An Important Update for BigCommerce Stores

BigCommerce update

Next Monday (October 9th, 2017) BigCommerce will make an update to their optimized one page checkout that will affect all customers who use a 3rd party sales funnel tracking tool. There is a small change which should be made within the 3rd party tracking system in order to make sure that it still works normally after the 9th. The sections below will help you determine if you’re affected by this change, and what you need to do if you are. 1Digital customers, please see the section at the bottom which pertains specifically to our custom sites.


Does This Update Apply to Me?

This article applies to you if:

  • Your store is on BigCommerce
  • Your store uses optimized one page checkout
  • You use a 3rd party system to track completed orders

BigCommerce is removing a redundancy from the design of their optimized one page checkout so that 3rd party tools which measure checkout analytics (like who completes the checkout process, how much they buy, etc.) can interact with BigCommerce more smoothly. The 3rd party sales funnel tracking systems which are affected include both Google Analytics, and Bing Conversion Tracking, when Goals have been set up to track conversions. Also included within this group is any kind of affiliate marketing system which needs to track conversions so that affiliates get paid.

If your checkout looks like this, you have optimized one page checkout.

It’s important to note that not making this change by Monday morning won’t break your BigCommerce site. It will cause your 3rd party tool to report incorrectly.


What Do I Need to Do?

Go to your 3rd party sales funnel tracking tool. When you set it up, that tool will have asked you to set a destination URL in order to track when an order has been completed. Chances are that it currently references: You should change it to:

Of course, the place where you update this URL will be different depending on the system you’re integrated with. Since Google Analytics is the most popular, here is Google Support on setting destination URLs in Google Analytics:


A Special Message to Clients of 1Digital Agency:

If you’ve had a custom BigCommerce site built by 1Digital Agency, we’ve connected it with Google Analytics. Even though, in this case, the only change which needs to be made will take place outside of the BigCommerce system, we would still like to advise caution when making updates to the functionality of your site.

At 1Digital we advise our clients to always contact 1Digital before making any kind of theme update, no matter their platform. Any update you make can possibly break customizations that you’ve hired us to do for your site in the past. The only safe way to make an update to a 1Digital custom site is to get in touch with your account manager, and hire a 1Digital developer to make the update. We can reached at the office at 888 982 8269 between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday – Friday, or anytime at our website:


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