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Partner Profile: Glew

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Partner Profile: Glew

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One of the biggest advantages of eCommerce, over every other kind of retail, is the amount of information an eCommerce site can help you collect about your customers, and how they interact with your store. You can’t count how many products a customer looks at before they make a buying decision in your brick and mortar store. You can’t decipher how many people took a look at your pop up shop, but decided not to walk over. With an eCommerce store you can track all this stuff, and a lot more. Yet, many  business owners that I talk to ignore their eCommerce analytics data almost completely. They tell me things like, ‘I don’t have time to devote my attention to that stuff, and I wouldn’t know what to do with that information even if I did.’

With this problem in mind, I want to profile Glew, a combination CRM and analytics software built specifically for eCommerce, with the ambition of growing into a fully fledged recommendation engine in the future. Glew boasts the ability to deliver eCommerce analytics regularly in easy to understand reports on the performance of your products and the behaviors of your customers. Does Glew deliver on its promise? More importantly, is it the tool that will get you paying more attention to your eCommerce store’s analytics, and using them intelligently? Let’s do a deep dive on what Glew can do for you.

eCommerce Analytics

Glew’s main strength lies in its segmentation features. It allows you to keep track of your customers and segment them based on attributes you assign determined by their behavior. For example, the customers who purchase from you the most could be in the Most Active Customers segment. While the customers who only come by when they see a sale or a special promotion might be in the Budget Conscious segment. Based on their behaviors, it makes sense to market to these segments completely differently.

This is why Glew is a good fit for a business with an active email marketing strategy, or email marketing resources. In the same way you segment your customers within Glew, you can segment your list. For example, the Most Active Customers likely generate quite a few of your sales. Send an email blast to let them know they’re appreciated, remind them that it’s time to come back and make a purchase. Meanwhile, the majority of the customers in the Budget Conscious segment may not have made a purchase in quite some time. Bring them back into the fold by emailing a coupon code available only for this segment.

Glew also allows for the segmentation of products. Analytics can tell you which products are most often purchased together. You might consider offering some of these combinations in a bundle, or at the very least putting them in the Recommended sections of each other’s pages.  Product analytics data is why Glew is also good for eCommerce businesses running paid search campaigns. If you’re analytics reports show a particular product is hot seasonally, or with a certain customer segment, increase your PPC bids related to that product and those vectors.

An analytics software like Glew is particularly useful for eCommerce stores with a lot of products, that need to move a high volume at low margin. If your store has six high margin luxury products, chances are that you can keep a pretty good eye on which products are popular, or being bought together, just by fulfilling the orders. However, if you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs, a small improvement in total order value or order frequency can really move the needle.

You can even segment the way your reports from Glew are distributed internally. Not everyone on your team needs to get every piece of available analytical data. They might potentially waste more time pulling out the useful stuff than the information is actually worth. Instead, your PPC manager and your email marketing copywriter can each customize the data points which show up on their daily, weekly or monthly reports from Glew.

Glew’s price tag is nothing to sneeze at. They offer tiered pricing based on revenue and starting at $199 per month.  

$199 per month – Businesses making less the 1M per year    

$299 per month – Businesses making between 1M and 5M per year

$399 per month – Businesses making between 5M and 10M per year

$499 per month – Businesses making between 10M and 15M per year

Any business that’s making more than 15M per year is encouraged to contact the Glew sales department for a custom rate. The tiers don’t limit or increase your access based on how much you pay. An account under each pricing tier will pull all your site’s data, give you access to all the tools that Glew offers, and allow you to make as many user accounts as you like.  

eCommerce Analytics

A full list of the systems that Glew integrates with can be found here. Suffice it to say that they have integrations with many of the major eCommerce platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc.) as well as several third party services you might want to grab analytics data from, like Instagram or Google Adwords.  

If you’re running an eCommerce business and not using analytics data to your advantage, you’re leaving money on the table. Glew is a powerful tool for eCommerce analytics, which may be intimidating at first, if you’re not used to wrestling with analytics data. Fortunately, they offer a 10 day free trial so you can try the system without any risk. If it seems like the kind of thing that could get you diving into your analytics on a regular basis, I say give it a go. Not only will your store perform better, but you’ll also make the investment in becoming a more informed, more savvy eCommerce business owner. If you’re interested in help making sense of your eCommerce marketing, 1Digital’s team of digital marketing experts can help turn the raw materials a system like Glew provides into a laser targeted, artfully executed digital marketing campaign.

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