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Reach New Audiences with 1Digital® Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook, with its extremely broad reach, can be a highly effective platform for marketing. Much like traditional paid search advertising, there are many factors affecting campaign success, including the definition of a buyer persona, targeting and retargeting, ad copy production and development, and a variety of ongoing, continuous optimizations, all of which must be balanced for success. Our Facebook marketing experts are ready to help you expand your brand awareness and grow your sales – are you?

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Are you wondering how your business can reach new heights in 2021, spreading brand awareness and capturing new business opportunities at the same time? Our Facebook advertising services will expand your online presence, generate new leads for your business, cultivate interest in your brand, products, and services, and generate additional revenue for your organization.

With nearly 2.89 billion global users (that’s nearly half of the entire world population) you simply can’t afford not to be using this powerful platform for eCommerce growth.

Reach New Audiences with Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook still reigns supreme as the world’s preeminent social platform and offers savvy online merchants a variety of different options in ad types and targeting options that can be used to appeal to buyers of different interests and backgrounds, in equally diverse segments of your target market.

With such a broad, international reach, so much social clout, and such powerful tools for targeting and optimizing paid search campaigns Facebook, is one of the most popular of all social media platforms for reaching new audiences and managing meaningful, valuable long-standing customer relationships for eCommerce growth.

Facebook advertising gives you the ability to finely target groups and types of ads to specific segments of your target market based on location, interest, age, behavior, and more. It is one of the most robust platforms in terms of offering customizability that can be leveraged to extract customer interest and intent to buy.

However, it is exactly this complexity that makes it difficult to effectively manage a Facebook advertising campaign. The scope of factors to be managed, each of which will impact the success of a given ad campaign, makes it cost-prohibitive to manage on your own – while making it cost-effective to partner with a Facebook marketing partner to ensure that your campaign is generating the type of return it should.

Why Facebook Advertising Services?

Facebook advertising campaigns have limitless potential when the strategy is carefully defined and the ad campaigns themselves are implemented and optimized thoroughly. There are innumerable material benefits to running a successful ad campaign with the help of a Facebook marketing services provider, among many of the following, below. In addition to the following benefits of partnering with a Facebook marketing agency, there are innumerable other benefits, many of which are industry or client-specific.

It’s about the numbers. Simply put, Facebook’s reach dwarfs most other platforms. You’ll be able to reach countless new customers every day.

We’ll develop a custom-tailored strategy unique not only to your business model and the value you deliver but to your target audience as well.

Managing and delivering content is time-consuming and a Facebook ads partner can save you significant amounts of time.

The ongoing optimizations of our Facebook PPC management services drive down your cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition figures and improve return on investment.

We can create hyper-focused, acutely targeted ad copy and material in accordance with the preferences of each segment of your target market.

Our Facebook ads experts can leverage remarketing and retargeting to encourage leads to convert into paying, loyal customers.

A Facebook advertising strategy can also be used as a sales funnel to direct traffic to your website, even if they do not convert directly through your ads.

Our Facebook marketing experts will perform a thorough, comprehensive industry analysis to furnish you with insight into the competitive positioning of your key industry rivals.

All of our marketing efforts are detailed through extensive reporting to give you an analytical, quantifiable view into the success of each of your campaigns, how each is performing and where they can be improved.

Our dedicated Facebook marketing experts have years of creative experience and can offer that creativity to the success of your campaign.

A Facebook ad services provider like 1Digital® Agency leverages countless years of digital marketing experience to your advantage.

A strategic partnership is about more than Facebook PPC. Our expert services help improve the overall health of your digital marketing strategy: eCommerce SEO, PPC, and social media management.

1Digital® is a Facebook Ad Agency

1Digital® can directly impact the success of your Facebook PPC campaign. Among the many ways in which our agency can directly benefit your business and its marketing efforts are some of the following:

Ad Optimization

Ad Optimization. Improved ad optimization with respect to customer preference, age, device usage, interest and behavior, and other unique, actionable identifiers.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting. Improved reporting that includes detailed plans of action and proposals for optimizations, areas for improvement, and new market opportunities.

