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The purpose of your insurance company’s website is to generate leads. One of the best ways to generate new leads is to draw in users looking for your services with a lead generation SEO campaign. A top-quality insurance agency SEO campaign will take your business to the top of the organic search engine result pages giving you more online visibility and, with the right target keywords, will draw in more qualified leads.

With the shift in how people find insurance quotes, digital marketing for insurance brokers is essential to bring in more potential clients to your website. With the right insurance SEO company, you can get higher search engine rankings, more qualified leads, and tips on how to improve your website for optimal performance and conversions.

Life Insurance SEO

The insurance market is fairly saturated and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Digital marketing for insurance agents can be a real challenge because gaining visibility online requires more work than simply creating a website – it requires Search Engine Optimization. Most online traffic begins with a Google search, so your number one goal should be optimizing your website to be search engine friendly. This means creating backlinks, publishing content, fixing technical issues like broken links, and disavowing toxic links harmful to your business. Maintaining all of these things is the only way to get Google to trust your website and start ranking you higher.

Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

Lead generation SEO for insurance companies can be a bit different from other types of eCommerce SEO campaigns, but here at 1Digital®, we’ve specialized in SEO services across all industries. The results speak for themselves and the results we’ve helped our clients achieve via our digital marketing services are unrivaled. Whether it’s local search campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing, or PPC, we have the expert teams and marketing tools to get your insurance agency website ranking and yielding results.

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Lead Generation Insurance SEO

When you hire 1Digital® Agency as your Insurance SEO agency, we find keywords specific to your industry that will help you climb search results quickly. Our SEO process involves more than just keyword research, however. Our content creation process stems from the target keyword to build backlinks from third-party websites and internal site linking. In addition to the content creation aspect of SEO, each one of our campaigns includes on-page optimization and technical SEO maintenance. Whether it’s disavowed toxic links or redirecting broken links to ensure Google can crawl your website easily and efficiently, our process includes many aspects of getting to a fully-optimized website. 

1Digital Offers SEO Services for Insurance

Insurance website SEO services from 1Digital are hard to beat. When you start an SEO campaign with us, you get your own client workspace in our project management system where you can reach out to our team whenever you need anything regarding your project. You get weekly updates on content creation, technical SEO, and backlinking, and monthly reporting and SEO meetings where your project manager will walk you through your analytics to show the progress of your campaign. With 1Digital, you get an insurance digital marketing agency that cares about your business.

Content Marketing for the Insurance Industry

One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is content. Producing content using relevant keywords will help your insurance business increase its authority with search engines and potential clients. Our team of expert writers knows how to integrate the kind of content search engines love with the content your users will find valuable. As long as your business is consistently publishing fresh content and building backlinks, you’ll notice fantastic results.

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4 Lead Generation Strategies for Insurance Companies

There is no question that lead generation SEO for insurance companies is essential for bringing in more traffic and more qualified leads. Running an SEO campaign is similar across all industries, but the difference between lead generation SEO and eCommerce SEO is the ultimate end goal. For eCommerce, the goal is for users to complete a purchase, so SEO focuses more on targeting brand and category pages with keywords that have a higher user intent to purchase. For lead generation, the goal is to increase overall brand awareness and to get the user to sign up for a newsletter or submit a quote request form, so our lead generation SEO strategy focuses more on targeting landing pages that feature stand-out calls-to-action in order to get users interested in more information regarding the services.

Regardless of the campaign specifics, having a successful lead generating SEO campaign is the main ingredient needed to either get you ranking at the top of search engine result pages or leave you lost at the bottom of search results that users rarely, if ever, visit. 1Digital Agency has conducted many lead generation SEO campaigns and we know exactly what needs to be done in order to get your business more visibility and bring in more qualified leads.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial to any SEO campaign. For Insurance Industry SEO, you’ll want to think about the services you offer and take a look at which of those services might be the best options to target initially. You’ll then want to think about the user intent behind each keyword. What might someone be looking for regarding insurance? Are they looking for general liability coverage, insurance in general, or are they looking to get a quote as soon as possible? With all of these things in mind, you’ll then need to start researching keyword options. Keep in mind the difference between long-tail and short-tail keywords, research your competitors, your current rankings, search volume, etc.

2. Brand Identity

In an industry that has become increasingly saturated with other businesses that offer similar services, having a distinct brand identity is key. Your brand identity is what will make you stand out from your competitors in the SERPs. Do you offer insurance services that other companies don’t offer? Do you offer multi-policy discounts? Affordable premiums? All of this will help you define your niche and bring in the right audience so that you can cater to their specific needs. If you’ve figured out your niche in the insurance industry and focus on promoting these unique services, you’ve already elevated your status in the online world – you just need to make it more visible to online users via Search Engine Optimization for Insurance Agencies.

3. Analytics Tracking

Analytics are key when it comes to monitoring the success of your insurance SEO campaign. Google Analytics and Google Search Console will help pinpoint gaps in content, high traffic pages that might need better calls to action, pages with the highest conversion rates, and more. Analytics can tell you where your traffic is coming from so you can be sure you are catering to the right audience. By hiring an insurance SEO company like 1Digital, you can be sure you are getting the quality of service and level of expertise you need to expand and grow your insurance business online.

4. Content Creation/Optimization

Content is king! I could repeat this over and over again – because it’s true. Without content, your website offers little to desire. Content is one of the best and easiest ways to implement your target keywords and keep users up to date on the latest news, new services, industry trends, and more. It’s one of the first impressions your viewers get when they land on your website. By continuously creating fresh and engaging insurance-related content for your blog and web pages, you are giving yourself an edge over your competitors and the advantage to answer any potential questions your target audience might be searching for.

1Digital Offers Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

1Digital® Agency has extensive experience building SEO campaigns for insurance businesses. Whether you need life insurance SEO, local SEO for insurance agents, SEO for insurance brokers, or SEO for a general insurance company, we’re here to help. We’ve crafted strategic SEO processes that touch upon every aspect mentioned here and more. Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time and effort in order to be effective and we have the experts available to not only get you results but that will also be sure to involve you in our process for complete transparency. To get started on the path to online success, reach out to our team at 215.809.1567.

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Cyclone Pods has a very unique niche in its industry, and despite their relatively small product collection, they wanted to see big growth in keyword rankings, traffic and conversions.

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1Digital® Agency crafted an unusually large SEO campaign for Cyclone Pods targeted a wide range of highly competitive keywords. After only a few months, Cyclone Pods saw big increases in keyword rankings and organic traffic to their website.

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The Art of Writing for SEO

Any good SEO campaign relies on well-written content. After all, if you want Google to rank you well one of the best ways to catch their attention is to provide their users answers to their search queries. Google appreciates fresh content, unique content, and informative content, and they’re willing to give your site higher rankings in exchange for it. Our in-house SEO writers are trained to write the type of blogs, guest posts and item descriptions that attract Google’s attention. Check out some of our samples to see what kind of content you can expect our writers to produce during the course of an SEO campaign.

Differentiating And Writing For SEO Campaigns

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As you can see, each of our SEO content pieces focuses on a particular keyword. These articles are written to demonstrate to Google that your site is a reliable publisher of information about the topics that you want to rank well for. When Google considers you to be a trusted authority on these topics, they feel more comfortable sending their users your way for answers to their search queries. The more unique SEO content you can publish during an SEO campaign, the more trust you’ll build with Google.

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