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Keyword Research: The First Step in SEO

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Keyword Research: The First Step in SEO

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When you choose to pursue an SEO campaign, you recognize the importance of keeping up with your competition when it comes to ranking on Google. You may choose to use the help of a digital agency with marketing experts who know the tricks to SEO that can help you reach the top of the rankings with the right keywords.

1Digital Agency has been assisting clients since 2012 in their SEO efforts and helping them succeed by reaching the top of the rankings. Through a detailed process, 1Digital Agency helps get you to where you want to be in search engines so you can boost your results and generate more traffic that can translate into more sales and leads for you.

The process begins with keyword research, the first step in SEO. Research is important to your SEO campaign because you need to be targeting the right words that will help you reach your audience and get a bigger share in those words among your competition.

During keyword research, there are three areas to focus on as you find keywords for your campaign.

Homepage and Product Pages

Your homepage and product pages are the most important to your website, so you want to choose words based on relevance, search volume, and ranking difficulty.

Keywords that are relevant with a high exact match search volume locally and low difficulty score for ranking are the best way to go. You don’t want words that are too broad or highly competitive. Ranking among broad search terms and keywords puts you at risk for a high bounce rate because of the number of people who will click onto and leave your website. You also want to avoid keywords with high competition because it can take longer to achieve high rankings.

At 1Digital, we create a keyword list that reflects these factors to find the best keywords for you to target within the campaign.

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Blog Topics

Another boost to your SEO is creating blog posts and ongoing content that helps you to continually rank for certain keywords. This is a great place to include keywords that may not have a place on the homepage or among your product pages, but are still relevant.

Long-tail keywords are also good to use within your blog post. These are keywords that are unique searches that people use to find results online, searches that are more than one word.

You should target long-tail keywords that have a high exact match search volume locally and a low difficulty score. You can also target lower volume keywords once you have gone through that list.

One thing you do need to be careful of is stuffing blog posts or pages with keywords. At 1Digital, we create blog posts and other content around guidelines that are the best practices for SEO with no keyword stuffing.

Avoid Cannibalization

Cannibalization is when multiple pages on the same website attempt to rank for the same keyword, so you want to avoid this and make sure each page has its own dedicated keyword.

When too many pages within a website want to rank for the same keyword, it creates confusion with the search engines and weakens the ability to gain traffic through search results. This means that each page and blog post should have a different keyword to help improve the ranking.

Keeping a spreadsheet can help you avoid duplicating keywords and keep you on track to continue to build your rankings.

Keyword research is only the beginning when it comes to SEO, but it sets up the foundation for your future rankings and where you intend to gain traffic. With the help of 1Digital Agency, you can create a set of dedicated keywords that can help you start ranking better and gaining more traffic to try to increase sales.

Check out some of our SEO case studies on clients who have succeeded with the help of 1Digital and contact us to learn more about how we can help you build up your keyword list and start ranking for keywords and improving your SEO results.

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