Expand Reach

Expand Reach. Turn around periods of slow growth or diminished reach in your current ad campaigns, expanding brand awareness and reaching new audiences.

Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting. As a Facebook ad agency, 1Digital® will provide you with access to expert advice from specialists with years of experience managing similar advertising campaigns.

Again, many of the benefits of working with a dedicated Facebook ad agency are unique to industries or to individual clients. If you aren’t sure how to proceed with implementing or optimizing a Facebook ad strategy, get in touch with our Facebook marketing experts and they’ll answer any of your remaining questions.


Types of Facebook Marketing Ads and Facebook Ad Formats

There are many different Facebook ad types, which can be used to varying degrees of efficacy throughout the course of your Facebook marketing campaign by your SMM specialist. Oftentimes, a successful Facebook PPC campaign will not lean too heavily on one type of ad, but rather incorporate a series of different ad campaigns of different ad types, based on target customer interest and other factors.

Discovering this balance of different ads and then implementing and continuously improving them is one of the keys to a successful Facebook PPC campaign.

Image Ads

image ads

Image ads are among the simplest of Facebook ads, consisting of an image that serves as a clickable ad to a landing page on your website. The image can be from your Facebook website or can be created especially for your campaign. They can also be used to boost posts.

Facebook image ads are easy to create and can be highly effective tools for increasing brand awareness. However, though they are simple, when they are continuously optimized and targeted to specific audiences, they can also be highly effective revenue generators.

Video Ads

image ads

A Facebook video ad can display in a regular news feed, or it can appear as an in-stream ad in another video. Video ads are great for products and services because they show those products in action. They can display the use of a product and represent its value in real-time. Video ads can be extremely effective promotional material, especially in a digital landscape where “trials” and “tests” are harder to simulate. In many cases, a video ad is the next best thing.

Video ads can also be highly effective at generating brand awareness and increasing buzz among a population of modern digital consumers that are increasingly desirous of video content, even in the form of an advertisement.

Carousel and Slideshow Ads

image ads

Carousel ads consist of a group of rotating images that display through the ad. They can be especially effective for products that sell as complements of each other and also to showcase different imagery associated with one product. They can also be useful for highlighting and visually showcasing the many benefits of a single product, or of a class of products. You can also set up each individual image in the carousel with its own unique link, which makes them suitable for more than one product.

Slideshow ads, by slight contrast, are exactly what they sound like – a slideshow of promotional media. However, these types of ads move on their own and can be used to display images, videos, or even text. However, unlike video ads, they use less data, so they can be used as effective alternatives to video ads while still providing movement.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are great for targeting ads to closely align with user behavior. Let’s say a customer has previously visited your website and clicked on a product or a category. Dynamic ads utilize tracked user behavior to present ads associated with these items or categories of interest to potentially qualified leads.

These types of ads can be used to encourage conversions from customers that might otherwise forget about your product or brand, or end up converting with a competitor.

Stories Ads

Stories ads are specifically designed for users of mobile devices and consist of a full-screen video ad that displays vertically (it doesn’t require users to tilt their screens or their heads). Because these ads are immersive and populate the full screen, they eliminate visual distractions from competing sources. Our Facebook advertising company will properly develop the ad, presenting excellent opportunities by which users can be encouraged to interact further with your brand – or even convert right through the ad.

Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger ads are a really unique and engaging form of advertising that encourages your users to begin a text conversation with your organization. Instead of prompting users to “shop” or “buy,” messenger ads feature a separate form of a call to action – “Send Message.”

Instant Experience Ads

Instant experience ads are fast-loading full-screen ads that enable you to create a custom, immersive experience for online shoppers. They can include videos, highlight unique features of your brand or service, contain calls-to-action, and more. Instant experience ads can also be linked together to create a series of in-depth “experiences” that encourage brand investigation, customer engagement, and conversions.

Collection Ads

Collection ads are only available for mobile devices and consist of up to five images or videos that link to your products or services. Since they pair with mobile devices and enable shopping without leaving the platform, they can be particularly useful for shoppers that are on the go or short on time.

The other great thing about collections is that they can be educational as well as promotional. For example, if you have products that often sell together or are used in support of each other, collection ads are a great way to inform potential customers about the best ways to extract the most value from your brand.

