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Our client, Perfectly Priscilla, is all about the customer experience. They have been, ever since their operation started in 2014. It’s still run by its founder, who takes great pride in offering rare, unique, boutique offerings to customers around the country that have a passion for fashion, just like she does.

But when business grows – and for Perfectly Priscilla, operating from, that offers unique designs in clothing, footwear and accessories, it did – it can create growing pains, if you’ll excuse the pun. Selling online requires a pleasant user experience, one in which the customer feels a connection to the seller, even if they’re only purchasing through a screen.

This was one of the main reasons that Perfectly Priscilla partnered with 1Digital Agency. They wanted to migrate from their BigCommerce store to a newly designed and developed Shopify Plus website which, they hoped, would better align with their brand, present their visitors with updated and relevant imagery, and provide UX-enhancing, conversion-boosting functionality. They’d need a Shopify migration agency that provided holistic eCommerce web design and development services as well.

Partnering with a Shopify Migration Agency to Shift the Focus to a New Platform

Perfectly Priscilla had determined that the basic B2C-friendly features of Shopify Plus were better aligned with their long-term strategy. The problem is that the company fielded countless orders on a daily basis, managed thousands of different products, and had a significant corpus of content as well. Getting from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus, notwithstanding a redesign and the advanced development that would go with it, would be no small feat.

Poorly planned migrations can spell various disasters for eCommerce businesses. Without proper protocols in place, including established processes for accounting for data and ensuring it syncs properly, customer accounts can be lost, products can be lost – even orders can be completely lost, especially during the time that the migration is occurring. It takes a skilled Shopify migration agency with a well-developed process to deliver results without any hiccups.

Even worse, a poorly planned migration that does not establish 301 redirects in its wake can destroy all of an online business’s organic rankings. Luckily for Perfectly Priscilla, which had countless pages of products and categories in addition to plenty of blog content, 1Digital Agency’s process was watertight.

To say that the corpus of data that we migrated for Perfectly Priscilla was large would be a comical understatement. Their website contained over 70 categories of products with over 1,000 product entries, containing sensitive information associated with SKUs, price, imagery, descriptions, and more, including SEO-sensitive data.

The scope of the migration also had to account for over 80,000 customer accounts and order history associated with more than 140,000 orders. We also migrated more than 200 blogs for the client.

Ensuring that all of their data would populate in the proper locations on the newly established Shopify Plus store required our migration specialists to perform more than one resync, even after all of the data had been migrated over in the first place. By the time we had completed the first data transfer, between 20,000 and 30,000 new orders had been placed. This required our team to do a resync to ensure that the original information had been migrated successfully, but that all of the orders placed in the interim would not be lost or corrupted.

During the migration, we also implemented a 301 redirect for every URL that was moved over to the new Shopify Plus website so that Perfectly Priscilla would not lose any domain authority as a result of the migration. We even monitored their Google Search Console just to keep a second pair of eyes on traffic in the wake of the migration.

Of course, building a better store for Perfectly Priscilla only began with migrating them to a platform that was more closely aligned with their objectives. We also created a brand new eCommerce web design and developed a brand new look for their online storefront.

Tweaking UX with Updated eCommerce Web Design and Custom Functionality Features

In conjunction with this migration, 1Digital Agency performed a full website redesign for Perfectly Priscilla, updating all of the major aspects of their eCommerce web design, including their category and product pages as well as their content pages, about us page, and of course, their homepage.

Their homepage was originally more neutral and lacked bold, direct imagery that the client felt would be appealing to its customers. As you can see from the before and after pictures below, we used larger, brighter imagery in their branded design of their new homepage, especially in the creation of the custom banners that accompanied the redesign.

As you can see from the picture of their new homepage design below, the overall look is brighter, more colorful and more engaging, with bolder, larger pictures and imagery. Our client felt that this aspect of the redesign was necessary to create a better, more personable user experience.

Our Shopify migration agency provided a brand new design for our client's website.

We also updated the design of their mega menu to encourage customer engagement and navigation. Previously their mega menus offered only a simple, text-heavy drop-down. Our updated mega menu design offered a more user-friendly interface. It fills more of the screen, separates the categories more effectively, and augments the experience with colorful, brand-aligned visuals.

This client was also interested in the additional services of our Shopify migration agency as a Shopify Plus developer for creating custom features that would enhance the online shopping experience and foster additional conversions. For example, we created a pop-feature that displays at the right side of the page when a user adds a product to the cart, informing the customer of the additional order value required to attain free shipping, as shown below.

This feature offers two key benefits, despite the basic simplicity of the design. One, it informs customers that they may be eligible for free shipping – and all online shoppers want that – and secondly, it encourages additional conversions in order to get the order to qualify. It serves the needs of both our client, Perfectly Priscilla, and their customers.

We created other conversion-boosting features for this client, including a tool that would recommend additional products by popularity, based on the items in which a visitor to their website showed interest. Even better, we created a “Buy the Look” feature, enabling customers to purchase all of the clothing accessories displayed by a model in their product pages. For example, if a visitor to their website wanted to purchase the entire ensemble in the image shown below, they would need only to scroll down the page to see all of the products included in the ensemble. This significantly boosted customer engagement and satisfaction.

Our Shopify migration agency also employs design and development specialists adept at producing conversion boosting features.

In order to further refine the customer experience, we also implemented faceted search features for the client, allowing for advanced filtering to provide a better customer experience by refining the accuracy of their search results. We also implemented a lazy loading feature for their search results pages, creating a scroll-friendly design that continuously loads the search results as a user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination.

In addition to completely redesigning this client’s website and implementing all of the custom features enumerated here, our Shopify Plus developers also integrated a wide range of business-critical apps to ensure the website functionality they wanted to offer to their customers.

In order to improve a variety of customer experiences, we implemented Amazon Pay, customized an add-to-cart pop-up and added InStockNotify functionality to their website. 1Digital Agency also implemented a wish lift feature for the product page, displayed product reviews on their product pages to encourage conversions, and integrated Google and Facebook analytics to facilitate the client’s management of the platform.

By the end of the project, Perfectly Priscilla enjoyed a thoroughly rebranded, redesigned website that was more closely aligned with their customer expectations, integrated with tools to facilitate management and improve the customer experience, and suffused with custom functionality that created a delightful online shopping experience. Most importantly, they had settled on a platform that would meet their needs more effectively as the business grew – and it has.

The success story of Perfectly Priscilla is one that plays out for our customers time and time again. We’re not just a Shopify migration agency; we’ve migrated clients to newly designed and developed websites, offered our services as an eCommerce development agency to build custom apps, and created strategic partnerships with online merchants, offering eCommerce SEO and PPC management services that propel them to new heights – and we can do the same for your organization.

To learn more about our various client success stories, visit our collection of eCommerce case studies to learn more about the different projects we’ve completed for clients in a wide range of different industries. There’s probably one that illustrates your plight – and if not, your business may as well be the next 1Digital Agency success story. Call our team at 888-982-8269 or message us at to get started!

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