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The Problem

EWCS Wire was on an eCommerce platform, Amazon Webstore, that was collapsing around them. They needed a new eCommerce presence.

The Solution

1Digital Agency and EWCS Wire built a relationship based on trust and patience that is now paying fantastic dividends. We migrated EWCS Wire off of Amazon Webstore, and onto BigCommerce. We now run a successful, ongoing SEO campaign for the EWCS Wire site.

Next month Amazon will shutter it’s short-lived eCommerce hosting platform Amazon Webstore for good. Two years ago, when it was still going strong, 1Digital® designed the Amazon Webstore of Greg Axiter, CEO of EWCS Wire. 1Digital®’s relationship with EWCS has outlived the Amazon Webstore platform, and is one of the partnerships we’re most proud of.

Shortly after we began working with EWCS Wire on their Amazon Webstore, the news came down from on high that the platform was not long for this world. We advised Greg to get out ahead of this and move onto BigCommerce, where EWCS Wire is hosted to this day. Unfortunately, at the time Amazon was not providing an API for migration. 1Digital® manually went item by item to move Greg’s inventory off of Amazon and onto BigCommerce.

We custom designed Greg’s new site. Guided by his input, we gave him his own tool to carve out an eCommerce niche for himself, separate from his Amazon business. That niche has been growing at an incredible rate.

“Our sales have been up 300-400% in the last 12 months,” Greg said, “and we’re just touching the tip of the iceberg.” EWCS Wire’s inventory has grown by a factor of 5, as has their investment in the business. “Frankly, we could not have handled our growth a year ago,” Greg said. “We’re starting to feel like we know what we’re doing, which is nice,” he joked.

At least part of EWCS Wire’s resounding success can be attributed to their SEO marketing campaign, which 1Digital® has been running since December 2014. We started building EWCS Wire’s rankings essentially from the bottom up. “I’m a layman,” Greg said, “I didn’t know one thing about selling on the web, but Dan [Kogan] helped me a lot.” In that time we have delivered EWCS Wire rankings on the first page of Google, and an over 50% increase in traffic from this time last year. “The proof is the bottom line,” Greg said, “but you have to pick the right team, and be patient.”

We can’t accept all the glory though; the lion’s share of the credit for the success of EWCS Wire should go to Greg and his team in Scottsdale, Arizona. Greg has been in this business for 45 years, and knows it like the back of his hand. He also has one of the healthiest attitudes toward selling online that I’ve heard in a while. “It comes down to being a trustworthy vendor, and going the extra mile, even when it’s not necessarily profitable,” Greg said. “Look at the big picture, and be committed to creating a really good brand experience for every user. I don’t think you can afford to have even one dissatisfied customer.”

The partnership between 1Digital Agency and EWCS Wire has outlived, and been more successful than, the eCommerce platform that it began on, and it’s still going strong. “You guys started from scratch, and I like you guys,” Greg said. “It’s working for me. I’m glad you guys are on my side.” Same here, Greg, same here.

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