Instagram Shopping and What it Means for eCommerce Businesses

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Instagram Shopping and What it Means for eCommerce Businesses

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Instagram Shopping and What it Means for eCommerce Businesses

In a move to make Instagram a more lucrative platform, Instagram has launched a shopping feature for their users. 20 brands will test this new feature to see the effectiveness and if Instagram followers actually seem to purchase products through the Instagram platform.

What’s new?

Instagram will now let brands be able to feature products details and even share links that can take customers back to the brand’s website to purchase the product. A brand can tag up to five products in a single image, in the same way, you can tag users. There will be a “Shop Now” button that directs customers back to the brand website to complete their purchase or to shop the rest of the site. As of now, only 20 select brands are testing the new feature and evaluating results. If this new feature gains traction, Instagram will make it available for all brands.

But Instagram is well-regarded as a platform that is primed for discovery, and this new feature works to fill in the gaps between inspiration and monetization for brands.”

So What?

As an eCommerce business, Instagram’s new feature that is still being tested might not sound like something you may be interested in. If this new feature becomes available to everyone, this could revolutionize the way people shop.

Social media and the purchase process is often long and doesn’t yield the results eCommerce brands are looking for. While customers often flock to social media in the early phases of their shopping process, many do not utilize social media to complete purchases. Many social media platforms are now trying to disrupt the process. Facebook has added an online marketplace as well as being able to purchase products right through their messenger app. Instagram’s new shop feature will streamline the purchase process and drive more traffic back to brand websites.

This could completely change the way customers shop through social media. With links built right into your Instagram page, your customers will be directed right back to your website making the purchase process that much easier. Instagram will become the best place for eCommerce brands to feature and sell their products. Instagram’s new feature can ultimately drive traffic back to your eCommerce site and this can drive sales up. This could completely revolutionalize the way customers shop their favorite brands through social media. 


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