How a Mobile ECommerce Store Boosts Your Sales

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Optimizing Your Mobile Magento Store with SEO

Magento is a high-profile eCommerce platform that hosts some of the biggest online retailers in the world today. While offering a variety of functions, features, and tools, Magento SEO implementation is not as simple and user-friendly, and doesn’t respond to the “do-it-yourself” approach. But with the vast amount of mobile features available, it makes sense to work with professional designers and developers like the ones on our team here at 1 Digital Agency. The SEO strategies implemented in your Magento store should offer both a unique experience for your customers and rank you highly in search results. Keywords, meta tagging, original content, unique descriptions, and alt tags all matter but don’t equal the total strategy. Our Magento experts know how to structure your site so it functions as one moving unit on computers and mobile phones for the sake of your customer’s buying experience and to serve as a part of your marketing strategy.

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Working with a team that is not only Experts in Magento but also certified by Google puts your company ahead of the competition. Your SEO strategy should not only include best practices for your website but also who you choose to trust to carry out these strategies. As an owner, it’s likely not your expertise to establish and follow up with SEO and digital marketing strategies. And you’re not alone. Thousands of eCommerce stores work with trusted professionals to manage their SEO marketing. In fact, if you’re not, you’re already behind!

Mobile Friendly Magento Solutions

Whether you need a Magento store from scratch or are just looking to make your current store mobile friendly, our team can deploy a variety of solutions to suit your needs.


Giganto™ is custom mobile solution for Magento designed by Ecommerce professionals and optimized for conversions. Offer your users a full mobile experience and make your website look great on mobile devices. (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc.) Specifically designed for the Magento platform this mobile extension comes integrated with Facebook Login, Qbox Elastic search, Avalara and 360 degree product views. It is easily expandable into native apps to further expand your mobile marketing reach. Need custom Mobile solution? Giganto™ is a perfect mobile solution that allows for full customization and integration. Capture every potential customer and grow your ecommerce sales! Experience the most robust mobile extension for Magento.

Free Theme: Magento offers a plethora of free themes from which you can choose to ensure your website is mobile friendly. At this point, Google won’t offer your online store in search results if you’re not mobile friendly; as an SEO best practice, ensure your site is mobile responsive. Some Magento themes also include free mobile apps, additional customizations, and several looks/styles. Our team at 1 Digital Agency can optimize, personalize, and create an SEO plan for your unique business. 

Teamwork: Hire an experienced digital agency who has structured and developed websites from inception to fruition. Partner with SEO strategists who help companies like yours connect with your target audience, implement the most reliable, long-term SEO strategies and give you the ultimate design. You should feel like you can trust your partners with your Magento store and that’s how our customers are left feeling.

How a Mobile ECommerce Store Boosts Your Sales

Sell Where Your Customers Are Buying

What makes a powerful SEO strategy so effective is it allows you to be where your customers are when they’re buying. Is your Magento eCommerce store in the sky? Are your products easy to view and click on when browsing on mobile? Can your descriptions and images respond to the various sizes of android phones, Ipads, tablets, and desktops? These are the questions we immediately solve for you at 1 Digital Agency. As Magento Experts our staff knows the eCommerce landscape front to back; eCommerce is all we do!

Still not sold on the power and magic of the Magento platform? Check out this amazing global example:

“In 2015, Germany’s Frankfurt Airport served 61 million passengers, making it one of Europe’s largest travel hubs.

But it’s not just an airport. With over 300 retail outlets, Frankfurt is also the biggest shopping mall in Germany. Fraport, the transport company that operates the airport, wanted to maximize the commerce potential of its millions of visitors. They didn’t just need a renovation, they wanted to revolutionize the way people experienced airports by connecting every aspect of travel from the airplane, to the ticket-counter, to the restaurant, and beyond.”

If one of the world’s largest shopping malls you will find the Magento platform appeasing customers, increasing conversions, and managing the millions of dollars spent annually. In the palm of literally every traveler’s hand whether on the ground, in the airport, or in flight, Fraport is a great example of the versatility a Magento store brings to your business.

Magento Experts, Your SEO Partners 

When you come to 1 Digital Agency for a Magento project, you’ll have a dedicated account manager keeping you plugged in to all things happening in your web store. 1 Digital also offers monthly maintenance contracts, so you know that you’ll always have the best developers in eCommerce watching out for your Magento website and SEO strategies.

Develop a focused, effective and relevant SEO strategy by hiring our team of professional SEO experts as your number one priority. We can design a new website or upgrade your existing site, bringing together our marketing, development and social media marketing expertise to maximize your impact from day one. Contact us right away with your questions!



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