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Marketing to One of the Toughest Demographics Yet- Generation Z

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Marketing to One of the Toughest Demographics Yet- Generation Z

How do you market to an age group that has a shorter attention span than a goldfish (6-8 seconds)? How do you target an age demographic that has not been without the Internet? Generation Z, or people born in 1996 or later are one of the toughest groups to market products and services too. This is because, Gen Zers “ have a fast-paced, highly selective and decisive filter”. Creating impressions are hard enough, creating a lasting one is almost impossible. We say almost because it can still be done. Gen Zers are all about forging a connection. Cultivating a relationship, or even a “friendship” with Gen Zers will result in brand loyal customers. Brand loyalty allows for repeat consumers and business, and keeping up with this new friendship will allow for your brand to retain these customers. Follow these tips to ensure you’re reaching Gen Zers in a way they can understand.


Don’t Try Too Hard

Generation Z thrives on relatability. They are more than often going to gravitate towards a brand they feel a connection with or feels familiar to them. From a marketer’s point of view, finding trends within these groups of people can really help. Many brands and marketers have a preconceived notion that you can relate or talk to a Generation Z customer through Instant Messaging vernacular. Many think using “LOL”, “TTYL”, or ”JK” will help them relate to younger consumers. But it’s quite the opposite. In fact, this could damage your brand’s image in front of Gen Zers. They could see you as immature, and out of date. Instead, Gen Zers are more than likely to relate to something trendy and current. For example, clever and quick responses on social media when you’re engaging with your customers, or even funny memes will all help you reach Generation Z. Memes are a great way to add a touch of humor and relatability to your brand. Gen Zers often use memes to express how they’re feeling towards a particular situation. Using memes could help you relate to your younger customers and help increase sales and profits.


Know Your Social Media

Social Media marketing is nothing new in the marketing world. In order for your product to reach as many customers as possible, brands and services must utilize social media and take full advantage of their potential reach. Not only should brand’s utilize social media, but they must do it correctly. There’s nothing worse than when brands try to market their products on social media but do not do it correctly. It is said “nearly 40% of Gen Zers says social media has a direct impact on their happiness.” according to the Center for Generational Kinetics.


Brands now must use social media to “lift up” or boost their customers. An example of this can be seen in Snapchat. DJ Khaled has become viral for his Snapchat because of his motivational stories. He builds confidence in his viewers by saying motivational phrases such as “You smart! You loyal!” He builds a trust with his viewers and even partners with brands to promote their products directly. With this trust already established, customers are more likely to purchase these products because someone they look up to tells them to do so. Utilizing social media the right way will allow brands to connect with Gen Zers that much more.


Sell Quality, Not Quantity

Customers in this age demographic are some of the smartest shoppers in the market. With information readily available at their fingertips, researching a brand’s product or services is one of the first parts of their shopping process. As a brand rather than sell the most quantity, focus on the quality of your product. Gen Zers are more likely to purchase a product or service that has not compromised on quality even if it is a bit more expensive. This is because they have the research to back their purchase decision. Being highly selective in their decision-making process, Gen Zers are more likely to take the time to purchase a product. You want to make sure as a brand you’re selling that best in quality you can. If the quality is not there, no marketing tactic can help you reach Generation Z.


Go Digital

Marketing to a customer that has never lived without the internet can be challenging. They live in an age where information and technology go hand in hand. They are easily able to look up a brand and see what they’re product or service is all about. With that, you want to keep your digital presence sharp, unique, and completely up to date. Generation Zers want the best money can buy, and before they click on that “order” button, they’ll do extensive research. You want to make sure your website is completely up to date, modern, and visually appealing to your customer. Not only should you keep your desktop web page in mind, mobile web presence is as important. With more and more customers online shopping through their mobile smartphones and tablets, making sure your web design is completely responsive is very important.


If you need to spruce up your desktop or mobile web page and make it Gen Z friendly, do not hesitate to contact 1Digital Agency. We’re leaders in eCommerce web development and digital marketing. We know how to effectively market to Generation Z and make sure they remain a loyal customer. Contact us today and find out how!

Reaching Generation Z is a challenge, but completely possible. Once you reach them and establish a connection or “friendship”, you’ll have basis of loyal customers that will return to your brand time and time again. Use these tips and create a relationship with one of the toughest demographics out there.


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