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Improve Your Content Marketing with These Tips

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Improve Your Content Marketing with These Tips

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The early stages of digital marketing are just about establishing your business and implementing marketing practices. When it comes to content, producing as much as you can early on, even in paid media, and getting your message across is the most important thing.

Over time, the quality needs to live up to the hype. Your content needs to stop people in their tracks and make them want to read, learn and engage, potentially as a customer with a purchase.

At 1Digital Agency, we establish a content marketing strategy that creates content regularly and focuses on keeping your message as the focus while encouraging customers and readers to be informed, engaged, and eventually become customers. Check out a few of our tips on creating better content that takes things to the next level.

Mix Things Up – Keeping a healthy mix of topics will reach more people more effectively. For some people, an offer or discount is what works. For others, something on a more emotional or action-oriented scale will do the trick. Mixing your content works in two ways. For one, you can keep a similar message but change the tone and mix it up to reach different audiences at different times. Additionally, there are different platforms where certain tones and voices work better than others.

Lead with the Benefit – If you have ever browsed through social media and seen a video about a new recipe you have to try, you don’t see the ingredients set up at the start, but a finished product instead. Similarly, the headline of the video will present the finished product, not the ingredients list. Leading with the benefit or finished product is a great way to capture attention. If you show the benefit first, you can proceed with fast-moving content that explains the benefit and more about the product through the rest of the content in a voice that keeps your audience interested.

content marketing strategy

Be Inspired – When looking for topics or inspiration, your influencers are a perfect place to go. Your influencers have built an effective content strategy that captures an audience and draws a response, so take notes and get inspired by what they do and generate your own ideas as a result. These ideas can range from writing topics to new methods to communicate and promote your content on different channels.

Quality, Not Quantity – In the beginning, it may be more about the amount over the quality, but for lasting success, you want to put greater emphasis on quality. Do fewer things to put the greater focus on quality and the long-lasting effect of your posts and articles. Publishing fewer blog posts for better quality can be a more effective strategy in the long run.

Share Across Other Channels – Take your content and repurpose it across multiple channels. If you have a good headline that is performing well on your blog, you can repurpose it to use in a PPC campaign. A video on Facebook that is performing well could also work as a blog post. Content for your blog could also make for good social media posts. Instead of putting all the focus on the performance of one channel, looking at how everything is performing and the way you can combine efforts can go a long way.

Now that you know the importance of having effective content and getting the best quality out of your writing, turn to the experts at 1Digital Agency to help you put together a great content marketing strategy that will produce results.

Contact 1Digital Agency today to learn more about how we can help you start on the path to an effective content marketing strategy.

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