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Message of Brand Rings Loud and Clear for Casa M Spice Co™

Casa M Spice Co™ took their spice blends to the Texas State Fair on Oct. 21 and had tremendous results.

The Texas State Fair consisted of several vendors set up inside a tent and the Casa M Spice Co™ table drew quite a crowd.

“We talked to four or five people at the event and they said we were the source of all traffic,” co-founder Mike Hernandez said. “We brought 50 pounds of pork with us and within four hours from 9 to 1, it was all gone.”

Casa M Spice Co™ recently took their business online by completing the build of a new website and design with 1Digital Agency. Throughout the process of starting in eCommerce and building on the Shopify platform, the message of their brand was the focus. To read more about the work 1Digital Agency has provided for Casa M Spice Co, you can read this blog post.

The Casa M Spice Co™ brand started from humble beginnings. Mike wanted to become a chef or a chemist and studied chemistry. He lived in New Orleans, where he developed a love of Cajun food. When he moved to Ohio years later, he realized that Cajun flavors were difficult to find. He would need to have them shipped in just to get the flavors he loved. Mike found that anything he tried to have shipped to him was basically salt and didn’t offer the distinct flavors of Cajun spice blends.

Several years later, Mike decided the kitchen was his calling and has been working on developing spice blends ever since, living off the original inspiration he had in high school. He moved to Texas and starting fixing traditional barbecue like brisket, a staple of Texas barbecue. His original spice blend, sold as Chain Reaction™ from Casa M Spice Co™, was used as a base and he perfected a spice blend for beef called Cattle Drive™. All other spice blends created since then have been started with a Chain Reaction™ base.

Over the years, Mike found people enjoyed the blend and either wanted the recipe or wanted to buy it as a product. This led to Mike and his partner Manny pursuing online sales of the spice blends and turning the idea into a business.

As for the name, it’s actually a simple concept.

“Casa M, it’s the house of Manny and Mike,” Mike said.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Hernandez

Since launching the website and getting into the eCommerce space, new opportunities have opened up for Mike and Manny. They will film with Modern Living with Kathy Ireland in December and have plans to have a booth at the Stock Show in Fort Worth, TX in January and the Rodeo in Houston with Go Texas in February.

“After a lull over the first month, we took a substantial online presence, aggressive SEO campaign and PPC campaign and there’s been a great increase,” Mike said.

Mike added, visitors say the website is “first class,” noting that they love the design and content.

“It’s presented in a welcoming way,” Mike said. “We aren’t pushing you to buy a bunch of spices. We’re pushing the lifestyle. We’re pushing you to have great flavors that you can have at a barbecue with friends and family. That message is loud and clear when you get on the site.”

That message went a long way at the Texas State Fair, too.

“That was the big thing with our competitors at the State Fair,” Mike said. “It was pretty clear the message we were using was different than theirs.”

With so many compliments on their branding, and of course the product, and an easy-to-use point of sale system supplied by Shopify to complete nearly 60 orders on site at the State Fair, Casa M Spice Co™ marked a successful appearance to promote their brand. With more events coming in the future, the sky is the limit for Casa M Spice Co™.

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