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How a WordPress Custom Design Can Impact Your eCommerce Store

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How a WordPress Custom Design Can Impact Your eCommerce Store

Wordpress Custom Design

The way your online store looks and functions can play a large role in the overall success of your eCommerce business. An outdated, clunky store that lacks certain important features is going to turn prospective customers away, even if you may have what they are looking for.

A WordPress custom design can significantly improve the user experience through a combination of better visuals, increased functionality, and a more intuitive interface. For store owners operating on WooCommerce who question why they aren’t seeing enough conversions despite receiving decent traffic, the solution may rest in a better website design.

For John Stortz & Son, a local Philadelphia-area business specializing in various high-quality hand tools, it was time to make such a change for their eCommerce store. Looking for an advanced modern design for their WordPress website, they reached out to us here at 1Digital® to perform an array of enhancements in hopes of improving the visual appeal and usability of their website.

How Design Impacts Conversions

No matter which industry you are in, you have to put your best foot forward if you want consistent conversions. Even if you have experienced past success with a basic eCommerce website, it’s only going to get tougher as the competition grows and more stores vie for the attention of your customers.

When a user lands on your website, you want them to have the best possible online shopping experience. That means helping them to find exactly what they are looking for, whether it’s reviews, information about your brand, or a specific product. The better your website serves your audience, the better the likelihood that you are going to get conversions reliably.

The design and functionality are what determine the bulk of the user experience on any website. How your store looks from an aesthetic standpoint, and how it feels to navigate through the site, search for products, or go through the checkout process, all influence how likely a shopper is to convert.

An amateurish website that looks outdated does not convey professionalism or authority. When users visit your website, they want to feel confident that they are not only going to receive a quality product, but that the actual shopping experience will be safe, secure, and efficient. Users are primed to spot red flags that may signal that a business is suspicious or won’t provide the right kind of reliable experience. Unfortunately for store owners, many features commonly found on older and outdated websites, such as a lack of mobile responsiveness and low-resolution graphical elements, are also associated with shady websites.

It’s in a store owner’s best interest to make sure that their website not only looks the part but functions according to the current expectations of online shoppers, which can be quite high.

Here are just a few of the elements you want to be aware of when it comes to the design of your website, and which could be affecting your conversion rate:

  • Is the navigation confusing or cluttered?
  • Can users find what they are looking for without having to click through too many pages?
  • Does the homepage properly direct user traffic and utilize appropriate calls to action?
  • Do product pages look professional and provide valuable information?
  • Is branding consistent throughout the whole website?
  • Are reviews and other forms of authority and social proof easy to locate or are they conspicuously absent?

There are other elements you want to be aware of as well, such as page load speed, which can also influence conversions. In general, the design of your website should reflect your brand. You want to emphasize quality and assurance by making your website accessible, intuitive, and attractive.

Providing eCommerce Solutions Through Advanced Development

These user experience enhancements can all be accomplished through a proper WordPress custom design implemented by a capable and experienced eCommerce agency. When John Stortz & Son made the decision to improve the look of their website in order to make it more modern and streamlined, they came to 1Digital. With years of experience with designing WordPress websites and providing custom eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, we were the perfect fit to accommodate their needs and give their online store the transformation it needed going forward.

A Modernized Homepage Design

For a quality hand tools business with a wide variety of products and serving a multitude of industries, John Stortz & Son needed a detailed yet streamlined homepage design that wasn’t cluttered and offered users a look into their most important products.

Having a modernized, user-friendly homepage is one of the most important ingredients to any successful eCommerce website. As this is the page many of your users will see first, you need to make a strong impression and also help users find what’s important to them. Whether this means funneling them to certain product categories, helping to answer their questions with a well-placed FAQ, or providing important information regarding sales, your homepage needs to act as the face of your online business and convey plenty of trust while being usable as well.

