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New Focus in Mobile ECommerce Is on Streamlining the Process

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New Focus in Mobile ECommerce Is on Streamlining the Process

Shopify Looks to Make Mobile ECommerce Even Easier With “Shopcodes”

Last week, Shopify made a seemingly minor announcement that should cause a big stir among businesses involved in mobile eCommerce. The incredibly popular eCommerce platform is introducing a new mobile app that allows users to create QR codes for their Shopify site. This announcement by Shopify provided insight on how to use and where to place these QR codes, but, most importantly, the Canadian company noted that this was a new product designed specifically and solely for mobile eCommerce.

Shopcodes bring the ease of using QR codes to the way we conduct commerce offline. – Shopify Shopcodes Announcement

Interestingly, Shopcodes aren’t the only step into mobile eCommerce that Shopify has made in recent months, and other eCommerce platforms are investing substantial funds in mobile technology and capabilities. Though it was once believed that you could be sufficient in mobile eCommerce simply by building fully responsive websites, the recent changes and additions to webstore platforms show otherwise.

Going Back to Basics with Shopcodes

With the introduction of Shopcodes, Shopify is refocusing the communities of mobile eCommerce on a technology invented in 1994.  QR codes were around long before smartphones were used by the general public. In fact, QR codes were invented 13 years before the first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007.

The original purpose of QR codes was to help the automotive industry, and similar manufacturing assembly lines, track their parts and pieces. The original use of QR codes is simultaneously very different and surprisingly similar to Shopify’s latest reinvigoration of the technology. Here’s how Shopcodes function for your online store and marketing strategies.

To utilize Shopcodes, eCommerce merchants download the app from their respective app store. Then, through the app, merchants can create QR codes that are tied directly to the products in their Shopify store. Unlike the first iteration of QR codes for smartphones, the beauty of the latest QR codes is that shoppers don’t need any separate devices to utilize them.

Basically, a single QR code can be made for a given product, and further, unique QR codes can be created to account for color, size, and other differentiating features of your products. Therefore, through these QR codes, a merchant can track and monitor what products are being investigated and researched by the people that come in contact with their packaging and other offline marketing. This creates a bridge between online and offline marketing in regards to customer habits and tracking information on the Shopify Analytics dashboard.

Once created, Shopcodes can be placed on packaging, tags, marketing, and other promotional material for a specific product. People who want to shop through mobile eCommerce channels can then capture these QR codes with their iPhone or Android camera and be brought directly to the product on the mobile webstore.

Giving Shoppers the Power to Buy – Faster

The straightforward premise behind Shopcodes is in the spirit of the old saying “don’t fix what isn’t broken.” QR codes are easy for eCommerce merchants to create in Shopcodes, and most shoppers understand how they work. Even someone new to QR codes can quickly learn the process. However, if something isn’t optimal, it deserves a little push in the right direction. When it comes to mobile eCommerce checkout and payment, there are is a lot of room for improvement. QR codes are the first step.

One goal Shopify had in mind with its release of Shopcodes was to make mobile checkout easier. In 2017, eCommerce stores experienced a high volume of shopping cart abandonment from mobile shoppers. This occurred irrespective of theme, layout, payment gateway, and platform choice.  It seems that many of these people were interested in purchasing the product, as they took the time to browse and put it in the basket, but just didn’t buy. So, what prevented the sale? Likely it was a clunky or obsolete checkout process that wasn’t worth the trouble.

Shopify is betting that QR codes can start to solve this reoccurring problem in mobile eCommerce. Right now, Shopcodes are focused on assisting returning or repeat customers with the checkout process. Through the individualized Shopcode on packaging or promotions, a returning customer can scan the QR code and go through checkout without re-entering information. Shopify promises other timesaving benefits of using the Shopcodes with repeat purchasers.

Not only can QR codes address some of the checkout strain on mobile eCommerce, but they can also encourage customer retention, another highly discussed issue for eCommerce companies this year.

Changeups in the Mobile Markets

While Shopcodes are an interesting, somewhat unexpected step for Shopify to take in regards to mobile eCommerce, it certainly isn’t the platform’s only move into the space. Just this week, Shopify and Instagram released new integration tools to promote an easier shopping experience through the social media platform. Obviously, the increased continuity between the Instagram experience and Shopify is aimed at mobile shoppers, who are the largest users of Instagram.

Instagram has been testing different processes for integration with online stores ever since introducing paid advertising, and, as upwards of 80% of Instagram users follow some brand or business through their personal social media account, it should be a lucrative space for eCommerce companies. With this latest integration, Instagram is allowing Shopify merchants to tag their products within a post or content. The tag, relating back to that specific item, makes it even easier for mobile shoppers to find the product and immediately make a purchase.

Expand Your Mobile Presence Through Shopify With Us

If you are interested in expanding the mobile experience on your Shopify site, or other eCommerce platforms, speak with an expert on the topic. At 1Digital Agency we dedicate our careers to learning and understanding the best mobile options for integration, marketing, and development in eCommerce.

As always, our goal is to introduce you to the digital tools and strategies that will work best for your particular brand. Call the team at 1Digital Agency at 888.982.8269.

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