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KosmosQ: A Success Story

How 1Digital Developed KosmosQ the Site of Their Dreams

1Digital Agency takes pride in our work, and that pride is tangible in the quality sites that we create for our clients. We love everything about eCommerce, and we know that your website is the vessel that carries your sales. Without a high-functioning vessel, you’ll surely sink. When you need help navigating the waters of online marketing, allow us to sail you towards the direction that benefits you most.

A site designed by 1Digital is defined by sharp and sleek character, all dictated and created by the client’s exact desires. When KosmosQ came to us, they were committed to the vision of a southern barbeque aesthetic. Now, when customers visit their site, they feel like they’ve strolled right into a southern barbeque, coleslaw and all! That’s because 1Digital Agency was able to craft the exact design that KosmosQ had in mind and more; let us show you how!




Custom Design

In order to appeal to the KosmosQ brand, 1Digital ensured that our entire design process centered around making sure that all color schemes, marketing materials, logos, et cetera were cohesive. We created a mock homepage through Photoshop and gave KosmosQ the opportunity to revise before we started coding. This included the homepage, footer, and header design. We did the same for their custom category page and product page. Their new menu design also taps into the overall homey feel of their beautiful southern barbeque website. Along with all of this, KosmosQ now has three homepage banners and five category page banners that really boost their aesthetic and tie the pages together. You can’t create that kind of cohesion without the expert designers at 1Digital!

KosmosQ had what 1Digital Agency agreed to be an incredible idea; they wanted to change their existing blog post page to a recipe page. We not only redesigned their blog into a recipe page but created an interactive content page that simply looks incredible. Customers can now see KosmosQ products in action through fun and aesthetically pleasing recipes that shed light on the best qualities of each KosmosQ dust, rub, sauce, you name it! That’s the kind of innovation that 1Digital Agency brings to the table; looks fantastic, doesn’t it?



We tell customers all the time: your site isn’t going to rack up the sales that it deserves if it doesn’t cater to mobile! In KosmosQ’s case, we created a sleek and crisp mobile design that allows potential customers to become definite sales as they purchase on-the-go. This included a homepage, category page, product page, and mobile menu. When you cover all bases, you get more sales. Plain and simple.


Custom Integration and Development

Stencil is a BigCommerce framework that provides a fresh and flexible approach to developing a dynamic storefront that’s entirely customized to the developers liking. With the expert developers at 1Digital, we switched KosmosQ to this fantastic website skeleton and got to work. All of the Photoshop mockups were converted to HTML/CSS, and our advanced responsive website development option led to an interactive and spectacular mobile version of their site. We also implemented Social Media buttons that connect KosmosQ customers to their respective Social Media profiles. Nothing helps business like starting a discussion!

Each of the content and system pages, such as the Thank You Page, Checkout Page, and Shopping cart, were developed and designed to fit the general layout of the site. The styling of the content pages are added by our developers and inherit the design of the rest of the site, so it all fits together. As we stated above, cohesion is key, and KosmosQ now has first-hand experience with 1Digital Agency’s expertise in brand cohesion.

We’re very proud of two new additions to the KosmosQ website, and both can be categorized under advanced development. The URLs of every blog post was changed from /blog/postname to /recipes/postname and SEO optimized with a beautiful recipe layout for customers. This further advertises the products and gives customers some wonderful ideas on how to use them!

The installation of a “Frequently Bought Together” feature on the product page created a fantastic purchasing experience for KosmosQ customers. Now, similar to Amazon, customers can benefit from suggested products that go with whatever purchase they’re about to make. This leads to more sales, and it looks brilliant on their site. BigCommerce’s “related products” feature ensures that all suggested products are closely related. Now, instead of purchasing just one product, customers are likely to purchase several!

Third Party Integration

Without the right development team to back you, third-party integrations on BigCommerce can be a pain. Luckily, 1Digital makes the process painless. For KosmosQ, we integrated Kudobuzz reviews/Q&A’s directly onto their product pages, as well as Google analytics and Facebook analytics integration. That’s because 1Digital Agency makes sure to optimize every site that we work on for SEO.

SEO Extravaganza

Search Engine Optimization goes hand in hand with eCommerce, and 1Digital would like to optimize every aspect of your site to climb Google’s rankings and soar to the top of the competition. With SEO friendly coding & design in mind, we made sure that KosmosQ’s site surpassed a score of 50 for desktop & mobile using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool. We made sure that KosmosQ was aware of any and all customizations that could affect page speed, and we made sure that the site would pass Google’smobile-friendlyy test.


The 1Digital Boost

Clients come to us with the concepts that they hold dear to their hearts, and we turn those dreams into realities. KosmosQ now enjoys a website that their customers love and their products deserve; you can do the same for your business. Our designers and developers are well versed in Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, and plenty of other major eCommerce platforms. We can bring your vision to life and set you up with an SEO-optimized website that will reel in sales and thrust you toward the top of the competition. If you think that your business could benefit from the 1Digital boost, contact us today. Check out our before and after page for more examples!