How To Integrate Amazon Products Into Bigcommerce Store?

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How To Integrate Amazon Products Into Bigcommerce Store?

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How To Integrate Amazon Products Into Bigcommerce Store?

Bigcommerce offers a wide range of securely hosted e-commerce tools including secure shopping carts, payment gateway, reporting tools and much more. It also allows you to make you products available on other shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Pricegrabber and Shopzilla. If you are already running an eCommerce website and looking to use it for selling on Amazon and its affiliate products. Then there are easy and flexible ways for you to setup Amazon affiliate store. This feature in BigCommerce also offers merchants an ability to develop hybrid store, where they can sell some products as affiliate and some items as their primary eCommerce offerings.

In our last post we have explained about Bigcommerce payment option configuration. Now we would like to discuss about linking amazon affiliate products to your eCommerce store. The video mentioned below explains about placing Amazon “buy now” button, then uploading that button to your web store and replace the normal buy now with Amazon button. You will also learn about putting up the Amazon code on to your product pages followed by minor tweaks to get the things done perfectly.

Linking with Amazon web store could make your bigCommerce website more profitable platform as you will get existing Amazon visitors driven towards your website apart from your existing visitors.Please make sure to watch the code part after the video which includes the code that will be required to insert into your website. The videos also features the way to use the Amazon code to make it work properly.


The Code :
This is the code which is to be inserted in the “availability” section, as discussed in the video.

bigcommerce amazon integration

Getting Your Amazon Affiliate Code :
For linking your eCommerce store to Amazon, you are required to get product codes related to your affiliate account and add it to the “product availability” section of particular product you planned to sell as affiliate.

Steps :
1.Login to your Amazon associates account and locate the products that you want to sell on your BigCommerce website and click on Get Link button.

bigcommerce amazon integration

2.Click on text only Tab located on the top of page On the top of this page.

3. Here in the section labeled as, “Get HTML Code For This Product Link,” copy all the code which is highlighted (see image below). While you do this the actual code will be a bit different as that will be for another product on your website with a different affiliate link code. Whatever it is it needs to be start with <ahref= and end with “>.

bigcommerce amazon integration

4.Now you finally get your product affiliate code.
In the video mentioned above, the coach asks you to insert a href= at the beginning of your code and at the end. So if you are inserting the exact copy of code as shown above, these beginning and ending codes are already included, so there is no need to repeat the code.

Integration with Amazon, this is just one of the many benefits of using BigCommerce for your web store. BigCommerce offers many features and flexibility that makes it a first choice for thousands for merchants globally. You could hire BigCommerce experts to customize your BigCommerce website and get the edge over your competition.

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