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The Secret to eCommerce Business Success: People

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How the People in Agency Bring Your eCommerce Business Sucess

When your eCommerce business needs help getting off the ground, you need the right people to help you do the job so you can be as successful as possible as fast as possible.

But, hey– not everyone can give you what you are looking for. That is why it’s so important to hire the right digital marketing agency to make your vision come to life, but most importantly the people within that agency.

That is precisely why we spoke with Ivan Samokish in this episode. Ivan is a passionate and personable project manager (and occasional developer) here at 1DA that sees the potential in any business plan any client throws his way. He consistently does everything possible to become as passionate about the project as the client is and make it happen.

He offered us some key tidbits about project management, website development, the inner workings of a successful digital marketing agency– and a whole lot more!

Our Main Takeaways:

  • The main goals for project managers and how they are the middleman in any agency
  • What the step-by-step process typically looks like when joining on with a digital marketing agency
  • How no request from a client is too bizarre
  • Why communication is key (from the project manager and the client!)
  • The difference between the way developers think and how project managers think
  • The key ingredients to making a project manager a great project manager
  • Why the client knows best (most of the time) and how a project manager can help
  • What you need to consider when hiring help for your project– and the key benefits of hiring a well-rounded digital marketing agency in particular
  • “Buying something is easy, but selling something is difficult” – which is why it is never too late to ask for and accept help from those who know the eCommerce industry through and through

Thank you for being on the show, Ivan!

Your eCommerce business is important to you– but it should be just as important to the people you ask to help you build and manage it. What do you need most from an agency to help your eCommerce business grow? Is it communication, direction, advice, or something else? Let us know because we would love to make it happen for you!

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