Lead Ads

Lead ads, like collection ads, are only available for mobile devices, and as their name would suggest, are primarily interested in encouraging users to offer their contact information to build leads for your business. Lead ads make it easy for your users to offer different contact information without typing too much or feeling as though they’re committing to a sale. This is a highly effective sales tool for businesses whose target market pursues a period of immersion, experience, and research before committing to a purchase.

What Is Facebook Ad Optimization: Facebook Monitoring and Reporting

The ultimate goal of a Facebook marketing campaign is broader than simply generating additional revenue streams and new leads to enable your business to grow in the long run. It is also about improving upon its own metrics through continuous monitoring and Facebook reporting. A properly implemented Facebook ad strategy will include Facebook ad management services that commit to continuous ad optimization.

There are countless ways in which our monitoring processes will enable us to track the performance of your campaign, but the goal is to continue driving revenue up while improving the quality of your ads and maximizing the return on your investment.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a very robust tool that enables you not only to create Facebook ads but also to track their performance on a very granular level. Our experienced Facebook advertising agency has developed strategies to track the most important metrics insomuch as they are relevant to your campaign and can be improved. Some of the key metrics our social media specialists will be tracking for your campaign include the following:

Just like in a Google PPC campaign, Facebook ad impressions correspond to the number of views a variant of your ad received online – that is, how many people saw it. It’s one of the key metrics because if your ads are suffering from low impressions, chances are you have not performed your targeting properly and still need to work on defining your buyer persona. Another common problem is associated with ads that have high impressions but low conversions – a separate but equal cause for concern. Impressions are one of the most direct measures of brand reach as well.

Click through rate refers to how many users actually click on your ad, either viewing it or navigating through it, after an impression is achieved. The current average Facebook Ad CTR is below 1% – at about .89% – which is very low, but your CTR and the behavior that follows will offer invaluable information about improvements that can be made, especially if CTR is out of line with expectations associated with impressions or the subsequent interaction with your ads.

If you’re running Facebook video ads, views are some of the most important metrics to watch, as well as the percentage of the video viewed. Views when given as an objective number will give you an estimation of what portion of your target market you have reached; views can tip you off to how engaged your audience is, and give you options for leads for remarketing amongst the most engaged of them all. But how can you tell which viewers were the most engaged and therefore the best candidates for remarketing? Percentage viewed will let you know which viewers are the most interested in your content, and therefore the most likely leads to convert.

Checking in on how much of your video ads your users viewed is not the only metric that can be used to track engagement. Engagement refers to how many users interacted with your ad and refers to reactions, clicks, shares, and comments. The more, the better, and posts that are not generating sufficient interest and engagement are doing something wrong – something that partnering with a Facebook advertising team like 1Digital® Agency can address and rectify.

Facebook assigns relevance scores to ads based on how well audiences engage with those ads. A relevance score will be a number from 1 to 10, with 1 being low engagement and low relevance and 10 being high engagement and relevance. Ideally, you want relevant, engaging ads because Facebook will charge higher premiums for ads with low relevance scores, which will take a toll on your eventual ROI.

In eCommerce, the conversion rate can refer to a lot of different metrics regarding your goals, but most often it applies to sales. With respect to Facebook ads, an action is considered a conversion when a user clicks through an ad and completes a purchase. Simply put, it is one of the most important metrics you can follow to gauge the ultimate success of a campaign. Low conversion rates can be impacted by any of the metrics listed so far, which can often enable 1Digital® Agency’s Facebook campaign managers to identify actual changes that need to be made to improve the performance of the ad campaign itself

Cost-per-conversion refers to how much you ultimately spend, on average, to attain a conversion. Facebook may not care about this metric, but you should, because a high cost-per-conversion will result in a high operating cost associated with the campaign and will diminish your return on your investment. Our Facebook ads company will work continuously to drive down your CPC while ensuring that your ad campaign remains as relevant and appealing to your target marketing as possible. It’s worth paying for leads that convert – but the goal is to minimize costs.

