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Jewelry Keepsakes: Working Together Smoothly

The Problem

After successfully moving a smaller site, Evrmemories, from Volusion to BigCommerce, Casey Doran was ready to take on his larger site, Jewelry Keepsakes. Jewelry Keepsakes was a bigger project with far more data, and informational content to be accounted for.

The Solution

Because Casey and 1Digital had already worked together on a project, and because 1Digital had improved the design and development process in between times, the larger project went more smoothly and more quickly than the first one. As a relationship builds, and two teams learn how to work with one another, the quality and efficiency of the work inevitably improves.

1Digital first worked with Casey Doran when we custom designed and migrated his site EvrMemories. You can read all about that project in our previous case study. Now that Casey’s second project with 1Digital has launched, the custom design and migration of Jewelry Keepsakes, we asked Casey to sit back down with us and tell us what’s different and what’s the same about a project with 1Digital on the second go around.

jewelry keepsakes
jewelry keepsakes

“One of the main differences is the Podio platform,” Casey said. “It was a real improvement over the first time.” 1Digital employs a project management system called Podio to handle communication on all of our projects. Podio is a shared workspace on which anyone who’s invited can communicate with anyone else, as well as keep track of the back and forth between other team members which happens there. It allows for greater transparency, faster communication, and the elimination of the dreaded email. “It keeps everyone, in the loop,” Casey said. “Even though this was a bigger project, it was a lot easier than the other one.”

The reason this project was so much bigger than Evrmemories was the sheer amount of informational content housed on the Jewelry Keepsakes site. Through the course of the project, 1Digital custom designed or styled 55 additional pages, beyond the core pages we’d do for any eCommerce site. When 1Digital puts together a custom design package, especially for a large site like this, a determination has to be made about which pages are going to be custom designed, and which pages are going to be styled. This saves the client both money and time. Custom designed pages are worked on directly by a 1Digital designer, and go through a mock up and revision process with the client. But it’s not cost effective to do that for every page. So, many pages are styled. Meaning that they inherit the overall look of the rest of the website, but don’t go through our design process.

So, how did Casey decide which of his many pages should be custom designed, and which should be styled? “I looked at my Google Analytics reporting to see which of my pages were the most trafficked,” Casey said. A few of these ended up being subcategory pages for Cremation Jewelry and Photo Jewelry, two of Jewelry Keepsakes most popular categories. “We were able to design these pages to make them much more readable for customers,” Casey said.

1Digital Custom Design

Casey’s styled pages were almost all informational articles that he had made using article pages on Volusion. Now that he’s on BigCommerce, he has access to the BigCommerce blog system, and no longer needs to create a separate landing page every time he wants to post about something. “The article pages were really time consuming, and just don’t look as good. The actual interface on BigCommerce to publish a post is much easier to use,” Casey said. “I gotta say, they nailed it on that.”

The data migration also went more smoothly the second time. Casey mentioned that he particularly liked that, for this project, the data to be migrated was priced out separately. He could choose to migrate product and customer data, without paying to migrate order data he didn’t necessarily need. “I really liked the piecemeal approach,” Casey said. He appreciated that it allowed him to save money on the data migration, and hit the ground running with more manageable, organized data.

With two design and development jobs under his belt, Casey feels a lot more comfortable working on these types of projects. “We’re still learning things, that’s for sure,” Casey said. But he also told us, “After the first site I had a pretty good idea of how you do things. I felt more comfortable the second time.” Casey mentioned that he was still picking up on a few things this time around, like how well a screenshot can illustrate a request or communicate a point. He also brought up the fact that while chatting over Podio is quick and easy, you can really save yourself a lot of time by not resisting jumping on the phone when you need to. “You might be able to solve something in 3 minutes, that would take a couple hours over chat,” Casey said.

The new and improved Jewelry Keepsakes has launched just in time for a major expansion of their photo engraved jewelry line. The web’s most popular line of photo engraved products will be expanding by about 3x it’s size in the coming weeks, including more products geared towards men, like photo engraved wallet cards and money clips. Here at 1Digital we’re psyched to have helped bring the new Jewelry Keepsakes to life, and hope we can continue to support it and improve it together with Casey in the years to come.

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