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How A Mobile Site Can Help Your eCommerce Sales

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How A Mobile Site Can Help Your eCommerce Sales

Creating A Mobile Site Is The Best Thing To Do For Your eCommerce Business

If you want to truly compete with all the top names and other competitors in your eCommerce industry, then creating a mobile is the best thing you can do. The majority of companies have made mobile marketing an integral part of their overall marketing strategy, and even more business owners and marketers feel that mobile marketing is essential to their business. Companies across the globe are even creating teams dedicated to their mobile marketing. And with over 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, a responsive design for a mobile site is the best thing you can do for your business.

But, is creating a mobile site for your eCommerce business necessary? While you may be succeeding in traffic and sales with your eCommerce business, you will find a dramatic increase when your website is optimized for mobile. It is the trend at the forefront of the eCommerce industry, and the smart business decision is to stay ahead of it to stay competitive. So many eCommerce businesses have taken advantage of a mobile site or mobile apps, that now it is essential to do the same for your own business to keep up. And with a new mobile site, you will need to be aware of the changes in marketing as well as customer behavior that come along with mobile users. Read on to find out benefits of a mobile site, and ways to utilize mobile marketing for your new responsive design.

The Benefits of a Mobile Site

Between tablets, gaming devices, smartphones, and even watches, the access to the internet in these times are changing rapidly, and are becoming increasingly popular ways to shop online. That’s why, as an eCommerce business owner, it is crucial to the success of your business to stay up-to-date with a website that is optimized for mobile use. It will also help your SEO ability; back in 2015 Google adapted its search rankings algorithm for mobile searches based on websites that were more mobile friendly.

There are a number of benefits that come with developing a mobile site for your eCommerce business, but the first is that you will improve the user experience. If someone has been sent a link to a website from a friend that they try to open on their mobile device, and it isn’t optimized for mobile, they are much more likely to abandon the page because of the problems they encounter.

The next benefit is that having a responsive and optimized mobile site will increase the average time a visitor spends on your website. And as an eCommerce business owner, you know that more time on your website means a higher rate of conversion. Your customers will also experience faster website load speed when they are using an optimized mobile site on their mobile device; if you try to open a website that isn’t optimized for mobile on a mobile device, it will often take longer to load or won’t load at all.

How To Utilize Your Mobile Site for Mobile Marketing

With your newly optimized mobile site for your eCommerce business, make sure you are filling it with mobile-friendly content as a way to increase your mobile marketing! The way a mobile visitor and smartphone user views a website is different than when they are on their laptop. This is a factor that you need to think about ahead of time, and adapt your mobile sit to fit these expectations about mobile user behavior. When a visitor is coming to your mobile site, they will most likely be avoiding the content heavy sections like “About us,” because they are more interested in why they came there in the first place. A great way is to keep your headlines concise and captivating to draw mobile visitors in.

Another way to optimize your mobile marketing is by adapting your SEO strategies to be designed for mobile. Research has found that mobile users tend to use more specific keywords and phrases in their searches, and so it’s important that you adapt your practices to fit mobile user’s behavior. You should also enhance your mobile site with SMS, or text message marketing. The majority of smartphones users keep their phones handy and at the ready to respond to texts, find information, or browse social media. Almost half of mobile phone and smartphone users use it for texting over talking, which means that SMS marketing can directly target where they are looking at their phone the most.

Another huge way to target smartphone users is by creating a mobile app. While this isn’t always within the budget or the capability of every business, it is certainly a goal to strive for, particularly for eCommerce business owners. An app is an ultimate way to optimize your eCommerce business to mobile, and an app will stay on the forefront of a potential customer’s mind more than a browser tab.

How 1 Digital Agency Can Help You Develop a Mobile Site

At 1 Digital Agency, we are a full-service eCommerce agency. Our team can handle anything you throw at them, from design and development to digital and mobile marketing or SEO campaigns. We have perfected eCommerce responsive website design for browser and for mobile devices, to make sure that your customer will have a beautiful and fluid experience no matter what device they’re looking at your website on. And our teams can create apps for IOS, Android, and Windows phone. In 2014 eCommerce apps grew 174%, so you know that it is a key way to stay competitive in the eCommerce industry. We offer app creation to small business who thought they wouldn’t be able to afford it, to larger enterprises with specific needs and requirements.

Whatever your needs, here at 1 Digital Agency we can handle them. Our full-service eCommerce agency is dedicated to helping you reach success, and our teams are full of experts who have the experience to do it. Contact us today to find out more about how we can keep you up-to-date with an optimized mobile site and more!

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