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From small sized businesses to moderately large ecommerce retailers, OpenCart is a platform well worth considering. It’s open source software that is very user-friendly. It’s just like getting a store in a box!

With OpenCart, the one thing to keep in mind is that it’s designed to be used as is. For those that want to do more, there are a lot of possibilities with this open source platform if you know what you’re doing. Therefore hiring our professional design and development team to handle the customizations and your OpenCart SEO strategy will be essential.

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The services we provide as part of our OpenCart SEO package are geared towards maximizing traffic to your website and boosting your position on the search engine ranking results page. We have years of experience in designing new sites for online retailers as well as upgrading older eCommerce websites.

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With all the possibilities offered through the platform it is very easy to go overboard with adding features and options. This can be counterproductive for OpenCart SEO efforts because search engines recognize sites that are crisp, clean and easy to use.

There are several factors to keep in mind that can impact your OpenCart SEO rankings. Our team of OpenCart specialists will ensure that each of these factors is considered and optimized during the design and development phase of your project.

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In most cases, small to medium-sized businesses aren’t going to have their own in-house IT design, development and marketing team. The professionals at 1Digital Agency can work with you, and within your budget, to create the website you want with the functions and features that your customers need.

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