Methods to Improve Online Sales of Marijuana Products

What Are The Best Methods For Selling Online Marijuana Products?

Running an online store can come off as a daunting task, especially with the influx of popularity in online shopping. The competition may seem steep, and that may actually be an understatement, so what can a business do to thrive? Every industry has its own problems to face, and the Marijuana Industry is no different. Large margins of people have begun to a lot of their research and shopping online, and that heavily influences Online Marijuana Sales. So, what should a business focus on in order to improve their sales and beat out the competition? With the laws on Marijuana constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the best tactics, but it also means that this up and coming industry has a lot of room for growth and potential! That’s why you want to be up to date on the best methods of improving and maintaining Online Marijuana Sales.



The number one concern of any business is how to get their products in front of consumers. Anything that you do to improve sales will revolve around this concept. Obviously, a tried and true method of gaining traction is simply selling great products. It’s important to keep up to date with the best Marijuana Pipes, Grinders, and Vaporizers. Yet, choosing popular products that consumers love is only half the battle: It won’t matter if your potential customers will never see your site. That’s why you need to take every step to ensure that your site is modernized and user-friendly, as well as a site that can easily be found.


Online Sales of Marijuana Products

Social Media

Social media platforms can vastly improve customer relations, and work wonders for your visibility. Facebook is a perfect tool to reach new audiences and also send traffic back to your site. When you utilize the power of Social Media, you can reach out to new customers and explain what your company is about, what makes you different than any other business and why they should invest in your products. Social Media posts also enable you to interact with customers and give a voice to the ad that stands before them. If you are diligent with your posting, you can develop a positive reputation for your business and reel in some stellar reviews for your site and your products. In the end, all of this newfound dialogue will gather new clients and lead to better Online Marijuana Sales.

Search Engine Optimization

When consumers want to purchase a product, many of them will want to research that product online. The best way to research said product is to look it up on a search engine, and that’s exactly why Search Engine Optimization is so important. If a consumer looks up a product and your site isn’t on the first page of the search results, it’s likely that they will never see your site through this process. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your rankings in organic search results and thus improving your visibility.

Another important element to your success will be your visibility. When people go to search for a product, they’re presented with two types of results: organic and paid. In reality, paid results are actually less effective, even if they are presented before the organic. That makes sense; a customer doesn’t want to feel like a business had to pay to be at the top of the rankings. That same customer, however, will typically feel comfortable going for the coveted top ten organic search results, and that is where you want to gain your visibility.

Online Sales of Marijuana Products

Organic search results are the results that come up naturally on a search engine. These results are determined by a variety of factors, all of which come into play in an SEO campaign. PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising will be the paid-for advertising that appears above organic search results, and although this may seem like a better venture to snag customers, consumers are actually more likely to trust organic search results than paid. Another important aspect of SEO vs PPC is that SEO takes the time to build a foundation that produces longer lasting results, whereas PPC results end the moment payment ends.

How 1Digital Agency Can Help

At 1Digital, we understand the nuances of different industries, and we understand how to tackle these nuances with expertise. We have a long history of success with SEO campaigns, and we have plenty of previous work with the Marijuana Industry. When we build a campaign, we cater to the individual needs of each business we work with. If you are looking for a new site design, the experts at 1Digital can help you with that as well. Take a look at our site, and contact us today if you think that your online business can be improved!

Social Media

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