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Important SEO Trends to Know in 2019

SEO is constantly evolving and as 2018 nears its end, it is time to start considering the future and things to come in the new year.

At 1Digital Agency, this is what we do. We stay up to date on everything happening in the digital and eCommerce world so we can serve as your guide on anything with your digital marketing and eCommerce business.

With 2019 right around the corner, let’s take a look at some trends for SEO in 2019 that you should know.

Understanding Your Audience – Knowing your audience and what they expect is more important than ever. When potential customers visit a search engine and search for a certain word or phrase, they have expectations on what they will find and how they will get there. If the website helps enhance the experience and gets the customer to the desired destination, Google takes notice too. How can you enhance the experience? Change the way you do keyword research. Don’t just be the answer to the search query, answer the follow-up questions that can be anticipated as well.

Think Beyond Google – Obviously when people think of SEO, they think of major search engines and Google is right at the top. But is there a chance that search queries could expand to other outlets like Amazon and Apple? In the new year, SEO will not be just about optimizing for Google, but other search engines as well. It all depends on where you want to rank and what people could be searching for in reference to your website or business. If customers are going to search for an app, you need to rank among apps. If it’s videos, podcasts or other multimedia, you need to rank there too.

Creating Quality Content – In the SEO world, content is king. However, producing content on a regular basis is not enough anymore. Google has recently intensified its evaluation of content, focusing more on quality than anything. Previously, continually posting to a blog and adding content was enough to keep your website generating results with search engines. Now, writing not only has to be high quality and informative, but also have strong readability to be natural and fluid, focusing on engaging visitors to take action.

Technical SEO – Search engines don’t just evaluate content for relevance and quality, they also evaluate functionality, how a website runs and works, and the user experience. Speed is a critical part of the user experience. Websites that start and load quickly get rewarded by Google for performing better than their competition.

On-Page Optimization – Sometimes it’s not so much the keywords as much as it is the on-page optimization that a website has. The on-page optimization of a website includes a number of various factors, including content that answers common search queries, a well-performing internal site search, shorter conversion processes, and a strong customer support service. While this is not as much about the technical aspects, the two can go hand in hand. The easier it is to navigate and move throughout a website while functioning quickly and efficiently, the more likely search engines will take notice and rank better.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to keep in mind with SEO as a new year approaches. Perhaps this could be your New Year’s resolution: to give your website the content, functionality, and quality it deserves so it can better serve your business.

No matter what you need to make that happen, 1Digital Agency can help, providing services from design to development to content marketing and more. Contact 1Digital Agency today to find out more about what we can do for you.


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