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Previously, we brought you seven problems commonly faced by online merchants as well as a few avenues you could take to avoid them. Here we’re bringing you nine more. These are all issues commonly faced by those who sell online, and every one of them is avoidable. From a lack of payment gateways to confusing or nonspecific category pages, here are even more problems faced by online businesses. Heed our advice and don’t let these troubles catch you unaware.

1. Your Online Store Is Peppered With Technical Glitches

A site that has technical trouble is going to encounter many issues. Two of the most important are that UX and UI will suffer drastically and that a site’s search engine optimization will suffer as well.

Sites that are troubled by technical errors are a real bear to navigate and they just smack of untrustworthiness. After all, most of us are aware that it’s 2020 and see technical issues as a thing of the past. At the very least, most customers expect companies to spend adequately to do away with glitches, broken links and other technical problems.

Then there’s the fact that all of these issues will be recognized by search engines and will probably hurt your rankings. A simple audit of your site will uncover many of them, so there’s really no excuse for letting them persist. Just as an example, we here at 1Digital Agency will offer you a free website audit that will help uncover technical issues that can usually be easily fixed.

2. Your Online Shop Doesn’t Offer Enough Payment Gateways

As if technical problems weren’t enough to turn customers away, a site that doesn’t offer adequate payment gateways can be a real turn off and hurt conversions. No one wants to begin a checkout process only to find out that your website won’t accept their favorite credit card. It sure doesn’t help if you won’t accept any of their credit cards.

That being said, credit cards are only one of many payment gateways that your online store should offer to your customers. Lack of payment options can directly counter produce conversions.

Don’t fall into this easily avoidable trap. Many eCommerce platforms enable you to accept many payment gateways. Better yet, work with us here at 1Digital Agency to create a custom design and checkout process that offers a better user experience. Speaking of checkout processes…

3. Hidden Fees In Your Checkout Process Cause Shopping Cart Abandonment

The last thing you want to do is hide fees in your checkout process. That’ll cause your customers to break records for the quickest speed to bounce off a site.

As anyone has ever experienced (perhaps even you) beginning a checkout process only to get blindsided by some additional fee you didn’t expect (shipping and tax typically not included) can make you feel slighted. Your customers feel the same way. No one wants to see an “environmental fee” or a “finder’s fee” or some other nonsense tacked onto the price of their online order.

And so, as a result, customers will abandon shopping carts in droves. This is really more of a matter of site design that you can control yourself, so be mindful of it.

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