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Navigating The Markets for Online Vape SEO

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Navigating The Markets For Online Vape SEO

At 1Digital Agency, we understand the complications that the vape industry faces with online sales. With an already competitive market and an increasingly high demand for a new, constantly evolving product, the vape industry must be ready to adapt to new practices with the constant changes in laws and regulations. Along with the FDA, online vape sales are heavily impacted by Google’s advertising policies, which place vapes and vape juice into their Dangerous Products and Services.


What Challenges Does Online Vape Advertising Face?

In 2016, the FDA released new regulations on the sale of vapes. Vapes and vape products are now illegal to sell to people under the age of 18. Also, E-Liquid producers are also under inspection by the FDA. They’ve also disallowed the use of the words “light” or “mild” when marketing E-Cigarettes. All in all, the realm of advertising has not been profoundly restricted. Vapes and vape products can still be advertised on any platform, including TV. So, what’s the problem?

The main issue for entrepreneurs in the vape industry is figuring out a way to advertise without the use of PPC. The problem with PPC is that Google has made it virtually unavailable, so without the use of paid advertising through Google, how can vape companies compete?

Navigating The Markets for Online Vape SEO

How To Advance Online Vape Sales with SEO

With PPC being ineffective in the vape industry, 1Digital Agency focuses on SEO in order to boost sales. We build page authority by starting with long tail keywords and moving onto popular search terms once that authority has been built. Using the latest white hat building techniques, 1Digital optimizes web stores and vastly improves their ranking in organic search results. Although a slow process, our SEO capability is the number one most effective way to make your business thrive.

Luckily, SEO is actually what you will want in the first place because it produces organic search results. With PPC, your results are far more costly and are effective for a much shorter amount of time. PPC stops the moment that the budget stops. This means that organic search results will be on display for a long time after an effective SEO campaign; PPC results drop right off the moment payment ends. Although paid search results are immediate, organic search results last.

SEO is an investment for the long-term: The traffic on the first page of Google (the top 10 results) receives 92% of all search traffic. In fact, 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation. That’s 57% of B2B marketers in general, so if online vape stores can’t use PPC, it should be a relief to know that SEO is more effective in the first place. Jumping on the SEO bandwagon is imperative to your success, as it’s become an increasingly competitive tactic.


How 1Digital Agency Can Boost Your Online SEO Presence

When Kingdom Vapor came to 1Digital Agency, they were a new player in the game. They could not have made a better choice. We built them an effective and beautiful site and they hit the ground running. After the site was built, we led an aggressive SEO campaign that improved their rankings and had them skyrocket in popularity. If you want a strong online market, 1Digital Agency is the way to go. When we build your site, also talk to us about SEO and how we can shape your online presence into a customer-grabbing machine.

Navigating The Markets for Online Vape SEO

Kingdom Vapor came to find that 1Digital Agency was not only helpful in optimizing their site and running a successful SEO campaign but also that we were knowledgeable on the intricacies of the online vape market. Being a wholesale company, Kingdom Vapor was selling their product in bulk to vape stores, adding a specific niche to an already specific industry. They were happy to find that 1Digital Agency was well versed in vape terminology and the industry as a whole. We crafted an SEO campaign that targeted their very specific subset of customers and left them with fantastic results.

The fact of the matter is that one of our oldest customers trusted us to work on their campaign for one reason: 1Digital Agency is well versed in the online vape industry. The last thing that you want is to pay for us to research your products and your industry before even getting started. Our content writers are trained in the vape industry and understand the layout of the markets and the terminology needed to communicate. We can boost SEO for any vape company and our content writers are able to write for both customers and retailers alike. If you want to expand your online presence and create a successful campaign that will engage more customers, 1Digital Agency is here to help.


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