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iDemiGods – Building International SEO Rankings

When opening a brick and mortar store, they used to say that location was everything. eCommerce was supposed to deliver us from that. The expectation was that anybody with a computer and an internet connection would be able to compete for the foot traffic on the digital main street. But that didn’t quite happen, did it? More and more, eCommerce stores with rankings on Google’s page one have the digital equivalent of a high street storefront location, and everybody else is operating out of the back alleys. Not only that, but the physical location of that computer and its internet connection may still affect how easy or hard it is to get that prime digital location in ways that might surprise you.

iDemiGods is a retailer of Apple equipment, repair parts, tools, and accessories established in 2005 and based out of Ontario, Canada. Wesely Kennedy, one of the founders of iDemiGods, reached out to 1Digital because he wanted to use SEO marketing to attract more US-based traffic to his site. We knew that because of Google’ s location-based algorithms, Wes would have a tougher time getting that traffic than his U.S. based competitors. We took the campaign on because we also knew that with the right strategy and enough time, iDemiGods could compete for those clicks, and having a U.S. based SEO marketing agency on his side would help that effort dramatically.

idemigods homepageGoogle tailors its search results by location. My search results in Philadelphia will be different from the results that our agency partners get in New York or in California. For example, if I were to search the price of an ounce of blueberries I would get a different price displayed from someone in California. This is true for every major city in the United States. This gulf is even wider when you cross international borders. Not only would the price of the blueberries be different, but the language, the currency, and the unit of measurement of my result would all be tailored for the correct audience. Google does this out of perfectly good intentions, to deliver their user the answer that is most relevant to them. However, if you want to try to get your site to show up for a foreign audience, you need to work backward from what you know about how Google makes these distinctions. This is where an experienced SEO marketing agency can be of tremendous help. We spend our day studying what the Google algorithm is looking for, so we know the quickest way to help a site meet those criteria.

For iDemiGods we didn’t need to change the language of the site, or its URL structure, Canada is close enough in both regards. Instead, our strategy was focused around building U.S. based backlinks. When Google decides how to show your site, and where to show it, they look at what other sites are referencing you. If mostly French sites are talking about your website and linking back to your content, the Google algorithm can surmise that your content is most relevant to a French audience. If the majority of your backlinks come from sites in the U.S., Google will place you in front of users in the United States. This is why it was smart for iDemiGods to team up with a U.S. based agency like 1Digital. We have built up our network of content and backlinking partners in the U.S. When we run a piece of SEO content for iDemiGods we will always build a U.S. based backlink, because those are the publishers we have access to.

We’ve worked with iDemiGods for the past year and a half on building their reputation inside the U.S. and have achieved some fantastic results! Between the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2019 1Digital has built 4,625 backlinks for iDemiGods.

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The more referencing websites a site can build up, the more trust Google will put in it because they see that the site has the trust of others. When Google trusts your website more, they choose to rank it more highly. Over that same time period, iDemiGods has been ranked on Google’s first page for 12 of the terms we targeted, just one shy of the 13 first page rankings that they achieved in Canada. This includes the highly competitive search term ‘iPod Parts’ which is the search terms that brings them the second most impressions and clicks on Google, after their own name.

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During the year and a half of our SEO campaign, iDemiGods has seen the traffic coming into their site from organic Google search increase by 7%, and the number of users finding their site for the first time increase by 10%.

Google Search Traffic

What’s more, is the location targeting worked. In the past 9 months, traffic coming in from the U.S. has outstripped the traffic coming to the site from Canada by 66%. Sales on the site from U.S. based traffic outpaced sales from Canada by more than $14k during that same time period. We also saw traffic rise slightly from almost all other international markets, like the U.K., Australia, and India.

It’s true that a merchant based outside of the United States will start at a disadvantage if they want to compete for U.S. traffic, but that disadvantage is not insurmountable. Teaming up with a U.S. based SEO marketing agency can give an international merchant access to that firm’s network of U.S. publishers and the backlinks they can provide. This is a big reason why any merchant hires an agency like 1Digital. We’ve spent years in this industry building the connections that we need to be able to place your content elsewhere on the web, provide a reliable number of new backlinks each month, and impress Google with your site’s continuous growth and influence.

When the deck is stacked against you, it can feel like it’s impossible to get out from under and onto page one. That’s not true. All you need is the right kind of help. 1Digital Agency has been running laser-targeted and highly effective SEO marketing campaigns since 2012. If you’re looking to partner with an SEO marketing agency that can build your store’s authority with Google consistently and confidently, reach out to the professional SEO marketers at 1Digital Agency.


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