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SEO for eCommerce is a hard-fought battle. Everybody in your industry is competing for just 10 spots on Google’s first page. In order to be one of those people, you need to be smarter, quicker, and work harder than everybody else. 1Digital is the marketing partner that can help you get there. We employ intelligent SEO strategies that grow organic ranking, traffic and conversion. We have highly skilled eCommerce SEO experts that focus on eCommerce merchants and we’re widely recognized as one of the best eCommerce SEO companies online.

SEO Experts

1Digital employs a talented team of eCommerce experts that focus on e-Commerce only. We’ve been working on eCommerce SEO since our inception and we’ve slowly grown into one of the top eCommerce digital agencies in the country. Our eCommerce search engine optimization skills have propelled us to the top of the talent pool and we’ve been helping our clients win more business with more sales and leads since early 2012. Our founder and CEO, Dan Kogan has been involved with eCommerce SEO since the late 1990s and he’s carved out our path to being the best in the eCommerce space ever since. If you’ve been looking for a top company that handles eCommerce SEO, you’ve found it.

keyword research

thorough analysis

SEO content generation

content marketing

Why choose us for your eCommerce SEO?

If you want the best for your eCommerce business, you can’t afford to put your web store in the hands of anyone else. We’re one of the top digital agencies in the country that handles eCommerce SEO services the right way. Our eCommerce SEO team of writers know what it takes to help rank your website higher. Our work speaks for itself and we’re ready to help your website navigate the rough waters of eCommerce SEO.

Increased CPA

The goal of all good marketing is to deliver you a successful conversion while decreasing the cost you need to pay in order to get it. eCommerce SEO is the best investment you can make in your future Cost per Acquisition (CPA). As you climb, one keyword after another, onto Google’s first page you can rely less on search ads, display ads, social media PPC, and all the other pay-to-play marketing channels. As your search campaign develops, and organic traffic climbs, your CPA goes down, and your marketing is more effective.

Who’s 1Digital?

1Digital is a collective of distinctive personalities with diverse skill sets all working towards one common goal, to make eCommerce websites great. Our developers are relentless problem solvers, looking for new ways to make eCommerce platforms do more. Our designers are meticulous architects, building out site designs by placing one element at a time. Our marketers are obsessive researchers, constantly gathering information about new methods and strategies.

We work best as the go-to digital team for committed eCommerce merchants who are enthusiastic about taking steps towards improving their online business. If that sounds like the kind of business owner you are, we want to work with you. Get to know us. We think you’ll want to work with us too.

Specialized SEO

The average SEO firm will try to be a jack of all trades and end up a master of none. While many other digital agencies spread themselves thin by trying to cram marketing for all different kinds of industries and verticals into one cookie-cutter campaign, 1Digital has refined it’s SEO process for the eCommerce industry, specifically. We’ve put years of trial and error experience into our process. We’ve molded it to get the exact kind of traffic which leads to eCommerce conversions. View our SEO case studies and see how we can impact your business with record results.

we don’t just create websites

we create success stories

Over the years, we’ve launched hundreds of custom eCommerce stores and done hundreds more eCommerce integrations, migrations, and optimizations. But every business owner who comes to 1Digital comes from a specific background, and with a unique set of challenges. That’s why we approach every site redesign, every custom tool, and every digital marketing campaign with a fresh set of eyes. Our team blends our eCommerce expertise and data-driven insights, with your deep passion for your work, to deliver outcomes that our clients rave about. The kind of success stories that have kept our clients coming back to 1Digital time and time again.

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eCommerce SEO Activities

At 1Digital, we set up a strategic campaign that includes essential SEO activities and services that are custom built into each eCommerce SEO campaign. We customize the campaign depending on the metrics we uncover during our discovery phase. We’ll put together different search engine activities based on what we learn, and what will help get your rankings.. We work with all the top eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, Volusion and more. We’ve been navigating around the eCommerce space since we started as a company, and our SEO experts have been working within eCommerce since the late ’90s.

Custom Reporting

We invest in the latest in analytics and reporting tools so that both our marketing team and our clients get accurate, up to date data. Our customized SEO dashboard helps us refine your campaign as we work so that we always understand which strategies are succeeding in your industry. It helps you keep up with your campaign, evaluate our success and see where your campaign is headed in the coming weeks and months.

website audit

Our eCommerce SEO campaigns start with an extensive website audit & analysis to identify both your weak spots and your golden opportunities.

keyword research

The keystone of your eCommerce SEO campaign. The keywords that we target set the entire strategy in motion.

industry analysis

We look into your industry and see what’s working, the saturation, the competition and our chances at penetrating the top 10 rankings.

on-page optimization

We leave no tag unturned. When we get done with them, your pages will be lean mean ranking machines.

onsite content writing

eCommerce sites have a unique opportunity to include a lot of content, but if it’s lazily written it can hurt SEO. We’ll put finely crafted unique content on your category pages.

site structure analysis

A website needs a strong foundation. We’ll get your sitemap in order and make sure your link structure is easily readable by Google’s bots.

conversion optimization consulting

Rankings and traffic are one thing, turning visitors into customers are another. We offer suggestions and insight on what will help your site convert.

inbound content marketing

The best way to get backlinks is to have content people can’t help wanting to share. Our SEO content writers will give your business a voice.

partner & link strategy

No web store is an island. Our network of publishing partners can help you build a stronger link structure faster.

reporting & analytics

The best way to tell what your customers are thinking is to watch how they act. eCommerce analytics can tell you a lot about how your customers behave when they think nobody’s watching.

digital marketing

If you want to keep your customers you have to talk to them. We’ll discuss other digital marketing initiatives that may help you retain and grow your customer base.

