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Nine Common eCommerce Mistakes To Avoid

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Nine Common eCommerce Mistakes To Avoid

The online marketplace isn’t just competitive. It’s in a constant state of evolution. What was working yesterday might not work tomorrow, so online retailers need to pay close attention to the trends to stay competitive. Here are nine common eCommerce mistakes that you should definitely avoid with your online store to stay competitive in your industry.

1. Your Mobile eCommerce Website Turns Customers Away

In today’s market, more and more people do their online shopping on their mobile devices. As a result, companies that don’t offer a user-friendly mobile website are going to miss out on potential business. A website that might look great on a 22-inch monitor might look terribly disproportionate and confusing on a phone or a tablet – make sure you don’t let that happen to your eCommerce store.

2. Your eCommerce Store Has A Shortage Of Quality Content

Quality content is defined in several ways, but all of them are important to your website. You need to include content on your eCommerce website on your landing page, your product pages and even your blog that increases your SEO, but you also need to make sure that your content is valuable to your customers. If they come to your product page or your blog looking for information, you’d better make sure it’s there.

3. You Haven’t Differentiated The Image Of Your Online Business

Online competition is very stiff. If you don’t differentiate your products or services, you’ll be selling a commodity in a saturated market. You’ll need to find out what value defines your products. Then you’ll not only need to pass that along to your customers, but you’ll also need to communicate it with them. Part of this is your content marketing, the other part is your brand image and how that’s incorporated into your website design.

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