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Magento Design, Development & SEO Agency

1Digital Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Magento design and Magento development. Our expert staff knows the eCommerce landscape front to back. We can help you with anything and everything related to your eCommerce website. Nobody knows eCommerce better, because at 1Digital, eCommerce is all we do and Magento is an important part of what we do.

Our team has been working with the Magento platform since 2012. We have expert Magento designers, developers and a team that excels at Magento SEO services. We’ve been a preferred eCommerce digital marketing agency that handles many aspects of the eCommerce puzzle, and Magento has been one of our core platforms. When dealing with Magento, you can’t afford to hire a novice. You need a team that knows the platform and has the skills to support Magento.

Why choose us for your Magento development?

1Digital Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Magento. Our expert staff knows the eCommerce landscape front to back. We can help you with anything and everything related to your eCommerce site. Nobody knows eCommerce better, because at 1Digital, eCommerce is all we do.

If you work with Magento, then you know how amazing it would be to have an expert developer on hand to navigate that system when a tricky problem arises. 1Digital can be that helping hand. We’re industry experts in Magento design, development, and digital marketing, that’s why Magento has chosen us as one of their preferred partners. At 1Digital, we want to be your partner too and can help you with any version of Magento from 1.7X to 2.0.

One of the best ways to keep users on your Magento store is with the help of Magento developers. Having web developers who know the ins and outs of the Magneto platform can help boost your site and bring it the attention it deserves. Some of our development work includes an improved user experience with integrated apps, a faster and simpler check-out, and an interactive website that will increase your site authority with Google by increasing conversions, reducing bounce rate, and generating more traffic. At 1Digital Agency, we employ some of the best web developers experienced in Magento to create a custom Magento site that will help improve your site ranking.

Our Magento Partner Services


Magento Designers

The Magento platform is built to accomodate custom sites. Our Magento designers can craft a web store that is truly unique.
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Magento Development

Magento is an open source platform that is perfect for all kinds of custom functionality. If you can dream it, our Magnento developers can make it a reality.
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Digital Marketing

What’s the point of having the web’s coolest custom Magento site if no one ever sees it. Our expert Magento digital marketing team will get your web store in front of all new audiences.
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Magento Support

From 3rd party apps to special customizations molded around your business, we’ve got the arsenal to help you code and customize your Magento store.
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Magento SEO

Magento is a vast eCommerce system and SEO for Magento can get complex fast! Many SEO agencies claim they can handle SEO services for the eCommerce industry but words don’t mean much when they handle a few eCommerce projects a year. At 1Digital all the SEO we handle is eCommerce related. We know every issue or hurdle that Magento throws our way. When hiring a Magento SEO team, who would you rather go with? The team that handles 1 or 2 projects a year mixed in with their SEO for dentist sites, or a team of true Magento SEO experts that handle hundreds of other eCommerce sites in the world of SEO?
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Ready to hire a professional Magento partner?

Running a Magento website is no side gig, it’s a full-time job. Fortunately, the eCommerce experts at 1Digital Agency are available to lend a hand. We have a wealth of experience in designing and developing complex and beautiful custom Magento web stores. Our expert digital marketers will have your Magento store seeing more and better quality traffic than ever before. Whether you need a quick fix in the code of your Magento site or a monthly engagement with an eCommerce team that you can call a partner, 1Digital Agency has the tools and the talent to make the most out of Magento.
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Magento Tidbits

What kind of custom features can 1Digital Agency offer my site?
Many popular eCommerce features are not included in the standard offerings for various eCommerce platforms. Even with an open source platform like Magento, you will need help to set up custom features like mega menus and one-click purchasing. If you can imagine a feature for your website, our development team can find a way to implement it.

How can 1Digital improve my Magento store’s SEO campaign?
At 1Digital, we have a long history of SEO campaigns to help increase organic traffic to our clients’ sites. Design and development will give your page a better user experience, but without drawing in more users, that work would be a waste. The combination of design, development, and SEO marketing by our team is the perfect way to increase organic revenue for your site.

Can 1Digital Agency make a custom theme for my Magento site?
Several themes can be found on Magento’s marketplace, but these are often designed to fit a broad range of clients. If you need a specific theme or would like to modify the theme on your site, our team has spent years working with this platform. At 1Digital Agency, we are experts at taking our clients’ ideas for their sites, enhancing them with our best-practice knowledge, and making them a reality.

What are the advantages of custom design for my Magento store?
When you choose to custom design your website, you are taking complete control of the user experience. While available themes can approach the concept you have for your website, our design team can take your input and create the perfect look and feel. This level of control makes it easier to create a site that will guide users from your landing page to check out for a higher conversion rate and ROI.

Can 1Digital help my business migrate to Magento?
Moving from a hosted platform to an open source platform comes with a series of pitfalls that our eCommerce experts can help you avoid. Because other platforms have systems for arranging data that do not exist in Magento, our team can help create a framework to make migrating your data much easier.

Does Magento offer support services with my subscription?
Magento’s in-house support options are limited. Most of their team is focused on selling their premium services, not solving user issues. Calling or submitting issues to their customer service team will often not end in your issue being resolved quickly. If you need help setting up your web pages, your best option is working with a third party Magento platform expert like 1Digital.

What kind of technical support can 1Digital Agency provide?
All websites experience occasional bugs and technical difficulties. When you partner with 1Digital, you gain access to a custom workspace on our CRM. If you experience any problems with your site at any point during your project or after your project has been completed, you simply inform our team and we identify the bug and find a solution. To help you avoid future issues, we will also work with your business to ensure your site is constantly updated with the latest website enhancements.

What makes Magento Partners different from other agencies?
Being a preferred partner means that an agency doesn’t just know how to interact with the platform, they excel at it. Preferred partners are agencies recognized by the platform developers for being the best sources to provide expert knowledge and support to their clients. 1Digital Agency has been working with Magento since our inception. We have Magento developers, Magento designers, and SEO experts that can transform your website to achieve a great UX, UI, and a huge increase in traffic that will boost your organic revenue.

How can 1Digital Agency help with my Magento commerce store?
1Digital Agency is a preferred Magento partner. We have the Magento SEO experts, web developers, and designers you need to build an eCommerce store that meets or exceeds your expectations. Using our proprietary practices, our team will work hard to incorporate your vision and produce a website that offers an exceptional user experience.

What should I expect if I partner with 1Digital Agency?
If you choose 1Digital to work with you on your Magento website, our team will be a 24/7 resource for your business. While our design and development teams perfect the look and operation of your site, our SEO team can help you rise up in rankings all the way to the front page of Google. We know exactly what it takes to make a Magento site succeed and partnering with our team means we can put that knowledge to work for you.