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eCommerce Platforms

Our focus areas are within the eCommerce space. Our platforms of choice are BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Volusion & Magento. However, we work with a dozen other eCommerce platforms like 3dCart, WooCommerce, Demandware, NetSuite, ZenCart and more. We know what it takes to help rank these platforms higher. Whenever dealing with eCommerce platforms, you need to know the details of how each platform works, their strengths & weaknesses, and build a campaign of SEO services around those findings.

Bigcommerce SEO

We’ve been optimizing BigCommerce stores for SEO since the platform’s inception. Our marketing experts can run a BigCommerce SEO campaign that will deliver reliable growth in organic rankings and traffic month over month.

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Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO campaigns are ran differently from other platform SEO campaigns because of platform differences and challenges that Shopify brings. A proper run SEO campaign using Shopify’s strengths can amplify your rankings and bring your rankings into the top 10.

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Magento SEO

Magento offers an incredible level of customization and control over SEO however there’s another piece of the puzzle that is nessessary for a potent SEO campaign. We know the tricks of the trade to rank your Magento store.

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Volusion SEO

Learn more about our Volusion SEO services. We’re leading the industry with top SEO experts that can help rank your store above your competition. We build successful SEO campaigns that that help you win online.

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SEO Case Studies

Girls ‘Round Here

eCommerce SEO: Girls ‘Round Here was a new eCommerce store on a BigCommerce template looking for a way to get itself in front of a specific group of customers, women from the South. As a new store, they didn’t have a clear way to put their site out where it could be discovered by the right customers. We focused on specific, brand related keywords and we were able to rank each of the 20 keywords in their campaign on Google’s page 1 within the first 3 months.

Testimonial: “Leave it up to the professionals. When you think about the time it would have taken me to learn how to do this, it’s a much better use of time to interview companies and find someone who you trust.”

– Ben Alford


Gator Chef

eCommerce SEO: Gatorchef started on SEO work after working with us on a custom redesign for their Volusion site. Their industry, B2B restaurant and kitchen supply, is one of the most competitive out there when it comes to organic ranking. Gatorchef had been trying to make a dent by themselves, but their small marketing team was pulled in too many different directions. We had already proved during the design and development process that we were eCommerce experts, so Gatorchef decided to let us take on the challenge of pushing their site up these competitive search terms with more dedicated time and expertise than they were able to spare.

Testimonial: Even when we had a person dedicated to doing it before, I don’t know that he was as structured as you guys are doing it. As far as effectiveness, you guys have been very effective as far as technique and writing style.


Velvet Cloud

eCommerce SEO: Velvet Cloud reached out to 1Digital because we’re well known in the vape industry as good partners for SEO. Nicotine products can’t be directly advertised on Google, Facebook, or myriad other digital platforms, so vape merchants rely on good SEO to get their products in front of new customers. That makes this a very competitive space. We’ve been doing vape SEO so long that our writers were already well versed in how to create content for them when Velvet Cloud signed up. We were also able to help Velvet Cloud improve their reach in other ways including email marketing and day to day development for their eCommerce site.

Testimonial: That is probably my favorite part. 1Digital Agency does everything, as things come up or as I need something as we grow. For example, we had to implement an age check system, and of course, you guys can do it. It’s like having a development team on staff, especially because you work with the same people all the time, so you feel like they are on staff.


White Mountain Knives

eCommerce SEO: With a brand new redesign under his belt, Justin from White Mountian Knives knew he needed to get traffic to the site in order to make it’s new and improved look pay off. When we began his campaign, the store didn’t have any rankings in the top ten pages of Google. Now they have page one rankings for competitive industry search terms. We’ve also been able to leverage the email list that Justin has built over the years to provide regular boosts in sales from intelligent email promotions.

Testimonial: I could tell that it was essentially a full-time job, I had no more time to do it. Why not find someone who was an expert in it rather than adding something else to my repertoire. 1Digital has done a great job!



eCommerce SEO: XINSURANCE wanted to maximize through SEO and find the right team to help them get results. Three months into an SEO campaign with 1Digital, XINSURANCE is ranking for keywords in the top 10 with several 1st position rankings on Google, seeing organic search traffic increase monthly, and building awareness for their services through SEO. Through the campaign, XINSURANCE is seeing more traction from competitive keyword terms and getting in front of more people, meeting the short-term goal for the campaign.