Return-on-ad-spend is another highly important metric to monitor, and a little bit more inclusive than CPC. It is given by the total amount of revenue generated by your ads divided by the total amount you spent on those ads. Return-on-ad-spend, or ROAS, is a key metric because it tells you how much your investment is working for you. Low ROAS indicates that you are spending a lot and only seeing a comparatively small result; high ROAS indicates that your investment is generating profits much more effectively. This is one of the most important bottom lines of a campaign – other metrics, like engagement, impressions, and CTR are only valuable because they can help your Facebook ad services partner identify actions that can be taken to improve ROAS.

Additional Optimizations

Facebook defines three main types of audiences, which are Saved Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Custom Audiences.

Saved audiences are cohorts of users defined by demographics such as age, location, gender, interests, and behavior. These criteria can be defined and applied to increasingly large pools for the purposes of expanding your campaign. Lookalike Audiences are audiences of users that are similar to your Saved Audiences in some way or other, according to some defined criteria, and like Saved Audiences, can be fairly large groups of users.

Facebook also allows you to set some criteria to define your own audience for your marketing initiatives. These audiences, which can be defined according to criteria such as engagement or other behavior, are known as Custom Audiences and are typically small and well-defined.

However, in addition to targeting audiences according to these predefined criteria, our Facebook PPC management experts also perform ongoing optimizations for your Facebook advertising strategy to drive up your ROAS.

Device Targeting

Device Targeting. It is often the case that users behave, interact and convert differently based on the devices they are using. Because of that, it’s vital that your impressions occur on devices where the users are most qualified to be viewing and then engaging with your ads, with the ultimate goal of converting.

Our Facebook media specialists closely track your traffic sources, in order to ensure that your ads are displayed on devices in order to maximize the opportunity for favorable interactions and conversions. There are some ad types that can only be developed for mobile devices, but it’s still worth investing the time necessary to determine that ads that can be displayed on any device are only displayed on those devices for which they are suited.

Audience Demographics

Audience Demographics. Demographics such as age and gender can be applied to your audiences in order to define them. These demographics will enable you to optimize your ads in order to appeal most closely to their tastes. Continuous optimization including defining and redefining the demographics of your intended target audience can enable a Facebook advertising campaign to see results that improve on themselves on an ongoing basis.

Geographic Targeting

Geographic Targeting. Geographic location is another critical demographic that can have a significant impact on the course of a Facebook ads campaign. While it is true that some users will exhibit preferences for goods or products given their physical location, it is an even more important qualifier for location-bound services and outlets. Defining the physical scope, and location, of your target market, is instrumental to profitability, but your business must also be open to optimizing your campaign by expanding or otherwise altering the bounds of your intended regional market in order to capture new leads.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing. Sometimes, there are slight variations in different ads that will cause one group to convert at a higher rate than the other, but they can be almost intangible. There are so many different factors at work in consumer behavior that it can be difficult to qualify everything concretely, which is where A/B testing becomes so invaluable.

A/B testing allows for continuous improvements that could not be made any other way, allowing you to choose one group of ads over the other on the basis of performance. The practice allows you to continuously monitor which ads are performing best so that you can use only the most effective versions going forward.

Google Analytics

While Facebook ads manager will enable our team of Facebook advertisers to keep close tabs on the performance of your ad campaigns, we will also monitor your Google Analytics to gather more insight about consumer behavior, including but not limited to the following in addition to basic metrics like conversion rates:

  • Which ads are most popular, and how long do users remain on your landing pages after clicking through them.

  • Where users eventually go from your landing pages if they aren’t converting.

  • How long are your average session durations and what content is most appealing to visitors?

  • How much of your traffic results in immediate bounces, and why.

  • How much of your paid traffic is new and how much is returning; this will give our Facebook marketing experts valuable information for retargeting campaigns.

Keeping a close watch on the performance of your Facebook marketing campaign through your Google Analytics is one of the most important aspects of continuous optimizations and improvements that we will make during the course of your Facebook advertising campaign.

Developing a Facebook Marketing Campaign

While anyone can start running a Facebook marketing campaign pretty quickly, getting the most return on your investment hinges on Facebook ad discovery, defining your buyer persona, Facebook ad development, and then on continuous optimizations and improvements.

