Enhance your site's user experience with a mega menu

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Enhance your site’s user experience with a mega menu

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Enhance your site’s user experience with a mega menu

In this digital age, finding information as quickly as possible is the key to gaining, maintaining, and converting online shoppers into revenue for your ecommerce business. If you run an ecommerce store that has a lot of products and product categories, you may want to take a look at your website and see if you are displaying this information to your shoppers in the form of a mega menu.

A mega menu is a large navigation panel that flies out from a global navigation bar. These can be great to enhance the user experience because they offer the user to see all available categories and options at once. Nothing is hidden in a mega menu, which can make finding a specific item or category quick and easy for your customer.

The structure of a mega menu also allows you to smartly and logically group your items and options together. For example, if you are selling car repair products, you may want the categories “snow chains” and “tire plugs” to be visually related to the larger category of “tires.” This helps guide customers toward what they want and gives them a glimpse of other related items that you sell.

Mega menus also allow for the usage of icons instead of traditional menus that are strictly text based. For example, if you are a video game retailer, you may want to include the icons of the game systems for the games that you sell. If you do choose to use icons in your mega menu, make sure that they are universally recognizable or at least recognizable within the market you are selling your product to.

A mega menu is a totally custom-coded component that is crafted by an experienced web developer. If you think your website could benefit from a custom-designed mega menu, reach out to a 1DA account manager for more information.


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