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Google AdWords Rebranding to Google Ads

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Google AdWords Rebranding to Google Ads

Google announced in late June that a change was coming to AdWords. The company has rebranded three of its advertising products, AdWords, AdSense and DoubleClick, with new versions that will reflect the changing landscape of advertising for small businesses.

The goal of the new rebranding is to add simplicity for small businesses in managing complex campaigns. The rebranding has been separated into three brands: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.

Google Ads replaces Google AdWords and will represent the full range of advertising capabilities that Google offers. Small businesses can use the default ads experience as one of the Smart campaigns, which allows users to create ads in just minutes and start driving results that matter to business owners, like phone calls and leads.

Additionally, Google Ads uses Smart campaigns to communicate with business owners to get an idea of how a campaign is working and the adjustments that can be made to get the best results.

Features of Google Ads include the Image Picker, which allows business owners to choose the images they want to showcase as part of their advertising. This is all part of the customization of Smart campaigns that allow the business owner to create ads in minutes.

Google Ads will also use Smart campaigns to place the ads in front of the right people at the right time, ensuring that business owners are reaching their target audience.

The Google Marketing Platform links DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 Suite to give users tools for planning, buying, measuring and optimizing their digital media and customer experiences.

A recent Google survey showed that marketers having a better understanding of their customers is top priority and the tools offered with the Google Marketing Platform make it easy to communicate with customers and have a customer-first approach.

Google Marketing Platform introduces new ways that Google’s products can work together. A new Integration Center will give users a place to set up connections between products. Through this integration, users can choose what media to buy, how they buy it and how it is measured all in one place.

The Google Ad Manager unifies DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange to give business owners a simple and efficient place to manage advertising.

To start, Google has broken from traditional ad services and sell-side platform to build a solution called Ad Manager, which give users a complete ad platform to help maximize opportunities to earn revenue.

A goal of this solution is to present new opportunities for earning money through ads as the marketing world evolves and people are engaged and receiving information through different devices and resources. The Ad Manager also ensures that ads that are delivered to target audiences are done so safely and free of anything inappropriate and harmful to users or to advertisers. Google removed over 3.2 billion ads through spam detection in 2017, so a priority of the Ad Manager is to ensure that business owners can keep their brands safe through advertising.

These three features, all under the umbrella of Google Ads, aim to be a leading solution for advertisers in aiding businesses of all sizes.

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