Custom Homepage Design

We took all of this into account during the development of the brand new homepage design for John Stortz & Son, taking their old look and completely refreshing it with an eye-catching slider, custom category blocks, social proof elements, and a helpful featured products area. These new elements gave the homepage a refreshing, modern look and feel, increasing the likelihood that the expectations of the users will be appropriately met.

Enhancing User Experience With a Mega Menu

Another key feature of many modern eCommerce sites is the mega-menu. These advanced forms of navigation simplify menus while simultaneously providing a more modern, attractive shopping experience. For stores that have a wide selection of products or an abundance of categories, the implementation of a mega menu can significantly improve user experience.

Stortz Mega Menu

For an eCommerce business such as John Stortz & Son, who sell a large selection of goods that apply to distinct industries, such as roofing, painting, and electrical, they needed a smart mega-menu that would help users find what they need without getting lost in a sea of navigation options. We designed them a slick and visually appealing menu that would help shoppers easily find the products they are searching for.

The Value of a Customized Product Page

Though WordPress originally began as a blogging platform, many plugins and themes have been developed for it that allow for total eCommerce functionality. WooCommerce, of course, is the primary driver of this functionality for the majority of WordPress stores, but this robust plugin doesn’t do much to alter the actual look of a website, which is somewhat of an issue.

Many vanilla WordPress themes that accommodate WooCommerce don’t exactly provide the necessary level of features and style that you want when it comes to the actual product pages. This is one area of your website that you want to make sure stands out, otherwise, you could be losing out on sales.

Custom Product Page

A high-quality WordPress custom design performed by a skilled agency like 1Digital® can make all the difference when it comes to getting users to click that “Add to Cart” button. John Stortz & Son were looking for a way to improve upon their current product page layout, so we set to work on providing them with a design that would fit their needs and encourage conversions.

The product page, as important as it is, tends to be an often neglected area of many eCommerce websites. So much work is put into the homepage, yet the product pages almost always tend to be default templates, the look of which is determined by the website’s current theme. In most cases, this makes for a very bland layout and sub-optimal user experience.

From a sales perspective, you want each and every one of your product pages to shine. Through a custom design, you can make these pages feel fuller and more engaging while providing useful information about the product that the user may want to know. A professional, attractive product page should be intuitive, provide the right information, and should be supplemented with the necessary media such as photos and videos, in order to ensure that the user experience is where it needs to be.

The custom homepage design that we developed for John Stortz & Son included all of these crucial elements, helping to improve the overall feel and functionality of these important pages.

How You Can Improve Your WordPress Store

You can’t expect great results out of an amateurish website that doesn’t properly meet user expectations. WordPress provides store owners with an incredible degree of flexibility and features, but none of this matters if your website doesn’t look the part and provide your shoppers with that all-too-important sense of trust.

A WordPress custom design is a smart way to improve upon your current website, by adding modern features such as fluid layouts, a mega menu, and a more attractive product page, among other changes and enhancements. However, in order to make sure these changes are developed and implemented correctly, you need the assistance and knowledge of a veteran eCommerce design agency that has experience creating professional-looking WordPress websites.

That’s exactly what you are going to find here at 1Digital®. Our team of eCommerce experts works closely with clients to provide powerful solutions based on their specific needs and requirements. We know what shoppers are looking for out of a modern-day eCommerce website, and can perform these customizations in WordPress as needed. When John Stortz & Son needed a better-looking, better-functioning website, we were able to execute and deliver without a problem. When eCommerce businesses need real solutions, they come to 1Digital® knowing that we have the team that can pull it off.

1Digital® is an agency specializing in all aspects of eCommerce development and digital marketing. We provide comprehensive solutions for online stores on WordPress as well as other top eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Whether you are in need of a custom design for your store, app development, search engine optimization, or dedicated support, our team of experienced WordPress developers, eCommerce design experts, and digital marketers, can help you take care of all aspects of your online business.

If you are thinking of implementing a new design for your store’s homepage, or need other kinds of custom development for your eCommerce website, get in touch with our team at 888.982.8269 and we will help make your store stand out and blow away expectations.

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