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No Matter the Platform We’ve Got the Design for You

We offer functional, stylish and customizable eCommerce premium templates for Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce. A dedicated team handles each eCommerce platform and has the ability to provide the features, look, and online shopping experience that will assist in boosting conversion rates and improving your online presence.


One of our new modern outdoor adventure favorites, full width and perfect for outdoor gear. This is a mobile first design that’s perfect for anyone with a bit of adventure.


One of our new mobile first focused designs, full width and perfect for anyone that wants the perfect responsive look and feel for mobile, tablet & desktop, Furnish is premium ready.


One of our new modern premium favorites, full width and perfect for premium products and ideal for the luxury market that wants to be mobile first, the handbags template is a few steps away from being the perfect template for your product line.


Present your products in the light. Free of clutter, distraction and danger, Sanders places the focus on your merchandise. This fully responsive template optimizes the user experience on any screen size.


Luxe takes you on a smooth ride with it’s responsive design allowing you to have similar desktop and mobile user experience. It’s extensive product filtration makes it easy to shop and find products quickly. Make a statement with the matte black colors, contrasting fonts and sleek banner presentation.


Linear symmetry, sharp lines, balanced spacing – Form announces the importance of shape in design. The left navigation on the product listing page unpacks its categories only when they are sought.


Emmerson is all about duality. It has a unisex appeal that says youthful yet worldly, athletic yet downtempo, and alternative yet accessible. Great for boutique merchants that have fewer categories, Emmerson is an excellent vessel to balance selection with quality.


Bright, colorful and crisp, Citrek is a template that works well with gadgets, books, audio and technology related products.


Perfect structure, great layout, and industrial flavor allows you to show off your products in a classic & effective way.


Picture perfect and ready for any jewelry or accessories type website. Clean lines, great merchandising and ready to GO!


Sophisticated and classy, and perfect for fashion, the Azzimato template is tailor made for anything sleek and modern.


Fresh and modern, the Scandanavia template exudes clean and wide structure with an elegant layout.


Fun and ready for adventure, the Magellan template is perfect for the right catalogue that fits the outdoors or products that fit the lifestyle.


Soft, fun and colorful. This template is ready for your upbeat business with a focus on products.

Soft Autumn

Candle perfect or any soft tone product line ready, this is a great foundation for a yoga or candle type business (as an idea).


Warm and specialty product ready, the Rosella can be perfect for your specialized product line.


One of our favorites and is perfect as is, the Companion is pet ready and on it’s mark as one of our best eCommerce templates.

Wood Ridge

Great for something special with warm tones that give the essence of premium quality, the Wood Ridge template is perfect for your higher end offering.


Ready for primetime, and perfect for any automotive or industrial type product, the Octane eCommerce template a great template to wrap around your unique business.

LA Banks

Streetwear ready, LA Banks is perfect for the rebellious sporting type template to. show off your products.

Alma Mater

Subtle and effective, this template is well rounded and great to showcase your designer, higher end product line.


Perfect structure to showcase your collection, Larsen is template ready and we can customize it to fit your product line.


Perfect for gadgets, toys or electronics, the Primary is showcase ready and optimized for conversion and engagement.


One of our favorites, full width and perfect for focused products and ideal for custom engagement, the Beard is a few steps away from being the perfect template for your product line.

Support & Maintenance for eCommerce Stores

Having the right team behind you is an important part of eCommerce success. In the same way a well trained pit crew keeps a race car perfectly tuned, it’s important that your website is kept updated, bug free, optimized and ready for competition. 1Digital® has a team of experts that can make sure your site is a flawless representation of your business at large. It’s a good idea to keep our experts on hand for when something unforeseen occurs, as well as regular maintenance and updates. With a well trained crew, your website will always be operating at peak performance!

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