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How To: Using the Theme Editor with BigCommerce

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How To: Using the Theme Editor with BigCommerce

One of the many benefits of using BigCommerce is the customizable features, including the theme editor.

The theme editor allows BigCommerce users to modify the look and feel of themes, including fonts and colors.

Here are some tips on how you can use the theme editor to create your own specific look and feel for your eCommerce website.

Choosing a Theme Style – To choose a style, simply click on the ‘Styles’ tab to open up available styles to choose from. Select the style you want to use and click publish to apply the changes. In addition to being able to select a style, each theme includes additional controls that allow for further customization.

Customizing Colors – Colors can be set for anywhere on the website by using the hex color value and color thumbnail by menu items. Simply select a color from the color selection tool or enter the hex number and the theme will automatically update. If colors are going to be repeated in your theme, you can add them as a set color by pressing the ‘+’ located below the color selection tool.

Customizing Fonts – Using the Typography and Icons menu, users can customize the font, font size, text and color of the theme’s font. Each option has its own drop down menu allowing adjustments to the font and font size. The text and icon color options can be selected using the same color selection tool as the theme colors.

Products – By using the Products menu, users can change the way product listings and cards display to customers. The product cards are in reference to how products display on category pages. Using the theme editor, users can change the number of related products, products per page by category, image sizing, and colors.

BigCommerce has tools within the editor that allow you to view your changes and customization before publishing from different views from desktop to tablet to mobile. Pressing the publish button will apply the changes to your live store right away, but you can also save the changes, clear the changes, or reset the theme back to its default setting.

If you are looking for more tips on using BigCommerce or are interested in using BigCommerce for your eCommerce store, turn to the experts at 1Digital Agency. We are a BigCommerce partner. Contact us today!

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