Testimonial: “Everything 1Digital has is very streamlined and efficient. Any time we’ve needed a change or an edit, they are very responsive and we are very happy with our partnership.”
– Logan Fitzgerald, XINSURANCE


Awesome team to work with! They know what they are doing and they are easy to work with / I was previously using one of their competitors that actually is not to far from them and it was the worst experience / After finding 1Digital and working with them on our initial project we have now worked together on several projects
Shams ||
1Digital was great to work with and I would highly recommend – I am even having them develop more for me because of how great a job they did! After hearing the unique checkout process needed for my company and the budget constraints, they developed a custom and creative solution that saved both time and money
Logan ||
Working with 1Digital Agency was a pleasure! Mason and his Team over-delivered on the look, feel and functionality of our new site / The communication throughout the process was excellent – with Mason and the Team troubleshooting any issues quickly and professionally
EMF Blues|

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Conversion Optimization

Bringing in traffic is important, but what’s the point in getting new visitors if the visitors don’t convert? Conversion optimization can help you get the most bang from your marketing buck, while providing your customers with a more pleasant shopping experience. Let our team help analyze, hypothesize, implement and test so we can drive up your conversions & your ROI.

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eCommerce PPC

Our PPC experts have the experience to craft a top performing PPC strategy that will make your business stand out and outbid competitors while spending less money in the process. Then we test and track your metrics and data to hone your campaign over time.

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eCommerce SEO Agency

One of the most difficult parts of digital marketing is SEO. Ranking for keywords is a battle that requires patience to see desired results, but it is necessary to achieving online success. Sometimes the secret to that success is having the right partner with the right strategy for setting SEO efforts in motion. We are 1Digital Agency, the SEO partner you need to achieve success. Our proven SEO strategy helps to build organic rankings, increase traffic and conversions. Our SEO experts put the focus on eCommerce merchants by producing content that engages users and builds backlinks.

eCommerce SEO Tidbits

Why Should I Have an eCommerce SEO Campaign?
SEO is very important to eCommerce success. Building traffic through organic search results can lead to a lot of new business and conversions. For businesses to grow and succeed, you need a steady increase in new users. SEO is the driving force behind increasing visitors.

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?
There is no specific timeline for ranking on Google, but being consistent with content creation and selecting keywords that give you a better opportunity to increase your eCommerce rankings can help. By using Google Search Console, you can see which searches provide the most exposure and which terms you are already ranking for can be improved.

What Kind of ROI Can I Expect?
The main goal of an eCommerce SEO campaign is to increase the number of organic traffic heading to your website. By increasing traffic, you should also start to see boosts in conversions. Remember that the value of a campaign is not just in how much it produces with conversions, but about how much authority you build with search engines and how much traffic and recognition you get as a result.

What Is 1Digital Agency’s SEO Process?
1Digital Agency starts eCommerce SEO campaigns by conducting extensive research on keywords that can produce results and increase rankings and organic traffic. As an SEO campaign begins, 1Digital implements a content marketing strategy that is designed to build authority with search engines, backlinks, and on-page content that is trusted by search engines and visitors.

What Is Keyword Research?
Keyword research is the first step of 1Digital’s eCommerce SEO process. We look at keywords for search volume and competition and determine the best strategy for your business so that you can start to build rankings quickly.

How Do I Start An SEO Campaign?
If you want to rank higher than your competitors, you need to have an SEO campaign in place. How do you start one? Give us a call. Aside from providing us with basic information about your business, we’ll do most of the work for you. 1Digital Agency puts extensive research into your eCommerce website, your competition, and your industry to find keywords specific to your business that will draw in relevant traffic, boost your eCommerce site visits, and have the potential to turn into conversions.

What Makes 1Digital’s Process Unique?
1Digital Agency has a team of SEO experts skilled in all areas of eCommerce SEO. We have the insight and knowledge of what makes a campaign successful and the tools to help you achieve that success. With our experience, we can lead you down the path to success.

Why Should I Hire 1Digital Agency?
Videos are another form of content that can be tagged with keywords and can offer the customer a lot of value. Videos are a great way to demonstrate a product or show its features, and search engines like to see a variety of content in different formats such as high-quality photos and videos.

What Kind of Content Will Be Produced?
Our strategy includes producing onsite content, offsite content, and category or product page content. Offsite content is designed to build backlinks and authority with Google while onsite and category page content is designed to improve on-page SEO and provide value to your customers by directing them to relative content when they search for one of your keywords.

When Should I Start SEO?
Clients start eCommerce SEO campaigns at different times. While it is advised to start an SEO campaign while your website is being created, it is never too early or too late to get started with SEO in an effort to boost your rankings and organic traffic.

Ready to talk eCommerce SEO?

If you’re ready to learn more about our eCommerce SEO services, and why we’re top rated within the eCommerce industry, let’s chat… We’ll put together a strategic roadmap, and get your SEO to start working for you!

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