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Health Conscientiousness in eCommerce

There is one trend that has picked up serious steam in the last couple of years. It appears to have been spurred by the pandemic, but it doesn’t look to be dying down anytime soon: health conscientiousness in eCommerce – both purchasing and selling.

Customers are now demanding healthier, more advantageous products of all kinds over the preservative-filled, synthetic ingredient-pumped products of the past. While this trend extends to several industries in eCommerce (and in business overall), it might not be relevant in every one of them. However, for those industries that it is relevant, it is glaringly so.

In this episode, we discussed with Emma Kuliczkowski about health conscientiousness trends in eCommerce, what is hot right now and what is not, and what eCommerce business owners are doing to keep up– and what they should be doing, too!

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

    • What people are looking for in beauty products now: skincare, haircare, and cosmetics
    • Why vegan and all-natural ingredients are such huge selling points right now
    • The detrimental effects of using skincare, haircare, or cosmetics that are pumped with harmful ingredients (and personal experiences of our own to prove it!)
    • How two ingredients in most sunscreens cause damage to the environment, including coral reefs
    • Sustainability is a huge selling point for all industries now, from products to packaging
    • The food industry, from supplements to chocolate chip cookies
    • Balance and treats – without any shame
    • Is fast fashion dying out?
    • But, what exactly are customers looking for when purchasing clothes?
    • The tobacco and vaping industry– how do they use this trend to their advantage?
    • Expert advice for eCommerce business owners in these four industries (beauty, food, clothing, and tobacco) for using this trend to their benefit

Listen Now:

Have we hit the nail on the head for health conscientiousness in eCommerce? Let us know what you think! Feel free to reach out with your comments and questions! Here at 1Digital® Agency, we are always looking to help our clients grow their businesses. Be sure to keep 1Digital® Agency in mind for growing your eCommerce business!


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