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Google Rolls Out Their New Mobile Program “Shop The Look”

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Google Rolls Out Their New Mobile Program “Shop The Look”

Google has recently launched a new feature called “Shop the Look”. This feature allows users purchase items such as clothes and furniture straight from image search results. This could revolutionize the way eCommerce purchases are made.


Google will allow mobile users to purchase apparel and home furniture through the images that are direct results from their search terms. The “Shop the Look” program is available for mobile smartphone users. This program will make it easier for shoppers to make purchases. By simply tapping on the product picture, Google will show them to that product or items similar to that product.


Currently, Google has partnered up with sites likes Polyvore, Curalate, and These sites pull image products from fashion blogs, retail sites, brands, and publishers. This allows for Google to offer their shoppers a wide variety of products.


Currently, this program is only available through mobile phones, but could be expanded soon to desktop platforms in the future. Google’s new program could completely change the way online shopping is done. They can streamline the entire process of online shopping and make it easier for consumers.


Mobile eCommerce shopping has many hiccups but this new program could change the way shoppers find and purchase products. As more and more consumers use their mobile devices to make purchases, eCommerce retailers are looking for ways to help smartphone users find their products online. If Google’s venture is successful, and they expand to more eCommerce retailers, this could open doors for eCommerce retailers.


Many shoppers use google to look up products they don’t know where to find. With this new program, Google can send users straight to links of the products resulting from their search terms. As Google partners with more sites, eCommerce retailers can feature their products right on Google search pages. “Retailers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis, Google says, and all impressions and clicks will be reported within existing Shopping campaigns.”


Google has already made strides in purchasing on Google with programs such as “Buy on Google” and “Checkout” buttons on ad search results. These were created to help mobile shopping boost mobile sales and become a more streamlined process. Once the ad has been clicked on, the shopper is taken to a retailer-branded page hosted by Google. Once you have the products you are looking for, you can purchase and check out through your saved payment information for your Google Account.


With this new “Shop the Look” program, the mobile shopping process is streamlined even more. ECommerce retailers can now have their products featured on Google search results and this can yield more results.


So what does this mean for eCommerce retailers? Once Google sees that this new program is working with the sites they’ve already partnered up with, more and more eCommerce retailers will be able to feature their products on Google’s search pages. With links back to your eCommerce site, you want to make sure your mobile site is completely up to date.

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