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Maximize Your SEO Impact with These Webpage Tips

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Content and SEO go hand in hand and while SEO efforts depend on search engines understanding your content and determining where it ranks among similar results, it is also on you to have an understanding of your content and what it will take to achieve better ranking and more organic traffic.

So how do you do it? For so many people, it is through trial and error that they test some methods and see what works, but this can be a waste of time. The trial and error method can be so inconsistent and ultimately not effective.

The answer to this is to follow a checklist with all of your content and use link building effectively. Doing these steps and getting your link building to where it needs to be can serve as a great blueprint for achieving potential results.

Structuring your webpages properly can lead to better rankings, better user experience, and more conversions. Here are some of the parts of a webpage that you need to focus on.

Title Tags

One of the most important ranking factors to a page is the title tag. This lets the search engine know what the page on your site is about and displays in the search results. This has an impact on your visitors as much as it does on search engines. The title tags can help a page rank within search engines, but also let your visitors know exactly what they are viewing. Including keywords that you want to rank for in a natural way within the title tags can be great for your SEO.

Meta Descriptions

Short and sweet. That’s how a lot of people like the content. Meta descriptions are your way of describing what visitors will see in 160 characters or less. Meta descriptions appear as part of the search results and need to be engaging, inspiring customers to click through to the page. They should read naturally so it doesn’t come across as spam or just confuses your potential customers.

Bread Crumbs

Have you ever searched for something within a category and wanted to work your way back to where you came from? Chances are if a website had bread crumbs, you were easily able to do this. Bread crumbs may not be used for the navigation of things, but it does have an important SEO benefit. These links do allow users to retrace their steps in how they arrived at a certain page, but also show the search engines how pages are connected and related.

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Jump Links

Visitors coming to your webpage are looking for something specific. Everything doesn’t have to be on the page they land on, but it shouldn’t be so difficult for them to find either. If they have to search long and hard, they will likely just go back and look at the search results, putting them right into the hands of your competition. Create a table of contents and then link to anchors on subheadings.


One thing to consider with your content is that people are most likely not going to read every word. Don’t get me wrong, the wording is still important for search engine bots that do read the entire article, but for people, they are more likely to just scan over a page. Breaking text up into sections and labeling them with subheadings is going to be better for keeping the attention of visitors and getting them to read a small portion of your content instead of the entire thing.

These little methods can help you make an impact on search engines and connect better with your readers, turning traffic into conversions. Through these little things, you can boost your SEO results and get the return you really want.

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