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FoodSignPros: Tools for Surpassing the Competition

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FoodSignPros: Tools for Surpassing the Competition


The Problem: Spirit Specialty had a lot of functionality in mind for their website, but didn’t have the tools to realize their vision on their hosted platform.

The Solution: In addition to a custom redesign, 1Digital Agency moved over to an open source eCommerce platform where their ambitious custom developments would be possible.


Back in October 2015 was… it was just fine. But the folks at Spirit Specialty Solutions saw what their competitor’s sites looked like, and decided that it was time to take a risk.They were a small manufacturing company that was serving a vast industry. “If we wanted to play with the big boys we knew we’d have to grow up a little,” said Carolyn Lightly, VP of marketing at Spirit Specialty.


The old was hosted on Volusion, but Spirit Specialty had big plans for their new site. They knew they wanted 1Digital Agency to do some unique and powerful custom development that just wouldn’t be possible on a hosted solution. So we migrated the site over to OpenCart. OpenCart is an open source eCommerce platform. So while it can be trickier and more expensive, it is also so much more customizable. If you’ve got some creative and ambitious ideas that go beyond the average eCommerce playbook, open source is the way to go.

Spirit Specialty knew where they wanted to end up, and we provided the road map. We integrated a Google Nexus menu, custom developed an advanced slider for featured products, integrated the admin area with Salesforce, and we built the crown jewel of the new site, the product customizer tool.  


“The product customizer tool was really crucial,” said Carolyn, “the competition doesn’t have anything like that, and when they see it they’ll probably want one.” A big chunk of Spirit’s business is selling food safe signage. The product customizer tool allows their customers to design and visualize their own custom signage right there on

Though this has been a long project for the folks at Spirit Specialty Solutions, “it has been very smooth and very fluid,” Carolyn said.  Our team of professional account managers can’t take all the credit for that. This wasn’t Carolyn’s first time working on a project with a digital agency, and she has great advice for anyone about to begin a project like this. “Work backwards,” Carolyn said. “Imagine what you want your website to do for you, map out how you see your customer walking through your site.” She also advised, “the more information you can give the agency the better, and try to give it all in one package.” We definitely agree with that one.

We’re proud to have helped Spirit Specialty Solutions reimagine their branding with a new website. They’re dedicated to creating custom solutions for their industry partners, and their products are always top quality and food safe, in an industry where that’s not always the standard. Spirit Specialty has always acted like an industry leader, and now, with 1Digital’s help, they look like one too.

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