Discovery, Industry, and Competitor Analysis

Before our social media specialists can actually develop and start running Facebook ads we need to spend some quality time getting familiar with your business, its position in your market, and the competitive landscape of your industry. We also need to become deeply familiar with your buyer persona and the types of markets you are targeting.

Each campaign begins with an assessment of any campaigns you are currently running as well as a deep dive into your industry to learn more about how your competitors position themselves to vie for customer attention. During the discovery phase, we will gather all of the information we need about your core strengths and weaknesses to develop Facebook ads that speak directly to your target audience, establishing a strong foundation for the efforts to follow.

Ad Development & Landing Page Optimization

Once we have completed our discovery phase, we have gathered enough information to define your target audience and develop a series of ads in the Facebook ads formats that will generate the greatest results. These ads, however, need to be written and developed, which our experienced content production teams and content marketing experts will manage. Our Facebook PPC management team will also work closely with our development team to ensure that either the proper landing pages are selected and optimized for the customer experience, or that new landing pages are developed in order to foster conversions.

Facebook Ad Optimization

During the course of your Facebook ad campaign, our Facebook PPC management specialists will closely monitor user behavior, making continuous tweaks and optimizations to your Facebook PPC ads on the basis of performance. Our ultimate goal for your campaign is to maximize both objective profitability and ROAS while minimizing your costs, where possible.

Facebook Ad Marketing & Reporting

Our Facebook PPC specialists will provide you with detailed reporting on the progress of your Facebook ads campaign on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the campaign. These reports will contain valuable, analytical information regarding the status and performance of your ad groups, explanations regarding shifts in performance and user behavior. They also contain detailed suggestions for optimizations that can be made with the expectation of improvement.

You will also have access to a dedicated project manager that will serve as your point of contact throughout the campaign. Whenever you have concerns or questions about the project or the actions of our team, you can reach out to your project manager for a thorough and swift response.

Cost of Facebook Advertising Services

What Facebook Advertising Service Package Is Best for My Business? How Much Do Facebook Advertising Services Cost?

Choosing a Facebook Marketing Partner

Selecting the most qualified Facebook ad agency is tantamount to the success of your campaign. Two of the most important qualifiers you can identify are pricing, innovation, and experience.

Drawing talent from across the globe and with digital marketing experience spanning back to 2012, 1Digital® Agency is uniquely positioned not only to manage your Facebook PPC campaign but to launch your brand presence to new heights. Proven effective through a long history of success and committed to making continuous improvements, 1Digital® Agency is ready to develop and implement a Facebook PPC campaign for your business that will result in rapid growth and expand your brand exposure, attaining hitherto untapped potential. We’re ready. Are you?

Getting Started with Facebook Marketing Services

Contact our social media specialists to gather more information about our services and to let us know about your eCommerce goals. Facebook advertising costs vary according to scope, but we’ll help you choose the strategy and plan that are right for your budget and your online goals. Give us a call today at 888-982-8269 and we’ll get started planning together.

Reinforce Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Effective Social Media Advertising Services

Facebook PPC campaigns are just one of many social media marketing strategies you can pursue to improve your brand reach, generate new leads and sales, enhance customer engagement, and maximize customer lifetime value.

In addition to Facebook PPC marketing services, we also offer social media marketing management services for other social media platforms, including Pinterest marketing and Instagram marketing services. Both paid and organic management strategies can help you reach new customers, refine and strengthen your brand image, and generate buzz that will ultimately propel your brand to success.

Round Out Your Strategy with a Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is only one facet of digital marketing, and the most successful eCommerce businesses build comprehensive digital marketing strategies that include eCommerce SEO services and eCommerce PPC management services in addition to email marketing and content marketing campaigns.

Together, a holistic strategy will help you ramp up traffic in both the short and long term while utilizing creating strategies to reach and engage with both new and existing customers. If you’re not sure where to start, contact one of our digital marketing strategists and we’ll get you started with either an eCommerce SEO audit or a PPC audit, both of which will yield you plenty of analytical insights into your current campaigns and give you actionable objects for improvements. Best of all, they’re both free – so contact us at 888-982-8269 today to get started generating new business. You have nothing to lose and new customers to gain!

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