital agency will tackle both functionality and design simultaneously. We want to see a site that reels us in from the moment it loads, (quickly). But beyond that, we want to see what you want us to see! So, if there’s a featured product we shouldn’t have to scroll or click through to find it. We’re also probably browsing on our phones so it must be a responsive site. Here’s how you can tell if your site is responsive: try making your browser window smaller. The images and content columns shrink, and certain parts of the layout probably disappear altogether. The behavior and environment adapts to the smaller size. That’s responsive design! When your website is responsive, your customers can access it in any screen size, on any device, without sacrificing quality of experience. We’re looking for a fluid experience no matter the device.

We didn’t stop just there, we’ve also reached out to our platform partners like Shopify, Volusion, and Magento to ask them a couple questions we thought you’d want to know. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we’re sharing the love from everyone on our team with you.

  1. What do you love about working for 1 Digital Agency in Philadelphia?

At 1 Digital Agency, we’re surrounded by experts who love eCommerce. We are a group of creatives, strategists, designers and developers that have a broad and deep expertise in the area of eCommerce, headquartered out of Philadelphia. Our employees work around the globe to achieve the same goal: boundless opportunity in the eCommerce industry, and the limitless potential in every store.


  1. What do love about Volusion?

The culture here at Volusion is great. From the top level down, it really feels like everyone is on the same team and working towards the same goal. Our management really values collaboration, and they give us the opportunity to provide feedback on large, important topics. Being so willing to listen to all employees really sets us apart, I feel.

  1. What do customers usually call and ask about Volusion?

A lot of our clients are opening their first online store, so their questions tend to be inquisitive in nature. Broadly, our clients ask how to better run their store. Because we have access to the same data they do, they often ask us about efficiencies (“How did you do that so quickly?”) or broad ideas, like “where can I learn about that?” or “How did you know that?” One of the best parts of my job is when I’m able to share my knowledge and know that I’m helping someone fulfill their dream.
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We’re not surprised by this fabulous response! Our Philadelphia team is an Elite Expert partner of Volusion – and for many reasons. We’re proud to share with you all of the amazing features and support that is built into your website when you use the Volusion platform. Getting the inside scoop of not only what is frequently asked but a peek into the people who come together to make Volusion a reality. A large factor in why businesses choose Volusion is because of their business is made up of people who genuinely care and who want to help.


  1. What’s your favorite feature about Shopify?

One of the things I like about Shopify is that everyone can start a store on the platform. There’s no big cost barrier to starting, so we can help people make a real difference!

  1. What’s a popular question you hear from your customers?

Our most popular questions are a lot of set up ones – how to add products, how to set up their themes, how to advertise their store.

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If you’re using Shopify to host your digital agency’s store then you know how many features are available to customize the functionality and design you need. If you’re eager to start your online store and make sure it’s one that converts then look no further than 1 Digital Agency, one of the leading Experts in Shopify custom design and development. Our Philadelphia team takes pride in every single one of our website projects and works together in unison with each client. Thinking about making a change to your ecommerce store, have questions, or want to start one from scratch? Call us 888.982.8269 or check out our portfolio!


How can customers keep themselves safe and protected in the digital world?(1)

Several Magento eCommerce agencies are asking about safety and security and we can’t blame them. There are a handful of things you can do to ensure you’re protecting yourself online:

  • Using a strong password and changing them at regular interval
  • Disable remote access to Magento Connect Manager
  • Disable Downloader on production sites
  • Restrict access to safe IP addresses

Some privacy measures may require some support from a professional digital agency, which our Philadelphia-based team can handle for you.

From your initial idea through the design and planning phase including the logistics from security to functionality, our digital agency can be your partners in the eCommerce business. As you can see, we’ve selected only the best platforms to handcraft for you your dream store! Tell us what you need and we’ll guide you in selecting the right platform for the size and functions of the online store your company will most benefit from. Take a look at what our customers are saying, and send us a message, we’re eager to help!

Designs are awesome, functionality is all there and they are genuinely Johnny on the spot, often finishing changes in QA before I could finish the review!

Alex Wilson |

Working with 1Digital has been great. Recently, we completed an extensive redesign and ecommerce platform switch from Volusion to Bigcommerce for our website. This was a lot of work, and 1digital did a great job.

Casey Doran |

The work that the Digital 1 Agency team did to the store was amazing! They enhanced the web store to my specifications and were very attentive to my ideas. I would use them again. DIO Industries, LLC

John |



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