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Niche Marketing to your “Ideal Consumer”

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Niche Marketing to your “Ideal Consumer”

Advertisers must often create consumer profiles around specific demographics by identifying niche markets. These profiles help to add personality and depth to the advertisements produced. By personifying the abstract concept of an ideal consumer, business owners see consumers as more than sales figures.

Niche marketing is not about boxing in your business or limiting your options. It allows you to create messages and marketing materials that speak directly to the type of consumer you want to attract. After clarifying the people and business you understand well, you open up options in marketing to specific and generalized groups that can be worked with effectively.

Finding your niche

Certain dimensions of your brand align with your consumer’s personality. Identifying a uniquely branded personality position and consistently referencing it in your messaging and advertising will help to define your brand. After creating a niche personality profile of your “ideal consumer”, generalize the traits of the consumer caricature to aid advertisement conceptualization. Here are 5 possible dimensions of you brand’s personality, as described by Ashwin Fernandes, and corresponding A-list brands displaying each execution.

Personality Traits:

– Sincerity: down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, cheerful

– Excitement: daring, spirited, imaginative, up-to-date

– Competence: reliable, intelligent, successful

– Sophistication: upper-class, charming

– Ruggedness: outdoorsy, tough

Example Brands:

– Sincerity: Hallmark, Kodak, Coke

– Excitement: Pepsi, Olympics, Old Spice

– Competence: Hewlett Packard, Wall Street Journal, IBM

– Sophistication: Mercedes, BMW, Channel, Johnnie Walker

– Ruggedness: Nike, Marlboro, Ford

How do meet your customer?

Anecdotal examples should not be used in the strategy of specific marketing challenges due to their inaccuracies when applied on a mass scale. However, you might extrapolate powerful stories from individual consumer experiences that can be used within overall brand-building messages and marketing. Try meeting your customers through phone interviews or online surveys to determine which of the above mentioned personality traits your consumer’s hold.

There are also many resources online to better understand audience segment and user profiles. Simulated profiles are a great starting point when learning about your general consumer. Look through your industry’s profile on This tool can be used for free, or pay for the pro-tool.

personality insights

YouGov.Com is great for learning about brands, people, and specific topics. For this example, I researched the general activity of gardening. Demographic information is useful for identifying an ideal gardening consumer as a woman in her mid-40’s to mid 60’s who is living in a non-urban area. She is slightly more likely to be a republican than a democrat, and likely earns between $50-$100K annually. For information about your consumer, research the various other sections such as lifestyle, personality, favorite brands, entertainment, etc.

dishes, sports, etc.

Create marketing materials that speak directly to the individual. When a consumer can see him or herself in your content, and relate to it, they will come to you as a specialist within the industry. Consider how your consumer will receive this information. How will they hear, understand, and apply your message to what they care about? If you can continuously put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, you can refine your brand’s message to a concentrated form, which then can be generalized to your entire audience. Reach out to the Genius Ecommerce staff at 1Digital Agency for help stepping into the shoes of your customers. We’d love to help you reach out to your customers through social media, newsletters, and more.

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