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Microsoft Azure Woocommerce Integration – A Case Study on “Think it Drink it”

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Microsoft Azure Woocommerce Integration – A Case Study on “Think it Drink it”

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Think it Drink it combines personalized nutrition, athletic performance, and health care in a new delivery system for dietary supplements – giving consumers the ability to customize functional formulas for physical and mental wellbeing. Eager to bring their brick-and-mortar success online, Think it Drink it came to 1Digital to put all the pieces together (Azure Woocommerce integration) and digitize their model in a working e-commerce infrastructure.

Balancing an e-commerce webstore on one hand, and a product configuration wizard on the other, Think it Drink it approached us with a calorie-burning desire for seamless Azure Woocommerce integration and recurring billing.

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Products that require customization tools or configuration logic often incorporate separate systems to host such functionality, especially if the ecommerce platform is hosted. As a result, the end user effectively leaves the ecommerce site in order to create a brand new product that the shopping cart will accept upon their return. When TIDI called us, they had developed the configuration wizard internally using Microsoft Azure, and were having trouble feeding the customized products back into Shopify. Instead of complete products, the system was placing disjointed ingredients into the cart as separate SKUs with no way to discern which ingredients made up which product – a problem for users ordering more than one custom product.

Once engaged, we dropped Shopify for the open source Woocommerce, and developed a module that groups ingredients together as one product in the user’s cart. We also developed a subscription service that utilized recurring billing and gives users all the functionality one might desire in such a service – selecting the duration of a subscription, changing the products in a recurring order, re-ordering a past order, and more.

When your internal developer has approached the end of his or her abilities, 1Digital can take you to the finish line for a high-performance victory.

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