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Evrmemories: When Migration Makes Sense

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Evrmemories: When Migration Makes Sense

The Problem: Evrmemories.com was working on Volusion and they were losing orders because of the functionality of the checkout process. There were also minor problems they were having on their host platform that couldn’t be ignored anymore.

Solution: 1Digital provided them with a way to migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce, a different eCommerce platform that better fit their needs. A complete redesign and development went along with their migration from Volusion to BigCommerce.

As Volusion users, Evrmemories.com would experience constant difficulties in their platform. The main problem being the checkout process which was full of little problems. They wanted a more streamlined checkout process that wouldn’t allow them to lose orders or customers. Additionally, they were having trouble with customers uploading photos to their website for custom orders. The template they were on did not support that functionality which was a major problem. 1Digital did a full custom redesign and migration that allowed for the streamline process and functionality they were looking for.

Evrmemories.com is an online eCommerce store that specializes in cremation jewelry and urns. Everlasting Memories was built on the foundation of family, and the importance of remembrance. They create custom jewelry and urns for people who have lost their loved ones. The process of creating these custom pieces can be emotionally daunting, and evrmemories.com wants to help you remember your loved ones with bespoke items. Their lines range from jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, to urns for your loved ones.

They contacted 1Digital to move them from Volusion to BigCommerce. BigCommerce was better suited for their needs. The BigCommerce platform had a better and more responsive template, developers could create apps that could integrate into their specific BigCommerce template. The biggest plus point was that BigCommerce supported customers ability to upload images to their website for the custom jewelry being made. This was crucial for their business because many of their products could be customized with photos and images of loved ones. Uploading files and images was a constant problem they had to address with their customers which caused delays in orders being received and processed, ultimately delaying the run of business. On Volusion, customers were having a hard time uploading their images onto the website and this created a constant disconnect to the ordering process.

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They found 1Digital after extensive research. They got quotes from a handful of digital agencies, but our thorough and transparent approach made us the clear winner. Our proposal was the most detailed and accounted for everything, even the what if’s. “The one thing that stuck out to me was that 1Digital was very prompt on getting back to me. The proposal was very detailed in exactly what was included. I could just tell that 1Digital just had more experience and history in doing this type of project,” said Casey Doran, founder, and CEO of Evrmemories.

1Digital completed a complete site redesign, as well as a migration from their Volusion template to Bigcommerce. A migration is a completely different process from a redesign and includes extensive work. A migration is the process of moving your website from one platform to another. It may sound simple, but there’s a lot of backend work that needs to be done to make this possible. Our developers implemented a 301 redirect so Evrmemories.com could preserve their organic search rankings on Google and other key search platforms. Setting up a 301 redirect from the old domain to the new domain helped them keep their inbound links from their old domain and keep their SEO rankings.

We were able to migrate their data from Volusion to BigCommerce without a hitch and were able to retain their search rankings and inbound links. “In this type of work, you really do get what you pay for. We knew that 1Digital would cover everything and we weren’t left hung out to dry”

Now, Evrmemories.com is hosted on BigCommerce and working flawlessly. We asked Casey if he had any advice for eCommerce businesses looking to make a switch from one platform to another and he said “Make sure to read the proposal thoroughly. Also, understand the process of what will happen. And the most important thing, no one cares about your site as much as you, so always be involved, pay attention to detail, and provide feedback as much as you can.”

We’re proud to have helped Evrmemories.com become a full functioning home for people to remember their loved ones. After a site redesign and smooth migration, Evrmemories.com is able to help more people with custom jewelry and urns for the people in their lives that matter the most. With a little help from 1Digital, evrmemories.com is back to being a full functioning website.

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